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20 signs you are a hopeless romantic

Love is powerful, magical and always has a happy ending. Sounds like you?
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In this age of adultery and infidelity, the essence of true love and romance and being a hopeless romantic is being flushed out of relationships. But this does not mean that there is no hope for true love and romance, because hopeless romantics are still out there in the world, keeping the flame of eternal love burning bright. Despite the cynicism in the world around them, hopeless romantics believe that there is still hope for ‘a happily ever after’. This is exactly what makes them special and worthy of being cherished.

What does it mean to be a hopeless romantic?

A hopeless romantic is basically someone who has quite a different perception about romance, love and relationship than a normal person. A romantic becomes ‘hopeless’ when he/she starts to view the world in a dreamy and an unrealistic manner. Everything seems beautiful, perfect and lovey-dovey to a hopeless romantic. A person who is a hopeless romantic will actually equate life with love and romance. Passion and love will engulf each and every relationship of a hopeless romantic. Love seems like an art form to a hopeless romantic and he/she gets happily engrossed in this art form.

Despite the cynicism in the world around them, hopeless romantics believe that there is still hope for ‘a happily ever after’.

Some of the unique characteristics of a hopeless romantic are the following:

  1. First of all, a hopeless romantic is not hopeless. He/she truly believes that there is hope for even the hopeless. Everyone, according to him/her, has the potential to find true happiness and love in the world
  2. A hopeless romantic is known for his/her optimism. When faced with obstacles in life, he/she tries to face them with a smile
  3. Idealism is reflected in everything that a hopeless romantic does or says. He/she has idealistic notions about love, relationships and life in general
  4. A hopeless romantic is empathetic and is of the opinion that love is enough to transform a bitter person into a happy person
  5. He/she is extremely sentimental and sensitive, especially when it comes to the matters of the heart
  6. A person who is a hopeless romantic is highly imaginative, creative and prefers living in his/her own fantasy world

After understanding the hopeless romantic meaning and characteristics, it is essential that we list the signs of a hopeless romantic as well. This will allow you to recognise, embrace and accept the hopeless romantic within you.

20 signs you are a hopeless romantic

Love is like the centre of the universe for a hopeless romantic. It is the basis of your life and relationships. According to you, love exudes idealism, virtue and beauty. You are connected to life and relationships through your emotions and not logic. To you, love seems like a magic potion capable of bringing eternal happiness, companionship and joy in your life.

Here are the 20 signs which will indicate that you are indeed a hopeless romantic and not cynical when it comes to true love and romance.

1. Rom Coms do not bore you

Being a hopeless romantic, you will have the ability to sit through even the craziest rom coms which make no sense to other people. Rom coms will make you excited and reaffirm the faith you have in eternal romance. You will be known for remembering each and every scene and dialogue from a variety of rom coms.

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2. Lyrics of a song mean a lot to you

Your playlist will consist of songs which are really meaningful and deep, because as a hopeless romantic you will give value to those songs which have beautiful lyrics. Some of your favourite songs will be those that have been written especially for someone or describe some happy event.

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3. Inanimate objects are given equal importance in your life

You will probably ascribe feelings and personalities to inanimate objects around you like your mobile phone, your car, your pillow and so on. You will treat them with love and respect. This will seem crazy to others but it will be a normal thing for you.

4. You have big fat plans for your wedding day

You might be single and might have no one in your life right now – but you will have elaborate plans for your wedding. You will constantly daydream about this big day in your life and how you can make it the most memorable day of your life.

5. ‘Awww’ – is like your favourite word

The word that you use to express your emotions towards something that makes your heart melt like a cute dog or an unexpected gesture is the word – ‘awww’. You probably use ‘awww’ so many times that people around you actually get irritated and tell you to stop.

6. You give weightage to grand gestures

You are of the opinion that it is through grand gestures of love and romance that one can truly express their feelings. So you expect your partner to express his/her love to you through grand gestures like proposing to you with your great, great grandmother’s ring or planning an elaborate date night to make you feel special.

7. However, small things are also important to you

If your partner remembers your likes and dislikes and keeps that in his/her mind, then that is enough to make you feel loved and cared. Small things like letting you watch your favourite program or holding your hand in the public matter a lot because they show that your partner loves you truly.

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8. Happy relationships of others make you happy

Even if you are not in a relationship, you become extremely happy for others who find their true love and have happy relationships. It just confirms the faith you have in relationships based on love and romance.

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9. Friends turn to you for relationship advice

If your friends are finding it difficult to work through a relationship issue, they come to you for advice because of your optimistic nature. You give them hope that their relationship will survive the test of time.

10. You love celebrating relationship milestones

Whether it is your first date anniversary, first kiss anniversary or first year anniversary – you just love remembering and celebrating these relationship milestones. These remind you of the bond and love that you share with your partner.

11. You are easily moved to tears

You are known for being a cry-baby in your friends’ circle. Emotional movies, touching short films or advertisements, sentimental serials, etc. are enough to make you cry. Even a kind gesture or word from someone can easily make you sentimental.

12. You may have unrealistic or high expectations from your relationship

Expectations that you have from your relationship will be inspired from the rom coms you watch and romantic novels you read. Such expectations are unrealistic and your relationship might not be able to fulfil those satisfactorily.

13. You get too attached to fictional characters

While watching movies or serials, you tend to get too attached to fictional characters because of which your life starts revolving around them. You eventually fail to distinguish between fiction and reality due to your attachment.

14. Daydreaming is like your best hobby

You practically daydream about everything that you will do with your soul mate, once you find him or her. Even if you find someone attractive, you will start daydreaming about the possibility of you two being together in the future.

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15. You fail to express your feelings to your crush

If you have a crush on someone then you will fail to express your feelings, even though you have imagined several such scenarios in your mind. You will usually get tongue-tied if your crush comes in front of you.

16. Stalking your crush is like your routine

You continuously keep a check on what your crush is doing, where he/she is going, etc. by visiting his/her social media profiles. Your day does not end until you like his/her pictures or comment something cute on those pictures.

17. Your friends know about everything that happens on a date

You tend to share each and every detail about your date with your close friends so that you can make sense of what happened on the date. This is especially the case when you go out on a first date with someone new.

18. You do not believe in random hook-ups

It is because of this belief that you find it really difficult to get a good guy/girl in your life. But this does not dishearten you, because you know you will meet your Mr Right or Mrs Right soon. So, you get into a relationship only when you feel that this person is the one for you.

19. You have immense faith in destiny and fate

As a hopeless romantic, you have faith in destiny and fate, because of which you keep checking your horoscope to see whether there is any mention of romance or love in your life.

20. You religiously follow celebrity couples

Celebrity couples are like your idols. So you follow them and their love life religiously. Any news of breakups of your favourite couples surely upset you a little.

A hopeless romantic is a believer who believes that love will eventually triumph and overcome all the unhappiness in the world. This is a good thing. An advice for hopeless romantics is that they should not let fantasy rule their life. They should learn to differentiate between reality and fiction. With a proper balance of love in life, they will be able to find true love and survive in this cold world.

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