Do Zodiac Signs Compatibility Really Matter In Love?

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Updated On: July 18, 2022
Love and zodiac sign compatibility

She flits through the air like a fairy in my dreams. I drown in the water below and hide myself deep. The typical Libran woman wafting in the Libran element of Air, and an atypical Piscean man like me, submerged in the zodiac element of Water. A disastrous marriage was predicted by the horoscope, as per our kundalis and the Western-styled zodiac compatibility, and it left me wondering, “Do zodiac signs matter?”

In reality, it turned out to be a successful and at times an out-of-the-box companionship, with our weird partnership spanning different dimensions. Including my wife falling in and out of love with other men and sharing her stories with me, to me getting bogged down with work pressure, to her helping me out of depression at times…our marriage stood the test of time, despite horoscope compatibility tests predicting otherwise.

I don’t mind saying I thoroughly enjoy being with an eccentric Libran woman who has always struck me with her how different her personality is to mine; an attitude that at times made me angry, at times made me laugh, cry and rediscover myself and fall in love with her all over again. Even mismatched zodiac signs in relationships could not deter us from getting married in the first place and completing a 16-year-old odd partnership.

As my wife confidently said 16 years ago, only God can take me away from you or you from me, when she heard that the kundalis that my family matched before marriage were far from being compatible. They were a complete mismatch and some predicted we will fight all our lives over small issues and never find peace. But what do zodiac signs matter when you’re meant to be, through thick and thin, and in pain as well as utter, blissful happiness?

Do zodiac signs matter in relationships? My wife didn’t even know we were matching it. Her family didn’t believe in astrology. Hence, I hid the fact that my family tried matching them! In my family, I was the first among siblings and cousins who had a love marriage. So, making them understand that I would marry a woman I chose despite everything was a bit tough. And yes, both of us believed that in love and death, no compatibility reports stand, no prediction works.

Is zodiac compatibility real if it keeps you away from the love of your life? Where there is love and where there is the will to carry on, no force can ever tear a relationship apart, not even stars determining compatibility for marriage. That is what she said and urged the less confident me to just enjoy the companionship.

Does Zodiac Compatibility Really Matter In Love?

Coming from a traditional Bengali family, I observed for years during the marriages of my elder siblings and cousins and relatives, that zodiac and horoscope matching was a must. And I already knew How different I was from my love, how like fire and ice, with completely contradictory needs.

Often, out of curiosity I would sit with a Linda Goodman book, and read up the traits of a Libran woman. In this aspect, I found the book so very apt that I was surprised. Her the more confident and creative partner, me the confused one, who gets confidence from her. It often correctly predicted what was brewing in my wife’s head. But what didn’t match was the compatibility part.

As far as marriage compatibility went, Goodman says that a Libran woman finds happiness with all the other star signs other than Pisces, and, looking at her, I wondered “Do zodiac signs matter in relationships?”

is astrological sign at all important in a match?
She is confident and creative and I am the ever confused partner-in-crime

I do have fights with her; in the beginning, they were pretty bad ones, but then again, after a point, we realized love is the one thing that can win over everything.

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Are astrological signs at all important in a match?

Do zodiac signs matter? If you really love someone and are honest to that love, not even the zodiac can lead you to divorce or separation. In a way, I enjoyed the zodiac negativity, a sort of challenge, just like I enjoyed our contradictions and her eccentric “libran woman” fervors.

There were days when I’d speak on practical issues like buying an apartment or how much had been saved where, including bank details, and she’d look at me and start singing film songs. When I wished to watch a movie, she dragged me to the garden to show me her newborn saplings.

Are astrological signs at all important in a match? According to stars compatibility for marriage, we couldn’t be more incompatible. But I realized over the years, that despite the usual perception, lack of similarities between two human beings actually helps a relationship to flower into an innovative one. It’s almost like writing a book on a new genre, making the whole journey less mundane and more fun. For those who are compatible and similar, life would turn so boring with affirmations and confirmations. So, do zodiac signs matter? Perhaps considering zodiac signs in relationships works for some. But it doesn’t matter to us.

Quarrels and challenges are fun as well, what with exchanging ideas, learning new ones and yes, even making up in bed too, at times. Yes, our relationship is utterly imperfect. While our romantic sensuality doesn’t shine like a rainbow, it does rage like a tropical storm promising to blow away even the zodiac signs and their preferred choices.


1. Are zodiac signs really accurate?

Zodiac signs are often accurate. But that doesn’t mean they need to dictate or declare who you love. As long as both partners are willing to work on a relationship, even relationships between completely opposite signs can be strong and healthy.

2. Do zodiac signs define who you are?

Zodiac signs predict character tendencies. But they don’t define who you are. In the end, everyone is their own person and can lead lives completely on their terms, undeterred by what some signs say about them.

3. Do Zodiacs really mean anything?

Upto a level, yes. Zodiac signs are great at predicting general characteristics of a person. But, in the end, every person is unique, so, one’s zodiac sign doesn’t have to determine their lives.

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