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How you love to be spoiled, according to your zodiac sign

It’s okay to admit that internally we all love to be spoiled, once in a while. Here’s what your zodiac sign says about your idea of being spoiled in love.
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If your partner doesn’t pamper you a little, is it even love?

Everyone loves to be spoiled in love and that’s alright. You don’t need to be a rich daddy’s spoilt kid to be ushered with gestures and flowers. With the pados ki aunty in your society mapping your every move, it might be difficult to let your deepest desire of being spoiled come alive but once every blue moon, it is okay to embrace it with open arms.

Love comes in many forms, shapes and sizes; love also comes in little jewellery boxes from Tiffany’s or a fresh cream pineapple cake from Flurry’s. Whatever it is that spoils you for good and makes you feel all mushy inside, know that, being spoiled in love is one of the perks there is to being in love.

Now, not everyone needs shiny trinkets. Maybe you are one of the subtle kinds whose idea of being spoiled in love is to have a home cooked meal from your loved one, or something to do with food – like breakfast in bed. The intention is to spoil you for good.

Read ahead to find out what is your idea of being spoiled in love.

1. Aries

For an Arian, everything has to be bigger and better- the more grand, the better. The over-the-top gestures are what makes an Arian happy. A ‘welcome home’ party in a suite at a city-view Astor hotel might be the kind of thing Aries is looking for. If you are giving an Arian chocolates, make sure the pack has Belgium, Swiss and English chocolates. More is better and less is definitely not for an Arian. Arrange a helicopter to take a midnight ride over the Pacific or buy a freaking city of Atlanta for an Arian and watch them get spoiled AF!

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