6 Zodiac Signs Who Are Good At Investigating And Unravelling Mysteries

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Updated On: August 26, 2021
Zodic signs makes you best detective
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Astrology plays a huge part in determining what kind of a person you are going to be. If you love travelling, you are likely to be a Sagittarius. If you like kinky stuff, the sign of Scorpio thrives in you. It is natural to uphold specific tendencies according to the zodiac sign. Being a good detective means you must be intuitive, hard-working, and most of all, be able to read people. That’s why some people belonging to some zodiac signs are good at investigating and unravelling everyday mysteries that’s why they are called the Sherlock zodiac sign.

The zodiac sign traits that make them the best detectives 

People are ruled by zodiac signs. Some are too laid back to ask one question after another and like a detective, follow up on the information. But there are a few zodiac signs, who will pick up every breadcrumb of info, do some online stalking and finally get what they are looking for.  There are nosy zodiac signs, who bombard others with questions, spy on people and research online on profiles to get what they want.

6 zodiac signs who are good at investigating

Being instinctive is an important trait for a good detective. The following zodiac signs have the natural trait to snoop around and unravel mysteries so they are great investigators. Being a detective could be the best career option for these zodiac signs for they are the most nosy zodiac signs.

1. Gemini – The instinctive investigator

Gemini - The instinctive investigator
Gemini Zodiac Sign

They are the exact zodiac sign who make great investigators. They just have the instinct to make two and two together. Just one look at a person’s Facebook wall and they would be able to tell things about the person which others won’t notice. It is their power of observation that makes them so good as investigators.

They are great conversationalists and know how to ask the right questions with a straight face. They like being on top of things (i.e. gossip) and that’s how they get all the info. They can come off as nosy sometimes. It is because they are so good at adapting to situations, socializing and being interesting like anything, people tend to open up more to them. Geminis are intellectual beings, yet easy-going but they can be open to prying if needed. If you have a Gemini neighbour chances are the person knows why you fought with your spouse last night.

2. Virgo – Very observant

Virgo - Very observant
Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgos are observant of every little thing; from an unnecessary flutter of an eye to a shoulder twitch. They are so good at masking their emotions that they can read it if someone else is doing the same. A real mixture of logic and analytics, they tend to listen to the head instead of the heart.

They are not nosy on the social front but all they need is a couple of hours of research on a laptop and they are ready to take on the world. They have a great power of deduction too. Solely the reason why people in this zodiac sign are good investigators.

Their decisions are not made on assumptions alone; they need a solid proof, reason and they solve the matter at hand with logic, rather than emotions. Their attention to detail, apart from being a perfectionist makes them the best detectives.

3. Scorpio – They look beyond the obvious

Scorpio - They look beyond the obvious
Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Why do Scorpios make some of the best investigators? Because Scorpios always can look beyond the obvious. They are great secret keepers but they do not air their dirty laundry in public. But this doesn’t mean they don’t have their nose in people’s business. They know how to get to the truth.

Call them nosy, and they would probably laugh it off. But they have a knack for investigation and this zodiac sign makes the best detectives.

In astrology, Scorpio is an aqua sign and draws its aura from the psychic level which is why they tend to have a good intuitive guess. Getting all the information is their kick and they can get it from the unlikeliest sources. All these traits can make a Scorpio one of the most formidable detectives around. They belong to what you call the detective zodiac sign.

4. Sagittarius – They are very curious people

Sagittarius - They are very curious people
Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

It is like a Sagittarius to always be in a quest for knowledge. They like adventure, they like to get into new situations. There is no such thing as boundaries when it comes to looking for something. Sagittarians love people and vice versa and they have a curious thirst for knowledge. If they were to become a detective, no case would be too deep, too far or too tough since a Sagittarius loves to venture where no one dares to. The most interesting zodiac sign trait that makes them great detectives is the fact that they seem very trusting and gullible but in reality, they are very incisive.

5. Capricorn – Extremely methodical

Capricorn - Extremely methodical
Capricorn Zodiac Sign

If something tough needs to be done, they work twice as hard, thrice as long to get it done. A typical Capricorn trait is never giving up and that’s what makes them good investigators too. Ruled by Saturn “taskmaster”, people born under this sign can be regarded as a workaholic. They are always the good cops in a cop show, following rules to the letter and are methodical. Once a Capricorn is on the job, rest assured it will get done. While everyone else might give up and turn in for the night, Capricorn will burn the midnight oil to get a fresh perspective. They are the Sherlock zodiac signs.

6. Taurus -Dedicated to finding the truth

They are very practical and methodical. They believe in the step-by-step approach that is why studying law, policing, crime investigators are thought to be great career options for the Taurus. This sign believes in hard work and dedication and they are very observant too.

Taurus -Dedicated to finding the truth
Taurus Zodiac Sign

Sherlock Holmes is a Capricorn. Hercule Poirot is a Virgo, so was Agatha Christie. Ian Fleming the creator of James Bond was a Gemini. So you know what we mean. Some zodiac sign traits do make the best detectives. They do know how to get an investigation done and be the most nosy zodiac signs.

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