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10 memes you will relate to if you are PMS-ing


That time of the month where you wanna kill someone and then go sleep it off is here?
Here are a few memes to go with those cramps. Enjoy!

1. The over-reaction of punching the guy who kept looking at your boobs seems legit now, right?

Crying in periods
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2. Every minute of every day of our menstruation cycle.

Irritate in periods
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3. They said you are a woman. They said pain was a part of our life. They said we will get used to the pain.

Trubles in periods
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4. When everything around you crashes (your crush is kissing someone else) and you be there like:

Blood flow in periods
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5. Teacher: Number 9. Who has the answer?

Cried lady

6. We have all looked at this and spent a minute contemplating how apt this really is.

cramps in period
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7. When you are on your periods and someone asks “Why can’t you be more polite?”

Pms in 12 months
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8. When men say they know what pain is.

Don't understand
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9. When you are out on a date, and you feel the sensation of your incoming blood trail inside your panties

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10. How it is to sneeze in the second and third day of your periods.

In blood
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    1. This is really funny! Yes periods is the time when you are angry, irritated, sad, depressed and tired all the time.

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