20 I Miss Him Memes That Are Totally On Point

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Being away from your significant other is immensely hard. Staying connected even you’re not physically together is definitely not for the weak-hearted. The longing and loneliness can get bog you down on your best days. Of course, you want to be with your partner and every other little thing reminds you of them but telling them ‘I miss you’ and ‘I wish you were here’ every time that thought crosses your mind can make you sound like a broken record. It is in moments like these that you truly appreciate the many boons of technology – those hilarious yet relatable memes, for instance. So, the next time use an I miss him meme to get the message across without sounding cliched.

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20 I Miss Him Memes That Get the Message Across

Woke up in the middle of the night looking for your partner and begrudgingly hugged the pillow to go back to sleep? Heard their favourite track on the radio? Or did the sight of their unused toothbrush break your heart? It is the little things that overwhelm you with longing when you’re away from your significant other. But, we get it, you don’t what to come across as the wuss who can’t come to grips with the situation. That’s why we have handpicked these 20 I miss him memes that are so on-point that they’ll let him know when you miss him without you having to say a word:

1.  To let him know how much he means to you

This is just perfect for getting the message across without coming off too cheeky.

coming off too cheeky
Coming off too cheeky

2. When the distance gets unbearable

One of the best emotional missing him memes when the distance gets so unbearable that you can’t find the right words.

Distance gets unbearable

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3. When adulting gets in the way

When you miss him but his work won’t leave him alone, this cute little face will get the job done. The next thing he’ll be looking for after seeing this is tickets.

Distance gets unbearable

4. Them egos be menacing

One of the aptest missing him memes for times when lack of contact from his side sends your ego into a tailspin.

Egos be menacing

5. When the distance hits you in the feels

One of those I miss him memes that perfectly sums up the brutal reality of long-distance relationships.

Long distance relationship

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6. No fluff, all truth

One of the best memes when missing him gets too much to handle and you want nothing more than him by your side.

Missing him

7. To lay bare the reality

When words are not enough to let him know how you really feel, this is one of the I miss him memes that will help your cause.

Bare the reality

8. When hormones get the better of you

Why limit yourself to emotional missing him memes! Let him know you are “in the mood” and brace yourself for some hot sexting sessions.

Emotional missing

9. When self-control isn’t your virtue

If you miss him, why hide it. Make the most of such missing him memes to tell him how you feel.

Tell him how you feel

10. For sending some kitty love

Here’s an I miss him meme that is sure to melt his heart.

Miss you
kitty love

11. Truer words have not been spoken

What’s better than drinking wine in the middle of a workday? Sharing it with your significant other! This meme lets him know just that.

miss you
Truer words have not been spoken

12. To channelise your inner crazy

When you miss him so much that your latent creepy vibes are now becoming too strong to contain, spread the craziness. Share a good laugh.

miss you so much
Creepy vibes

13. To show some puppy love

Literally and figuratively! This I miss him meme is sure to make his heart melt and how.

come back
Puppy love

14. When feelings get too intense

Use such emotional missing him memes to let him know you’re hurting. He’ll do all he can to be with you at the soonest.

Man missing
Emotional missing

15. For the non-conventional mush

When you are a bundle of emotions but too cool for emotional messages, poetry and flowers, this I miss him meme will do the trick.

Couple dancing
Bundle of emotions

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16. Pun intended

You don’t necessarily have to be miserable when you miss him. You can also use some laughter therapy to blunt the pain, and what better way to do it than cheeky puns.

Miserable when you miss him

17. To give him the puppy face

Awww! Just look at that face. If this is not going to make him run to you, we don’t know what will. This is one of the missing him memes to keep in your armoury, for it always does the trick.

dog face
Missing him

18. To say it like it is

Hands down one of the best memes when missing him because it conveys the truth without making you sound needy or clingy.

man smiling
Just missing you

19. Mixing feelings with funny

A sitcom reference never fails to do the trick. If you’re both fans of The Office, this meme can lend a hilarious twist to your feelings and lighten up the situation, albeit fleetingly.

Mix feelings

20. When he is your vice

It is not one of the quintessential emotional missing him memes, but it gets the point across.

emotional missing
Quintessential emotional missing

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