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Memes to send him when you miss him

Looks like memes are the new internet thing to express emotions.

Virtual love to keep the spark alive

Anyone who has been in a long-distance relationship will know the importance of sending virtual love every now and then to keep the spark alive. And what better way to do it than engaging in an internet phenomenon of the millennials?

If your partner is far away and you miss his voice, his touch, the feel of his hair and his smile, worry not, he is just a meme away. The days of sending poems and shayaris are long gone. Memes are the way to express the emotions.

Here are a few adorable memes you can send to your boyfriend when you miss him.

1.  When the distance gets too much

didn't live so far
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2. When you miss him damn too much, but your ego takes over

I do miss you
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3. Add a bowl full of tears too

come back soon

4. Let him know you are “in a mood”, maybe this will get you into a lot of sexting. Virtual pleasure it is, if real life intimacy cannot happen

Vagina miss you
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5. The cat on the right is you. The cat in the laptop is your boyfriend

cat saying I miss you
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6. To let him know, your sleepless nights will turn you into the next creepy girlfriend

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7. Hurts in the heart. Truth

i miss you so much that hurts
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8. Throw a pun in those messages too

I just want you to know
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9. The truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth

I m just missing you
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10. Sending fulfilling comparisons to show your affection

I just wanted to tell you
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