10 Relatable Long-Distance Relationship Memes to Help Feel Connected

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Relationships are not easy as it is. Throw distance in the mix and you have a cauldron of trouble waiting to boil over. Whoever said distance makes the hearts grow fonder clearly never spent much time apart from their loved one. Living with a constant sense of longing, with uncertainty about the future – both immediate and long-term – hanging over your heads can upend even the most secure, stable relationships. When the pall of distance hangs over your head and your days seem glum, a little dose of humor can be the instant quick fix you need to power through. The selection of handpicked long-distance relationship memes can help that cause.

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10 Relatable Long-Distance Relationship Memes

Changing seasons, beautiful sunsets, the first rain in your city, that favorite love song, spending Valentine’s Day apart, a couple sitting in a café… every little thing around you can be a reminder of how alone you can feel in a long-distance relationship, and how much you miss your partner.

Coping with distance is certainly not for the weak-hearted. Even those with a rock-solid relationship and strong resolve that feel the jitters every now and then. To help counter those moments of tension and uncertainty, we bring you these 10 cheeky long-distance relationship memes that let your partner know how much you miss them:

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1.  A long-distance relationship meme for times you feel grumpy

Let your boo know how their absence knocks the wind out of you with this adorable long-distance missing meme.

2. One for those strong urges

When you are overcome with this compelling urge to kiss, canoodle, and smother them with love, this long-distance love meme will do the talking for you.

3. On those lonely nights use this long-distance relationship meme

You wake up missing your partner, realize you’re alone in bed, and snuggle a pillow somewhat begrudgingly. Yes, we get and so does this long-distance relationship meme.

long distance relationship

4. When escaping reality is your best bet

The dreamland is the one place where limitations of distance, geographical barriers and logistics doesn’t come in the way of your togetherness.

5. The perfect long-distance relationship meme for those naughty moments

This long-distance love meme can come in handy when you’re feeling rather naughty and in the mood but feel too awkward saying it out loud.

6. Ah, those moments of longing

Distance has a strange way of turning your happiest memories into a source of sadness. This is one of those long-distance relationship memes that’ll hit you both in the feels when you’re missing your significant other sorely.

long distance relationship

7. Long-distance relationship meme for wishful thinking

As they say, hope sustains life. So, why not make the most of this long-distance relationship meme to share your wishful thoughts with your partner.

8. Could a long-distance relationship meme be more relatable!

Of all the long-distance relationship memes out there, this one is perhaps the most relatable. It’ll definitely make your significant other chuckle, no matter how low they’re feeling.

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9. A meme that perfectly sums up your life

It’s like your entire love life has been summed up in a single long-distance relationship meme. Pass it on and share a good laugh with your partner.

10. When you need a little reassurance

When the going seems tough and you’re both struggling with a lot of self-doubt – and perhaps fighting over it – this long-distance love meme can give you a much-needed morale boost.

pillow showing long distance relationship

You may not be able to hold each other every night, start every day with a kiss and be there to share every joy and sorrow, and that can be hard. Just remember this too shall pass and you’ll both be together again. Until then, have faith in your love, hang in there and keep sharing these funny and relatable long-distance relationship memes.

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