50 Examples Of Texts To Make Him Feel Guilty For Hurting You

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text to make him feel guilty for hurting you
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Guys can really mess up at times without realizing the impact and consequences of their words and behavior. Your partner, too, may have said or done something that has hurt you and you are feeling unable to let it slide. If he’s oblivious at the moment, you might feel the urge to send him a text to make him feel guilty for hurting you. You do not want to hurt him back, but you feel the need to throw in a punch so he can open his eyes, to how he has hurt your feelings.

A carefully crafted text is all you need to stop feeling bad and sorry for yourself and turn the tables on him. Talking about these things may be difficult for you in person. So with the help of these messages, you can make him understand the error of his ways. If your boyfriend has offended you, disrespected you, or worse, betrayed you, here are some powerful messages that could provoke a genuine apology from him. 

35 Examples Of Texts To Make Him Feel Guilty For Hurting You

When your boyfriend doesn’t take accountability for his actions, it’s time you send him that long text to let him know you are hurt. He needs to take responsibility for his actions. Here are some texts for every situation that will make him realize your worth, his mistakes, and how he has to make it right this time by first acknowledging and validating your feelings:

Texts to make him feel guilty for cheating on you 

Ah, the soul-wrenching suffering where love and honesty are shredded into a million pieces. If you found out that your boyfriend has been having a little forbidden rendezvous behind your back, send a painful message to a cheating boyfriend to make him feel miserable for his bad behavior and betraying you:

  1. “I loved you with everything I had. You broke the most basic rule of any relationship — to be faithful. How could you do this to me? I was nothing but honest with you. And this is what I get in return?” 

Yes, ask him! Tell him a long-term relationship isn’t just about being loyal to someone to their face. It’s about being faithful when the other person isn’t around, and not putting them through such a painful experience.

  1. “You know, I’ve never felt this broken in my entire life. I know nothing I say will change what you did. But I want to know if you have even the slightest consciousness that what you did was wrong.” 

This is more about letting it out than keeping your hurt feelings inside. If he loved you even for a minute, he would regret cheating on you. With this painful message to a cheating boyfriend, you can convey exactly that.

  1. “I want to tell you what hurts me more than the fact that you cheated on me. It’s how you still claim to love me. It’s not love when you cheat on someone more than once. You made a conscious decision to betray me. You would never have done something like this if you genuinely cared about me and respected me.” 

Send this long, painful message to your boyfriend, as it one of the most powerful quotes of hurt feelings. This is one of the texts to make him feel bad if he cheated on you because when someone cheats on you, they don’t just break your trust. They also show that they don’t respect you.

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  1. “A lot has changed between us since I found out about your infidelity. You act like it was not a big deal. Does it not punch you in the gut that you buried a love alive that was nothing but sincere from day one?”

Send this text to him to make him feel guilty for hurting you like this by the recent events. Things never remain the same once betrayal takes place in a relationship. But the fact that he hasn’t felt a tinge of guilt for hurting you says a lot about him and his disregard for your emotional well-being. 

  1. “When I found out that you cheated on me, I thought I was done for. I thought I would never fall in love again. But I’ve come to a realization that I should be thanking you for showing your true colors. And for making me realize I deserve a lot better than someone who lies at every opportunity he gets. I hope to never see you again.” 

Do you really want to forgive someone who cheated on you? Do you really want to be with that person? You can send this long, painful message to a cheating boyfriend to show him that you see who he really is and that you’re better off without him. But don’t expect that he would apologize for all the trauma he caused and change overnight. 

Texts to send when he lets you down 

Every relationship is full of arguments and moments of understanding, instances of exhilarating affection and resentment. Partners can let you down tremendously, leaving you in a lot of pain and anguish. It could be because he often criticizes your opinions or maybe he let you down because he wasn’t there for you when you needed him. He may have lied to you or used your vulnerability against you. Whatever the reason is, here are some texts to make him understand that he let you down and it’s not going in favor of your relationship.

Texts To Send When He Lets You Down 
  1. “It pains me immensely how you constantly belittle me. Why do you always have to speak in such a patronizing way? I cannot pretend anymore that this doesn’t bother me. Please let’s fix our communication gap and grow together in this relationship.”

These are words to make him regret hurting you, asking him to start acting like a decent person to you. If your boyfriend or husband doesn’t listen to you and keeps interrupting you, it’s one of the signs they are subtly patronizing you and trying to gain the upper hand in the relationship.

  1. “The way you criticize me in front of your friends and family is causing serious problems in our relationship. Can’t you see I am hurting because of this? You need to learn the difference between sarcasm and being mean. Not all your jokes are funny. They are downright rude at times.” 

Say it so he cannot turn a blind eye to this problem anymore. He needs to know where facetiousness ends and sarcasm begins. Being humorous is one of the most attractive traits in a man/woman/anyone. However, being indifferent toward other people’s feelings is in poor taste.

  1. “Why do you take every decision without asking for my opinion? I feel like an object. I am not even asking you to accept my suggestions every time. At least ask me for them before making a decision all on your own. It feels like I am in a one-sided relationship.” 

Equality is very important in relationships. When that balance is off, one partner begins to dominate everything. This can soon turn abusive because of their controlling and dominating nature.

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  1. “You’re always explaining things to me as if I am a child. Please stop treating me like one. You’ve always been arrogant with me and assume things about me that are nowhere close to the truth.”

With the right words and quotes of hurt feelings, you can convey to your partner how deeply they have upset you and affected your self-esteem. A condescending person will assume you don’t know anything about a topic and then mock you for that ‘ignorance’.

“Stop belittling me every chance you get. I am not going to take it anymore. You question every decision I make. This is becoming toxic as you are beginning to make me feel skeptical about my own capabilities.”

He needs to know that this behavior won’t be encouraged anymore and that you are feeling upset by it. Whether it’s your choice of career, politics, fashion, food, or movies, he can’t belittle you for the things you like and adore. 

  1. “You keep prioritizing your family over me. It hurts to love you when I know that my love isn’t being reciprocated equally. I am not asking you to choose me over them. I am just requesting you to spend enough time with me and give me the same treatment you give to your family members and friends.” 

We’re all busy in this fast-paced life. It’s nothing to cry about if your partner chose to have a game night with his friends after a week of hectic work. However, if this has become a routine and you’re being sidelined by your partner, you need to send him such texts to make him feel bad for ignoring you and neglecting you.

  1. “You’ve seriously let me down. How can you not tell me you applied for a job in another city? It was embarrassing to find out from someone else. I am not asking you to take my permission. You could have at least notified me about this. I am shocked.” 

It’s true that he doesn’t have to take your permission before doing anything. But when two people are in a relationship, decisions that impact them both need to be discussed by both as well. Partners share their future plans, long-term couple goals, and what they’d like to do when they grow old. If you need an apology for the way he blindsided you, send him this text to make him feel guilty for hurting you.

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13. “I got dressed up for you, cooked for you, and even had a movie marathon ready to spend the weekend together. Why did you have to ruin it by talking to your ex and lying about it to me? If you’re just friends, why hide? You’ve let me down, yet again. I don’t even know why I am holding on to this relationship anymore.”

Not exactly an ultimatum but this will do the job of making him realize he can’t lie about how he feels for his ex and that he needs to resolve his leftover emotions for them. Such sad messages to make him cry will certainly help him realize his faults.

  1. “Why did you lie to me about that work trip? I just found out that you are planning this trip with our mutual friends and not your colleagues. I feel disrespected and betrayed. I thought we trusted each other enough to not play such stupid and meaningless games.” 

He lied to you. That’s one red flag right there. Little white lies are okay once in a while because no human is perfect. But lying about a vacation raises a lot of questions. Talk to him about this and find out why he had the nerve to manufacture such a big lie. and he has to gain your trust back after lying

  1. “I can’t believe you compared me to your ex again. Are you not over her yet? Is that the reason you’re always picking fights with me? I give you everything you ask for and more. If you still aren’t over your ex, please let me know. I don’t want to waste my time and energy on this relationship. I have too much self-confidence to put up with this.” 

One of the biggest ways a boyfriend can let you down is by comparing you to his ex. It’s insulting and you do not need to hear such hurtful words. Let him know that you won’t entertain such comments again, by texting him these words to make him regret hurting you.

Texts to send when he neglects you 

It’s not a nice feeling when someone neglects you, especially if that person is your significant other. Joanna, a 26-year-old surfer from Miami, writes to us, “My boyfriend and I recently went to his best friend’s birthday party. He barely spoke to me the entire time we were there. He didn’t even have dinner with me and I was sitting there all alone, just fiddling with my food. I could not tell him my feelings then but wanted to send him sad messages to make him cry”. If you’re in a similar situation, we have a few texts to make him feel bad for ignoring you:

16. “You invited me to your sister’s wedding even though I’d never met your family prior to that. You completely neglected my presence. You didn’t bother introducing me to your siblings either. You clearly have no respect for me.”

Send this text to make him feel guilty for hurting you. He can’t get away with ignoring you when his family is around and for not making you feel a part of them. If he wants to spend time with you and introduce you to people, he should be proud of you.

17. “It truly hurts to see how you’ve been neglecting me for the past few days. Have you lost interest in me? Do you think our relationship has lost its glow? I don’t know what to do with so much love in my heart. Tell me what’s happening and what we can do to fix this.”

It’s scary to even think about your romance and intimacy fading away. You’re confused and don’t know what you can do to rekindle your love and happiness. It’s best to confront and ask him yourself instead of playing guessing games. This message shows you don’t want to leave him and are interesting in moving forward, but this is a one last chance and lots of work still needs to be done.

18. “I cannot imagine my life without you and that scares me. The way you’ve been treating me since our fight is breaking me from the inside. Talk to me. It will take some time to bounce back but I am not ready to let it all go because of one fight. Are you?”

If you truly love someone, you have to do everything you can to make it last. Let him know you are ready to go the extra mile to fix this relationship. And that he should too.

  1. “I was never the kind of person to plead with someone for their attention. Now that I am in love, you’ve broken my pride and I don’t mind, because I’d do anything for you. I guess that’s why you’re taking advantage of me. I hope you realize this before it’s too late.” 

We’ve all had to compromise in relationships.  But some people even let go of their self-respect for the one they love. If you’ve completely lost and changed yourself for someone, it’s time to introspect if this person is even worth it. Use these words to make him regret hurting you and for him to realie how badly they have affected your self-esteem and self-confidence.

  1. “I give you my everything, and you throw away my love. My heart aches for you and all you’ve done recently is neglect my needs. You’re making me feel miserable.”

You love someone and they love you back. However, soon, they start taking you for granted. Let him know about the hurt he has caused you during recent events.

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Texts to send when he hurts you 

They say the person you love the most always ends up hurting you the most too. If your boyfriend has hurt you, make him feel guilty using these quotes of hurt feelings:

  1. “You know how emotional I get about my insecurities, yet you made fun of them. I cannot put into words how much pain this incident has caused. I forgive you. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel guilty for the things you said.” 

Forgive him but don’t let him forget how badly he can sometimes make you feel and the tears he brought into your eyes. 

  1. “I feel like you don’t care whether or not I get hurt these days. All you care about are your needs and feelings. I feel unloved. Is that a good enough reason for you to become a little more sensitive? I hope it is.” 

Send him this text to make him feel guilty for hurting you and your sentiments. Partners start taking each other for granted once the relationship feels comfortable. This is the reason that many relationships become stagnant and one ends up giving in to temptations and infidelity.

  1. “You once promised to take care of me. Look what you’re doing to me. You promised love but you’re giving me agony. Be honest, do you even love me anymore?”

Ask this question bluntly and get it over with. If he answers this question honestly, then you’ll know what to do next. Put in more effort and sustain the relationship because you love this man, or let him go. With such messages to make him feel bad, you will realize if he is in this or not.

  1. “Our relationship has made me a very strong person. I don’t want this to end. But I wish you knew how much I love you, how much you mean to me, and how much your words and actions have scarred me.”

Do you always get hurt by his behavior? If yes, then this is the text you need to send to make him realize you won’t let go of this relationship without trying, and also to tell him about the impact of his actions. However, it shows you are a woman who practices self-love and won’t bow down to just anything.

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  1. “The worst part is you don’t even realize how much sadness you’ve caused. How can you be so harsh with your words? Yes, I am mad at you and you’re mad at me, but that doesn’t mean we should stop showing mutual love and care.”

There are times when couples fight and stop showing affection briefly because they are mad at each other. This is one of the little things that contribute to the downfall of a relationship. Send this text and make him understand that love doesn’t vanish after/during a fight.

Texts to send when he wants to break up with you 

It’s difficult to sit and process a ‘breakup talk’ when you love him more than anything else in this world. You have a lot of questions: What happened to all the promises? How can he fall in and fall out of love in the blink of an eye? How am I going to let him go? You are running high on emotions. The best thing to do right now is to take your phone out and type a heart-wrenching message that will hopefully make him rethink the breakup. Use these ‘you hurt me quotes’ to do so:

  1. “Listen. I know things have been rocky and we barely get to see each other because of our busy schedules. I love you and I am not ready to throw it all away. I know that, deep down, you don’t want to end this either. Let’s have this conversation in person please?”

A message like this is enough to help him understand that difficult times don’t signify the ending of a relationship. It’s when your love gets tested.

  1. “I can’t believe you want to break up with me after everything I’ve done for you. You broke up with me over a message — How dignified of you! I am heartbroken and can’t believe you didn’t have the courtesy to meet and talk to me about this.”

Don’t let him get away with it. Tell him it’s never okay to break up with someone over text. Even if he doesn’t do anything else after this message, he’ll at least feel guilty. 

  1. “Just because I’ve been going along with every single thing you suggest doesn’t mean I’ll be up for parting ways as well. The way you’ve decided to kill our relationship without even trying to make things work is soul-shattering.”

Being honest about your feelings will make him understand that he’s wrong. He can’t take this decision of separation all by himself, and without giving the relationship a chance. 

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  1. “If the roles were reversed, I would have given you another chance. But you’re ruthless. You always run away when you see a problem or get into one uncomfortable situation. Relationships aren’t a cakewalk. When will you realize it requires communication and effort from both partners and not just one?”

It’s true, isn’t it? He doesn’t give you a single chance to make things right. If that’s how it is, then send this truthful and long, painful message to your boyfriend and show him the mirror.

  1. “Funny, I found out you want to break up with me through someone else. The entire world seems to know about it except the person who is supposed to know. It’s not even insulting anymore … It’s just who you are. Well, have it your way. Good riddance.”

I know this situation is sad and infuriating. But here is a gospel truth that will help you feel better. He will regret it because more often than not, breakups hit guys later

on complicated relationship

Texts to send after breakup to make him feel guilty for hurting you 

So, the big breakup has happened. You’re at your place crying over him and you find out that he’s doing well. It pinches. Here are some messages to make him feel bad for breaking up with you unfairly/abruptly/brutally:

  1. “I just want to let you know that I accept the breakup. I love you and I respect your decision. If breaking up with me is what’s going to make you happy and is better for your well-being, then so be it. I’ve sincerely loved you since day one, so your happiness is more important than mine. Goodbye.”

If you want him to come back in your life, this is one of the most powerful texts to get him back (but only if you mean it). He will realize what he’s lost, once he you send this long, painful message to your boyfriend.

  1. “You made me feel worthless the entire time we were together. But I loved you then and I love you now. I don’t want to blame you for my heartbreak but I will blame you for making me feel small and unworthy of your love. You’re a narcissist and you will never love anyone as much as you love yourself.”

If your ex-boyfriend is a narcissist, then send him this text to make him feel guilty for hurting you. Tell it to his face that nobody will be enough for him.

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  1. “It hurts to see that the person who made me laugh the most has now become the sole reason for my sorrows. You enjoyed hurting me, didn’t you? If I had done the same to you, you wouldn’t have endured for so long. I am glad you took this decision to leave me. I am done tolerating your nonsense.”

Make him feel guilty through this text if all he did was hurt you in your entire relationship. 

  1. “I am writing this message as an eye-opener for you. Don’t ever treat another person the way you treated me. Don’t make them beg for your love and attention. Your emotional immaturity and inability to be vulnerable has left me depleted.”

Men who are not emotionally available and mature tend to do a lot more damage. If you bring this to light, he will then know how to improve himself and won’t make another person suffer because of his weaknesses. He’ll also understand the impact of his behavior on you and hopefully feel guilty about it.

  1. “Thank you for all the memories. I’ll cherish them, even the bad ones. To be honest, when you pushed me away, that’s when I realized I deserve to be with someone who will adore me and love me for all that I am. I have no grudge against you. I wish you well.”

If you handle this breakup with dignity, there are chances he will regret the breakup. He will feel guilty for giving up on someone like you. 

 Bonus: You Hurt Me Quotes

Now that we have gone over you hurt me quotes for various scenarios to get back at your partner, here are a few extra more than can further be suited to a variety of situations. These message prompts will make sure that your boyfriend ends up taking responsibility for his bad actions and does something more to apologize and make you feel good. Here is a list of bonus sad messages to make him cry and feel bad for hurting your feelings:

36. “It is appalling how you have behaved. This is certainly not the man I fell in love with. Maybe it is my fault. Maybe I am wrong for being under the impression that you loved me more deeply. Or else you would have never done this.”

37. “I feel like for the first time you have shown me who you really are on the inside. You are selfish, unfeeling and never take my emotions into account.”

38. “I can’t believe I had to hear it from our mutual friends that you were lying to me about where you were. What do you think of me?”

39. “I never thought you were capable of being such a liar. I do not even want to be in the same room as you. This is the highest form of disrespect you have ever given me and I don’t know how we are going to come back from this. I love you, but it is clear that you don’t love me.”

40. I know I made a mistake in the past but I did not think you were so capable to get back at me by doing something so much worse. Tell me, is this really the relationship you want to create for us? Do you think it is right to be so petty?

41. “I don’t know if there is any other way for us to move past this. You have shown me your true colors and now I am not sure I want to be with someone like you. I deserve better.”

42. “It shook my whole world when I discovered you were spending time with your ex. How could you do something like this when you told me you already set boundaries with her? Do you not even want me?

43. “I deserve to live my best life without constantly worrying about who you might be lurking around with or what white lie of yours I am going to catch today.”

44. “You were gone on a boys’ trip and I did not even cross your mind the whole time. Is that how little I mean to you? Did you not think once about how I am doing or what I may be up to?”

46. “You keep a track of my whereabouts to the last minute but if I ask you where you went this morning, you tag me as a nagging and clingy girlfriend. These are double standards and I am not going to stand it.”

47. “I always do my best to make you feel heard and considered in this relationship. But you have always failed to create a safe space for me, because of your volatile mood swings.”

48. “What will it take, some kind of self-improvement class for you to realize how messed up you act around your friends? You make jokes at me in front of them and treat me like I am nothing.”

49. “I do not expect you to leave your mother for me but I am sorry for expecting something as little as hoping you would defend me to her when she keeps questioning my life choices. I thought you loved me and you would always stick by me. But not when it comes to your mother.”

50. “At this point after everything you have done to me, leaving you is an option of self-care for myself. That’s how toxic you have become with your constant anger problems and the need to be right in every argument.”

If your partner hurts you, he must own up and take accountability because accountability in relationships means giving up your ego for the sake of your partner’s happiness. If he doesn’t apologize or realize his mistakes even after you’ve sent one or a few of the above messages, then you need to ask yourself why you’re with someone who has got an emotional range of a teaspoon. There’s nothing wrong with checking if your partner feels guilty for hurting you, but sending them on a constant guilt trip or exacting the best revenge, is a toxic trait.


1. How do you make someone realize they are hurting you?

Tell them to their face if you want to get back at them. Many people won’t understand you’re miffed with them when you give them the silent treatment. Communicate with them and tell them how they’ve broken your heart. But don’t make it look like you’re desperate for them to feel guilty and apologize. Tell them once and if they don’t understand it, then back off.

2. How do you act with someone who hurt you?

You keep them where they deserve to be kept. Draw a line and don’t let them enter your inner circle. Don’t give them another opportunity to hurt you. You’ve forgiven them once. This may make them think that they can hurt you again. It’s wise to keep them at bay. 

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