5 signs that your man is madly in love with you

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It is not often that a man falls in love, or a woman. In a world of right swiped action and anti-Romeo squads, it is easier to believe that romance is a risk not worth taking – we are better off in the world of casual sex. But ‘dil hai ki manta nahi…’, and the mandolin starts playing. Your man might be madly in love with you, but he most probably has not said it in as many words. Male conditioning makes it harder for him to open the vulnerable floodgate of emotions and say the words. Our blunted empathy has bad reception towards genuine emotions these days, so here is a quick list to check if he is indeed deeply, madly, truly and irrevocably in love with you.

Does he truly love you?

The society that we live in has been cruel enough to condition our expressions. There is no hero who will show elaborate gestures to enunciate his love for her. There are no more roses for the lady, opening doors, pulling chair and expansive proclamations of love. And rightfully so. Let us not expect such mannerism out of our partner which we are not ready to return in full. Instead, let’s learn to understand our shy men who exhibit their emotional side through subtle manifestations. Ladies, we have a come up with a list of 5 sure shot things your man does when he is hopelessly in love with you. Let’s begin the inventory, shall we?

1. He sulks

Yes, that is funny, because love is a feeling of elation as classical literature proposes. But your modern man cannot easily adjust to being in love. It makes him feel weak in the knees, queasy in the stomach and light in the head. All those can be indications of a serious ailment, but if and when it is love he wants to run miles away. Common knowledge has taught him that love is the end to a bachelor’s happy days, so he is genuinely terrified. Love is a probability of getting hurt. ‘Mard ko dard nahi hota…’, because they run miles away from the pain. So your exceptionally sulking man might be the first indication that he is feeling things he thought he was above. Be patient with the child, he is growing into it.

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2. Drop of a hat

“I broke my toenail and it is bleeding” *drops meeting with a patron in Alaska, flies back to Delhi and rings your doorbell escorted by an ambulance* Okay, then he is a maniac.
But on a less dramatic note, when he drops his work or changes his plans at the best of his capabilities to fit you into his life, that is a sign of love. He wants to spend as much time with you as he can manage, because he loves the companionship. We can love and adore a lot of people in isolation, but when the love persists in togetherness, it is meant to be. He is ready to be on your side at any time and he tries his best to break his routine to accommodate that desire. He is letting himself feel the love, bask in it.

3. What do you think?

Yes, he asks for your advice! The man of the house, who was brought up with the ex officio title of the ultimate decision maker after the father figure, is including you! He wants your inputs not only in decisions involving both of you, but your individual lives. He genuinely wants a lasting impression of you in his life. Be it insurance policies to choose from or an office crisis or which dal to make that day, he asks for your opinion. Thesis, antithesis to reach a synthesis – this is the synergy of a balanced love story. If he is making the effort, he is a keeper.

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4. Game planner

He is planning his routine keeping yours in mind. And by routine, I mean daily and the long-term one too. He is calibrating himself to your life to come to a common ground, not expecting either of you to completely dismiss your individual life plans. Your man has started laying the foundation for the home you are going to find in each other and this, my friend, is a big gesture of love. Starting from planning trips together, to planning for your parents’ visit to the city, he has it all in his planner.

5. Back-keeper

He has your back. No matter what crisis, what fight you have to suit up for, he is right there beside you, second in command. He does not take over your battles and like the knight in shining armour conquer it all alone. He is your cheerleader and your minister in your conquests. Be it an economic crisis, a familial emergency, or a sexist taboo that you are fighting against or just another boring slut shaming you are attacked by, he is right there deflecting the assaults that go behind your back, standing as the partner who can fight the world with you, and not claim to do it for you.


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Ishita Roy
Ishita Roy February 13, 2018 - 9:25 am

I got home and was greeted by one table full of muffins. He had bought one kg muffin. I had texted him “I kg mutton” that got predicted to “one kg muffin”. He actually bought me one kilogram of muffin.

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