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22 ways to know if a guy secretly loves you, but is too shy to admit it

Dying to know if he loves you secretly? The secret signs of love are not secrets anymore!
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Have you been looking for tips and tricks to figure if a guy secretly loves you? The hardest and the most frustrating part of falling in love is knowing whether the other person loves you or not. One sided love may be beautiful, but it does not mature into a relationship. It is important that you know his feelings, even if he does not openly acknowledge the same. Even the most introvert and shy guys give certain signals to make it obvious that they secretly love you. How to know if a guy loves you secretly? We tell you.

22 ways to know if a guy loves you secretly

Many guys are confident and do not hesitate to express their love and take the first step in the relationship by approaching their loved ones. However, there are some guys who are genuinely shy and give out subconscious signs to show their admiration towards their girls. If you have a crush on a shy guy, and are dying to know whether he likes you secretly, then do not become disheartened. We put forward 22 ways to know if a guy loves you secretly. Once you know these, you will be able to know if he feels the same for you or not. These are the signs that he secretly loves you.

1. You bring a smile to his face

Simply put, you light his face up, even in adverse circumstances! Even if he is in a bad mood and is avoiding other people, you will be the one who will bring a smile to his face. He will not avoid you and will always greet you with a pleasant smile because he wants you to acknowledge him and perhaps he wants to see your lovely smile as well.

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2. The guy makes an effort to talk to you

Whenever he sees you around, he will take the opportunity to talk to you, as it is his way of showing interest in you. This is true for even a shy guy, because if he is making an effort to talk to you, it means he is doing something that is out of his comfort zone just so that he can get to know you better.

3. He keeps his promises

A guy who secretly loves you will make sure he keeps his promises. For example, if he said he will call you, then he will surely call you without fail; or he said he will meet you, then he will make it a point to meet you. By not breaking such promises, he will try to drive home the point to you that he is interested in you. Plus, he will also keep on hinting that he is willing to settle down with you. This is a sign he secretly loves you.

4. The guy tries to highlight the commonality between the two of you

He always tries to look for things that you both have in common, like say, a hobby or interest and then suggests that you both do it together. Infact, he would know about a lot of things that you love to do! This is just his way of letting you know that you both have compatibility and can think about a future together.

5. He makes excuses to be with you

Does he keep waiting for you when he can actually go home? Has he not eaten his lunch because you have been busy? And then he tells you he wasn’t hungry because he had coffee some time before? Classic signs!

If you notice a guy making dumb excuses just to spend some time with you, then rest assured that he likes you. He wants to hang out with you, because having you by his side is all that matters to him.

6. Flirting with you comes naturally to him

Whenever he flirts with you, it is absolutely effortless. He will say those cute one liners spontaneously, and for some reason, you will laugh them off. It will be light, with just the right sense of humour and tease. This is one of the qualities that women admire in men.

You kind of get the idea that he actually likes you, because he knows how to be playful with you and tease you to get your attention. Nothing seems made up to you and you also tend to respond to his advances naturally.

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7. He remembers everything that you say to him

How to know if a guy loves you secretly? You will be shocked to find out that the guy remembers everything that you say to him, whether it is your favourite colour or some issue you are facing at work. He always is attentive and never misses a thing you say. He remembers and keeps updating his knowledge about you in order to show his affection towards you.

8. The guy is conscious around you

A guy who is your secret lover will always be conscious of his looks and clothes, especially when you are around, because he wants to create a good impression on you. You may see him often in colours that you like, or he may wear his hair the way you said you liked.

Even though he is not openly expressing his feelings, he wants to make sure that you find him attractive and presentable.

9. He defends you in front of others

In any untoward incident, you will have his support. If there are people who are against you, then he will always defend you in front of them and save you from any attacks from their side.

In this way, he will try to protect you from any harm whatsoever and stand by you at all times.

10. He uses social media to stay in touch with you

By using his smartphone and social media accounts, he will make an effort to continuously stay in touch with you and get updates on your life. A shy guy will probably use technology and social media more instead of face-to-face conversations, because his awkwardness can stay hidden while he tries to build a rapport with you.

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11. His friends know all about you

You might not be very well aware of his friends, but his friends will know all about you. Sometimes his friends might even knowingly tease him about his love life in front of you and on observation you will notice the guy blush for sure, because you are the girl he loves.

12. His body language acts as a big indicator

A guy who does not open his mouth to express his emotions will use his body language to let you know what is on his mind. If he leans towards you while you are talking to him, then it means he is interested in you. If he frequently fidgets, then it means he is nervous around you.

These are just two signs. There are many more, like making eye contact, facing towards you, gulping, stuttering, etc. which can prove his attraction towards you. These are absolute signs he secretly loves you.

13. The guy does not shy away from physical contact

While respecting you and your boundaries, he might try to make physical contact with you by touching your hands, patting your shoulder, hugging you, etc. If you are the one initiating contact, then a shy guy may get shocked at first, but eventually will be okay with you being close to him.

He may also indicate that it is time the two of you become exclusive.

14. Your thoughts and opinions matter to him

First, he will share his troubles with you, and keep taking your opinions – because they matter to him. If he is ever faced with a dilemma or has some life changing decision to make, then he will turn towards you for support and advice. T

his is because you are important to him and thus your thoughts and opinions matter to him.

15. He shares his thoughts with you

While also valuing your thoughts and opinions, the guy will always share his thoughts with you comfortably. You will notice him sharing his feelings quite openly only with you, when with other people around he acts meek and disinterested. Even if he is an introvert and is afraid to open up to people, he will be at ease around you because he loves you.

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16. He tries to keep you happy

Any guy knows that humour is something that girls find irresistible in a guy. So the guy who likes you secretly will make it a point to keep you happy and try to show his humorous side to you in order to create a lasting impression on your mind.

17. The guy does not feel awkward while staring at you

You might find the guy staring at you lovingly, especially when you are not looking. However, he will not feel awkward that he is staring at you, because he adores you and wants to show his affection towards you. This is how he shows he secretly loves you.

18. The guy notices every change you make in your appearance/apparel

A new haircut? A new dress? Or a new pair of shoes – he will notice it all. Any change you make in your appearance and apparel, the guy who has a crush on you will be the first one to notice it and might even compliment you. Even if he does not like the particular change, he will praise you to make you feel glad.

19. His tone of voice is different around others

When the guy talks to you, he will probably make it a point to speak softly, charmingly and in a pleasant manner so that you get impressed. His eyes with light up and he will be smiling slyly. But you might notice his voice tone changing around other people, because they are not special, you are special.

20. The guy mimics your actions

Consciously or unconsciously, if the guy mimics the way you are moving your hand, the way you are sitting or talking, then probably he has hidden feelings for you. He may keep his stuff the way you do, or arrange his desk just like yours.

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It is just his way of becoming in sync with you.

21. He surprises you with gifts

The gifts he gives you may not be anything luxurious but simple gifts like an encouraging note written by him or chocolates. A simple as a pen, perhaps. But he knows how to surprise you with those gifts and make you smile. This simple things are his way of telling you how much he loves you, without saying anything at all.

22. Your special days are special for him as well

If a guy remembers your birthday and any other special days in your life, then he obviously likes you. He will even celebrate and be with you on those special days in order to show the importance you have in his life.

We hope these ways/signs are enough to help erase all your doubts regarding the love and affection the guy has towards you and you are able to begin your beautiful journey with him as soon as possible.

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