7 Signs He Wants To Make You His Girlfriend

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Updated On: December 13, 2023
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Yes, there are surefire ways to find out whether a guy wants you to be his girlfriend. Dating someone, or seeing someone casually and don’t know what it’s turning into? Beginning to notice that special guy in your life is developing feelings for you? Still not sure where it is leading to? Well, what if we told you that you can put all dilemmas to rest by paying attention to just 7 signs he wants to make you his girlfriend.

You read that right, a man’s true intentions can be deciphered by simply keeping an eye out for some tell-tale behavior patterns. More often than not, there are even some early signs he wants you to be his girlfriend that can help you make up your own mind about your future with a guy you may be interested in.

It’s vital to actively look out for these signs and indications because you must understand a guy’s intentions before jumping into things with him. To make sure you truly understand what getting into a relationship could mean for your future, let’s take a closer look at the 7 signs he wants to make you his girlfriend.

7 Signs He Wants To Make You His Girlfriend

Do you have a feeling he’s about to pop the question? No, not that question. Do you think he’s going to ask you whether you’d like to be with him in an exclusive relationship? Have you been feeling that he is becoming more emotionally invested in you? Do you sense a hint of attachment?

While these can be encouraging signs if you feel strongly for this guy and want something more, it is also important to know what his intentions are. Looking out for the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon can help you figure that out as well as prepare yourself for this much-awaited conversation, so you’re not left fumbling for words when he does bring up taking things to the next level.

Grace was falling head-over-heels for a guy she had been casually dating. After being nonchalant for the first couple of months, he too became more responsive, emotionally connected. They were constantly texting back and forth, he’d suggest date ideas and plans every weekend, they even slept at each other’s places a few times.

Not sure what to make of it and cautious to not get her hopes up, she turned to a friend for counsel. “Oh, Grace, these are definitely signs he sees you as girlfriend material. I’m so happy for you,” said the friend. But when Grace brought up the ‘where is this going?’ conversation on their next date, he completely froze.

“I thought we were just having fun,” was all he could mumble before cutting the date short, calling for the check and leaving with a promise to call again. But he never did. That is why it is important to be as sure as possible of what may be going on in his head before building up your own expectations about the future. These 7 signs he wants to make you his girlfriend will help you gain that clarity:

1. He’s trying to get to know you better

The first of the 7 signs he wants to make you his girlfriend is that he starts trying to get to know you better. This means that he starts asking you the right get-to-know-me questions, and makes a real effort to understand you and your life better. He becomes more curious about you and wants to understand what kind of space you may have in your life for him. Or whether he can even get to know you at a deeper level.

No guy is going to ask these questions if he’s not interested – unless he is just emotionally manipulating you. Beware of guys that try to talk about emotional things with women just to get into their pants. They get women to open up and talk just so women can feel comfortable around them.

But end up pulling away when a woman starts to want more emotionally. So, how do you tell whether the guy in question has genuine feelings for you or is merely playing you? One clear difference is that he’d be perfectly okay taking things slow if he truly likes you. When a guy is willing to wait to sleep with you, it’s a clear sign that he is emotionally invested. So, if he is consistently more and more invested in you, it is among the clear signs he wants to date you more seriously and build a relationship with you.

2. Inside jokes

Do you guys have inside jokes? Have you already reached that point where you can guess what’s going on in the other’s mind by just looking at them? Do you burst out laughing without even having to crack those inside jokes? When you are at a table with others, does he bring up these inside jokes or anecdotes?

This suggests that you already share an intimate connection. This growing intimacy is among the most telling signs a guy wants you to be his girlfriend. It is a sure-shot beginning to make things exclusive. One of the signs a man wants to be with you is that he makes an effort to harness a deeper, meaningful connection with you and derives joy from it.

You make his life a happier place, and he has no reservations in letting the world see it. Perhaps, he wants to be sure that you’re both on the same page before making a move. So, when you see the signs he wants to be your boyfriend and feel the same way about him, make sure you drop obvious hints to convey your interest in taking things forward.

signs a man wants to be with you
Sharing inside jokes is a sign of an intimate connection

3. Compliments in abundance

Does your guy constantly admire you and tell you how amazing and beautiful you are? Does he do this not just on your good days but bad ones as well? And does he make you feel like he’s your number one fan? If he is into you, he’ll pay you compliments not just about your looks but also your talents, habits, and personality traits.

This could also be one of the early signs he wants you to be his girlfriend. Particularly, if you notice that he has started doing this only recently. Katie met Rossell during a summer internship at an advertising firm and both felt an instant spark. Since they were going to be together for only a couple of months, they decided to keep things casual. But both ended up catching strong feelings.

“About a month into dating Rossell, I saw that he’d notice even the smallest things about me and make it a point to appreciate them. One day, I had worn a blue dress for our date and he said that it reminded him of my prom look, only now I looked even more gorgeous. The fact that he remembered what I had worn to prom night was enough to tell me that his feelings had turned deeper, just like mine,” says Katie.

Sometimes the signs he will ask you to be his girlfriend can be hidden in the little gestures, which are a manifestation of his changing feelings for you. He may have always been fond of you or attracted to you but his feelings are becoming deeper and stronger. Only a man who is completely into you will give you more attention all the time.

4. Opens up about himself

Guys are usually very discreet about their emotions and experiences. So if a guy starts opening up and talking to you about his vulnerabilities, then you are definitely in for the long haul. It is among the indisputable signs he wants you in his future.

If he’s beginning to initiate a relationship with you, he won’t be afraid to talk about himself. This means that he trusts you and wants to take things to another level, emotionally. Guys show their vulnerable side usually when they want you to start offering them solutions or take care of them emotionally when they need it.

So, if he’s told you all about that gut-wrenching first breakup he had or how he cried himself to sleep because he thought his parents loved his older sibling more than him, it’s one of the unmistakable signs a guy wants you to be his girlfriend. He’s letting you into the deepest, darkest chamber of his secrets because he finds comfort in you.

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5. He is protective of you

Guys are adorable when they start acting all protective. Well, not in a territorial kind of a way but more in an “I’ve got your back” way. This is not just one of the signs he sees you as girlfriend material but that on some level he has already made up his mind that you’re the one for him.

If a guy is into you and wants more, his protective streak will inevitably begin to emerge. Be it something as simple as holding your hand when crossing a busy street or calling/texting to check if you’ve reached home safely after a night out with your girl friends, he will always do whatever he can to make sure you are safe.

Joan, a history student from Long Beach, was having trouble figuring out how this guy she was smitten with felt for her. They had grown up together and she had a massive crush on him. “Mike keeps sending me all sorts of mixed signals. He calls me his friend but treats me like his girlfriend. He’s so protective of me and clearly cares about me but won’t take things forward. What does all of this mean anyway?” she wondered.

It was only when he ditched a date to be by her side when her dog had to be put down that Joan saw Mike’s feelings for her clearly. Like Joan, if you too aren’t sure about how a guy feels for you, pay attention to his actions more than his words. The signs he wants you to be his girlfriend soon may be hidden in how he goes out of the way for you. A guy who genuinely likes you will make sure he is there for you and has your back every step of the way.


6. He wants to impress you

When a man is in love with you, he will go out of his way to impress you. If he has feelings for you, he will constantly show you that he cares. If he likes you, he will try to keep doing things for you to make sure you know that. He wants you to view him in a positive light, as he is trying to set a foundation for a relationship with you.

This is also one of the promising signs he will ask you to be his girlfriend soon. Before he asks you, he wants to make sure that you see what a stand-up guy he is and what a wonderful partner he’d make. Hence, he may put in extra effort in impressing you.

Pay attention to how he goes out of his way to do things for you. One clear example that he is ready to go above and beyond is when a guy ditches his friends for you. If he is violating the most basic tenet of the bro-code, it’s a dead giveaway that he’s completely smitten with you and wants more.

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7. Interested in your love life

Perhaps, the clearest of the 7 signs he wants to make you his girlfriend is his interest in your love life. If a guy likes you enough to plan a future with you, he is going to start asking questions about whether you like someone else or if you’re ready for a committed relationship.

He may also enquire about your past relationships to understand where he can fit into your present and future. He is trying to understand whether you have any emotional baggage and how all of that can be countered and taken care of if he wants to step into your life.

In case you’ve been spending sleepless nights worrying about how he really feels and whether there can be a future with him, start paying attention to these 7 signs he wants to make you his girlfriend. And if you see a majority of these signs in your current dynamics, don’t hesitate to talk about the future. Perhaps, he is uncertain about how you’d react and that’s what’s holding him back. By taking initiative or even dropping hints that the feelings are mutual, you can open the gateway to a beautiful partnership.


1. There is a guy that randomly compliments me but I don’t know if he really wants me to be with him – how can I tell?

Sometimes, we tend to take politeness for flirting. So, if a guy is generally complimenting you and not meaning to turn it into something, then pay attention to his personality. Does he compliment everyone and is generally outgoing? Does it make you feel uncomfortable? Then tell him. Maybe that’s just how he is – so you can process and tell yourself that instead of overthinking.

2. A guy I know has introduced me to his friends and family, but he doesn’t seem to initiate anything more in the relationship. Is he into me?

If a guy has introduced you to his friends and family, that means he likes you enough to be in his life. No one will introduce someone to people who’re an integral part of their life unless they want something more out of the relationship. Maybe he’s too shy to express his feelings or is just taking his time before committing. Or maybe he just regards you as a very good friend. When in doubt, just ask!

3. There is a guy who gets very jealous if I talk to others and don’t spend time with him – does it mean he’s into me?

Probably! If a guy wants you all to himself, then it’s clear he has a thing for you. If he gets jealous, then he definitely wants you to spend your time with him and not others.

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