How Do Men Show Love – 9 Subtle Hints

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How do men show love
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How do men show love in a relationship? What do guys do to express their feelings, besides saying “I love you”? How does a man show intimacy? Whether you’ve got a crush on a guy, just started dating, or tied the knot, it is natural to ask yourself these questions. Of course, your favorite romcoms have told you when a man loves a woman, she just knows. But is it always that simple?

Honestly, it can be quite tricky sometimes to figure out how your man feels about you. Many women wish the man they love was more vocal about his feelings. It’s true indeed that men often find it difficult to express their feelings. But does this imply they don’t care about you? Certainly not! So, what can you do to understand his true feelings for you? Pay attention to the subtle hints that men use to say “I love you” without necessarily saying those words.

How Do Men Show Love – 9 Subtle Hints

In a 2022 study that included over 1,400 participants, researchers found out that men usually say “I love you” before women do. This tendency of vocally confessing their feelings held true across the US and 6 countries that were included in this research. However, apart from the three magical words, there are several ways in which men express love.

So how do men show love? If a guy sends you caring texts, goes the extra mile to make you smile, or picks up your dry cleaning, he might have feelings for you. If he puts on the finest cologne and tries to be the perfect boyfriend on your at-home date night, take a hint. If he brings you cheesecake when you’re on your period or takes your dog to the vet clinic, know that he’s a keeper. In all the ways men show love, there is a common ingredient – he makes you feel special. So, without any further ado, let us explore some of the most common love signals from a man:

1. He stays physically close to you

When a man wants to show he loves you, he will stay close to you. If you’re watching a movie under a blanket, he’ll get under it and cuddle you. If you go to a social event with him, he’ll make sure he stays in close proximity. He may move away for a few seconds to greet others, but he will always come back to you. Many guys express their feelings through physical affection.

And let’s get real. Once the initial high tide of romance is over, every little thing might not lead to a “Your place or mine?” text. How does a man show intimacy in such a situation? By maintaining physical contact with you, even while doing regular chores. He initiates non-sexual touches to feel intimate and close to you. Here are a few examples:

  • He keeps his arm around you
  • Holds you by your waist while walking together
  • Cuddles with you on the couch
  • Hugs you without a reason

Oh, and let’s not forget back massages – the cherry on the cake! Speaking of how men show love, a Reddit user says, “Seriously, this is the best thing ever when I’m laying in bed after a long day. Just stroke her back, shoulders, and neck, gently pet her hair (and try gently rub her scalp in a circular motion with the pads of your fingers). I love, love, love massages and a guy who gives massages instantly gets major boyfriend points. Honestly, I couldn’t be in a long relationship with a guy who didn’t do this for me. My current boyfriend is great, I ask him to pet my back while I fall asleep and he’s the only guy I’ve ever dated who keeps going until I’m actually asleep.”

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2. He really listens

Does he like me? Does he love me? How do I tell if he loves me? Does my crush like me? Does my boyfriend love me? If you want to know the answer, pay attention to how well he listens to you. When a man loves you, he’s so in tune with you. He doesn’t nod along, text his friends in between, or appear to be bored. He becomes truly invested in everything you’ve got to say, eager to hear you out.

For instance, he will ask his crush for small details and exciting things about their day. He will tease his girlfriend by quoting her when she shares a hilarious memory. If a guy misses you after a breakup, you’ll notice he listens to you with more attention and care. And how do men show love in a marriage? They aren’t terrible listeners. A husband in love won’t avoid serious marriage conversations.

He won’t interrupt or change the subject, making his wife feel unheard. He won’t talk only about his interests or life. When he encourages you to share your thoughts and views and appreciates your advice, you know for sure that he respects your perspective. If he disagrees with you, he will care enough to be transparent in the relationship and have an open discussion.

3. He starts mirroring your body language

Albert Mehrabian’s 7-38-55 Communication Model states that 7% of the meaning of our feelings and behavior is conveyed through the words we use in verbal communication, 38% of the meaning is conveyed through the tone of our voice, and the remaining 55% through the body language we use, particularly our facial expressions. When you rock as a couple, you can see body language signs a man is in love with you. The easiest way is to check whether he mirrors your body language.

What does it mean when men subconsciously start duplicating gestures in a meaningful relationship? This means your guy is paying close attention to you even if he barely realizes it. His imitating your body language and facial expressions are among the unconscious love signals men send out in relationships. For instance, if you smile, you’ll catch him smiling. If you sit with your legs crossed, he will do the same without realizing it.

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4. He showers you with cute gifts

Are you dating a shy man? Is your boyfriend an introvert? How do such men show love without confessing their feelings directly? How do they make you feel connected or feel loved? One of the ways such men express their feelings for a girl is by giving gifts. If you’re going out with a guy who doesn’t express his feelings directly but loves you, here are a few things he may do:

  • Send you flowers (your favorite kind), just because
  • Buy your comfort snack at the grocery store
  • Surprise you with tickets to your favorite singer’s concert
  • Have a delicious lunch box delivered to you at work, with a tiny romantic message pasted on top
  • Make you a scrapbook with all the special moments in the relationship

Such gifts act as “visual symbols of love”, according to Gary Chapman, author of the bestselling book, The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate. They are indirect ways of saying “I love you” in a serious relationship. These are also some early dating signs he likes you. Reflect on the gift carefully and think about its significance in your relationship. And in the blink of an eye, maybe your man will stand out from the ex-boyfriend who bought you a last-minute spoon-holder on your first anniversary.

5. He is the master of PDA

Does he love me? Does he still love me? What are the signs he’s in love? Does my husband love me anymore? What are the different ways to say “I love you”? How do men show love? So many questions, one answer: Public displays of affection or PDA – this is how a man shows love without saying it. Whether your boyfriend flirts with you at a social gathering or indulges in some Michael and Holly PDA, it is a love signal. You know it, and the ones around you probably know it too. When guys express their feelings through physical affection, it means they enjoy spending time with you. These are physical signs of affection from a man.

When a guy shows his love for you in public, keeping in mind your comfort zone, it means he truly loves you. Such a man values both physical contact and his emotional connection with you. If your partner does this, he feels close to you and therefore craves such public displays of affection. He’s comfortable and elated to let the world know who rocks his world!

6. He wants you to meet his friends and family

What are the signs you are in a serious relationship? How do you know if a guy is serious about you? When a man introduces you to his friends and family, he is dropping a big hint. You guessed it right. In most cases, it indicates that he is serious about this relationship.

The truth is, many guys genuinely enjoy spending time with their family and partner together. When you’re in his inner circle, he will focus on you. He will introduce you with love and respect, and truly make you feel like you belong. This shows he wants his loved ones to spend quality time with you and make a connection.

Maybe he hasn’t said the three magical words yet. Maybe he still hasn’t shown you the ring. But, when you’re at the dinner table, laughing with his parents and friends, you’ll know it all. Just make sure you don’t put on a nervous accent like Phoebe Buffay did when she met Mike’s parents for the first time! And even if you do, if your boyfriend handles it as Mike did, he is the one for you.

7. He’ll do things just to make your life easier

When he’s out grocery shopping, he’ll pick up some fresh vegetables for you too. He’ll try to fix the bulb in your living room for the fifth time in a month. He’ll grab you an extra cup of coffee just to make you smile. He’ll try to make your life easier in many ways. These are not only green flags in a relationship but also some subtle hints he loves you. When a man truly loves you, he goes out of his way now and then to make things easier for you.

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8. He treats you like his best friend

A Reddit user shares his experience of being in love with his best friend, “We are both from the same city and we both came to our university at the same time. Best friends from the start. I dated another girl and she dated another guy, but two years later, when we were both single, we came to the point where we had to stop playing down our feelings for each other. We’ve been dating for a year and a half now and I couldn’t have possibly found anyone better. I love her to the point where I wake up every day already knowing it’s going to be a great day because of her.”

Is the man in your life also your best friend who wakes up knowing it’s going to be a great day because of you? These are signs someone loves you deeply. When you look at celebrity couples like Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, or Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, they seem to be just best friends in love, don’t they?

So, how do men show love when you’re best friends? He will enjoy pulling your leg. An emotionally attached guy will notice the little things about you. He observes how you react and feel about certain important things. He cheers you up no matter what. He shares his secrets with you because he loves and trusts you. On the other hand, if a guy avoids sharing personal details or intimate stories about himself, even after you’ve been dating for a while, it is a sign he’s not serious about you.

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9. He always communicates with you

No matter how deeply you love each other, you cannot turn into mind readers for your partner. This is why communication in relationships is essential. If a guy loves you, he will communicate honestly to avoid silly misunderstandings that can unnecessarily hurt, anger, or confuse his loved one. He will be so in tune with you. Such a man values spending time with you. He wants to listen intently and make you feel safe when you share something. Here are a few communication examples through which men express love:

  • He texts back immediately
  • He listens to your side of the story instead of waiting to react
  • If he can’t text you right away, he lets you know he is busy and will get back soon
  • He talks about the fun and important things you both would be doing if he was physically near you
  • He calls you from time to time when you’re sick, feeling low, or going through a difficult day
  • He apologizes after a fight when he’s wrong and makes sure you’re okay

Key Pointers

  • When a man shows his love for you, the way he behaves around you will make you feel special
  • Physical signs of affection from a man can include mirroring your body language, giving you warm hugs, facing you during a conversation, and indulging in PDA
  • Maintaining honest communication in the relationship and spending quality time are signs someone loves you deeply
  • When a guy wants to introduce you to his family and friends, it is a clear sign he’s serious about you

Having read this article, you now understand how to decode the love signals from a man. You know how to recognize a man’s love and intentions through his behavior in the relationship. Because let’s face it – sometimes, a sweet gesture on a date night, a long kiss followed by cuddles, a thoughtful anniversary gift, or a home-cooked meal after a tiring day can say ‘I love you’ even better than the three magical words.

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