A Good Relationship is Like a Good Bra

Unhooking Happiness: Finding Comfort and Freedom in Love

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Updated On: June 18, 2024
A good relationship is like a good bra

In the quest for love and happiness, finding the right relationship can often feel as challenging as finding the perfect bra. Just as a good bra offers the right balance of comfort, support, and a touch of excitement, a fulfilling relationship should provide security without stifling freedom, passion without pretense, and support without overshadowing individuality. This article draws a light-hearted yet insightful comparison between the types of bras and the types of men we encounter, guiding you towards recognizing and appreciating the perfect fit in both lingerie and love.

The Boring but Reliable Bra

Don’t we all know the best bras are also the most boring? Straps so wide that no amount of pulling your top in from the shoulder would help. The 4-hook closure covers so much of your back that you might as well be wearing it over your top and not under it. (Superwoman, are you listening?) And, of course, the shades you stick to are black, white, and nude. No wonder the most boring bras are relegated to maternity wear.

But imagine a man like your most boring bra. All security, all comfort, but so boring that you want to slip into the next lacy hot pink push-up number you see in the window of a lingerie shop. Fun, but a recipe for disaster.

The Tempting but Unreliable Nipple Pasties

On the other extreme are those nipple pasties that come in a pack of five for those completely braless days. (Why five? Some math is wrong there.) These pasties pretend to cover the bare essentials. In most cases, they don’t even cover that. Unfortunately, they look quite tempting. Men like nipple pasties are hypocritical right from the start. They promise nothing, give even less, and leave you with puckered skin and marks over one of the most sensitive parts of your body. I’m talking about the heart. Avoid them at all costs. The pasties and the men.

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The Disappointing Strapless Bra

Then there are the strapless bras. It’s as good as not wearing a bra, especially for big-breasted women. It’s just a show of covering up. The promise of the bra fails to meet the expectations. Men who are like strapless bras will sag themselves and let you sag with them. You will need to pull up both him and yourself from time to time just so you don’t sink into oblivion with your strapless bra touching your panty line.

The Perfect Balanced Bra

What you really need is a good balanced bra. Something that fits you to a T…like it was especially designed to caress your curves but not in a way that makes you feel trapped inside a cage. You don’t mind wearing a corset once in a while, but you don’t want to live in one for the rest of your life. And no, you don’t adjust to your bra. It feels right from the moment you wear it.

You want a bra and a man that’s comfortable but not in a boring sort of way.

The Ideal Bra and Relationship

A little underwire never hurt anyone. Full coverage is what you really look for, but three-fourths would also do most times because it’s one part freedom, one part passion, one part support, and one part…well…a beautiful glimpse into your relationship with the bra and the man. Who knew love could be described in fractions?

The Seamless Supporter

And what about those seam lines that show through your t-shirt? That should be a big NO. You want your man and your bra to be your silent supporters. Nobody wants a blabbermouth who calls attention to himself time and again.


The Freedom to Unhook

Above all, you don’t want a relationship or a bra that makes you want to get out of it as soon as you reach home, right? You do, however, want the liberty to unhook it when you wish, especially at night, and let it all hang out there without fear of judgment. Letting yourself be should be the most basic expectation from your bra and your relationship.

The Variety of Choices

After that, be it cross-backed, halter neck, fuchsia, neon orange, black net, padded, non-padded, half coverage, plus size, or backless; lacy, racy, and everything else in between.

The Ultimate Goal

All said and done, a bra and a relationship should make you feel good about yourself.

Just like there is no single bra that fits all, there is no single man or relationship formula that works for everyone. Choose what makes you walk in the sun all perky and bright with your chest out and the confidence that it won’t let you down.

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