Types Of Guys Women Want And Don’t Want To Date

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Updated On: January 4, 2024
types of men women hate
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Wondering about the types of guys women hate dating? When it comes to dating, we all like to narrow down our preferences to certain characteristics and traits that we like to see in people. Being picky is good, trust us. When it comes to women, the checklist is even longer. There are many kinds of guys women hate dating even when they are casually exploring. Out of these different types of boys, we are going to look at some of the primary types that are almost certain to put off any chances of you moving further with your dating prospects.

There are men that women adore and those they simply can’t stand. To know more about the types of men women hate dating, you really need to understand what a woman’s expectations are from a partner and in a relationship. In this article, we are going to look at the different types of guys that women don’t like to date so you can make sure you don’t fall in that swipe-left category.

4 Types Of Men That Women Would Never Date

I love guys. I cheer for them, I understand them, and I really can’t wait to have a man in my life. (If I am coming off as a little desperate, that’s not it. Truth be told, I am just doing it to pump you up to read my article.) In a nutshell, I am very much on your team, and this is why it troubles me when a good fellow doesn’t understand why he has been dumped by a woman who was into him not a long while ago.

That’s why I’m here to give you a cheat sheet that will help you date online successfully and understand the guy types women hate dating. I will tell you why many of you might have been doled out ‘that’ treatment by women. If you think that you belong even remotely to the following categories, you can understand what the problem may be.

1. The anti-hygiene man

Hygiene is important to most of us. This is even more so when it comes to women. The point is, it is not enough that you shower every day. There are guys who don’t clip their nails and have dirt or worse, boogers, stuck there. And there are men who have dirt in other places! Women hate dating a guy that chooses not to take care of himself. These types of guys can easily put off women and the chances of any physical intimacy existing between you two decreases incredibly.

women hate dating unhygienic men
Women love a clean man

I once dated a fantastic guy, really witty and caring, but he had a dirt line at the back of his neck. I decided to ignore it at first, but when it grew thicker with every passing month, I bid adieu. While not many women expect their men to be metrosexual, most of them want them to be clean. They tend to avoid the kinds of guys who are always unhygienic and expect their partners to just be okay with it. Nope, not happening.

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2. The ‘I know everything’ guy

While knowledge and intelligence are likable qualities, Mr. Know-it-all is likely to fall from grace sooner or later. A woman loves being with a man who is well-read, confident in his knowledge, and has a unique perspective on things. It is fabulous to fall in love with someone’s mind. However, there is a fine line there.

A man being too snobbish can instantly tick off a woman. Women hate dating a man who constantly wants to be the smartest man in the room. It is a big turn-off. You must have come across these types of guys who love to boast every chance they get. And unsurprisingly, women keep away from them as much as they can. It’s better to stay from these types of men if you don’t want your ears to fall off with their arrogant stories.

I recently dated a guy with good looks and the gift of gab. By the end of the first date, I got to know that he had daunting knowledge about coffee brews, method of preparations, and whatnot. On the second date, I knew that he was better equipped than the director of the movie we were watching about camera angles and storyboards.

The third day enlightened me on how the architect of our city should have consulted the man I was dating on how to lay out the route, the roads, and the metro channels. On the fourth date, just as I was biting into a cheesy, juicy, perfectly cooked pizza, I was enlightened on how pizzas in our city suck and why one should go to Sicily to enjoy an ”actual” pizza slice. Not only that, by the end of the date, I had lessons on my car’s registration plate and why my glasses could lead to nerve issues.

I said my goodbyes before he went on to give me lessons on breathing. You get the drift, right? Don’t try to act the know-all kind of person. No one likes such types of boys. Even if you’re an Einstein, which you probably aren’t, women wouldn’t date an obnoxious Einstein either. No one likes to be mansplained at every turn of their life.

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3. The ‘lover boy’

A while back, I met a fantastic guy at a friend’s place. He followed me on social media and soon we were exchanging messages. I was enchanted. He was quite a catch and my heart fluttered when he said “Juhi”. But in just a couple of hours, he went from addressing me as ‘Juhi’ to ‘love’ and sending hearts. I’m sure you’ve met such guy types before as well. The kind that starts flirting on the first day and proposes by the third.

My texting anxiety kicked in instantly. I did not know how to respond to his overdramatic love signs. Now, I really have a high opinion of myself, but come on, I am not that naive to fall for ‘love’ and ‘heart eyes’ in a few hours. Clearly, one of the types of men that women hate is the one who is too juvenile and immature.

A girl wants to be loved, yes. But we are smart enough to not fall for corniness this quickly. So guys, if you are really interested in a girl, please, please don’t come on too strong. The types of guys who start confessing their feelings two seconds after meeting a woman can never be attractive, no matter how ardent the compliments. We like being admired and loved, but there’s an appropriate way of approaching someone.

Among the different types of guys one encounters, the kind that is overly eager from the very first meeting is always irritating to women. While they might think they’re being charming, they come across as desperate and creepy.

4. The ‘nose picker’

Nope, I am not making this up. It is a true story. So true that I can give the coordinates and even a scanned copy of the bill to prove the point. He seemed great at first but soon I realized that he had zero dating etiquette.

I met the guy at a book club. He was sweet, responsive, and a good listener. Every bit a gentleman. On top of it, he was working with the UN (my dream organization) and was visiting his parents in India. We bonded over the books we both were reading at the time, international bureaucracy, and how he babysits his friend’s daughter once a week. You know the type of guy whom you only see in movies? Yep, that kind of guy.

I had to pinch myself to make sure that I was not dreaming when he subtly hinted that a long-distance relationship is worth it with the right person. I mean, is a guy who is not intimidated by long-distance relationship problems even real? We decided to meet for a proper dinner date the next night. He was considerate enough to pick a place close to my house so I didn’t have to drive much after a long working day.

What Is My Type of Guy Quiz

The date started off nicely, and we soon placed our orders. Right then, when I was talking about my vacation plans, I saw his right index finger reach out to his nose and do the unthinkable. Among the types of men women hate, are the ones that are unaware and improper.

I decided to ignore it, but it happened again, I decided to ignore it again but it happened yet again. I just couldn’t control it anymore. The next time he was about to reach for ‘it’, I interjected. “Don’t pick your nose,” I tried to say as nicely as possible. The food came, and the poor guy tried striking up and sustaining the conversation but my interest was all but lost. I felt a wee bit guilty, and as a way to atone myself, I footed the bill. But the dinner left a bad aftertaste in my mind and mouth.

The lesson: clean your boogers ‘before’ the date. If you must do it during the date, then excuse yourself and head to a restroom. Never under any circumstance think that the person in front of you will feel the same sense of achievement as you do when you pick your nose. Trust me, women are not that empathetic yet!

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When women are looking for the type of guys to date, they often get put off by those who’re not concerned about their sense of hygiene which results in discomfort for them. While no one expects you to spend hours on your looks and hygiene, being mindful of basic etiquette is a must anywhere you go.

Types Of Guys Women Like To Date

Now that we have seen the types of guys women hate dating, it only makes sense to also look at the types of guys that women like to date. These men usually put off a strong first impression and possess qualities that attract a woman to a man, at least in the initial stages of their relationship. If you’re a straight woman and thinking, “What is my type of guy?” and “Tell me what type of guys to date please?”, then this section might give you an idea of what you find the most attractive in other men.

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1. The confident type

Women can’t help but be drawn to men who are assured of themselves and don’t feel threatened or jealous by other men in their vicinity. They exude a personality of power and strength and it’s hard not to fall for such people. Now, do note that there’s a thin line between confidence and arrogance. It doesn’t take a lot to go from self-assured to downright obnoxious. While women like men who think they’re complete in themselves, they keep away from the kind who think they’re the greatest.

2. The artistic type

Who doesn’t like to be appreciated and cherished? And there are few among the different types of men who can do that as well as the artistic kind. Are you attracted to those who’re creative and free and live in the moment? Then the artistic type of men might be the answer to your question, “What is my type of guy?” The artistic kind make you feel unique and exceptional by creating art just for you or based on you. Now who can resist that kind of attention toward them!

dating problems

3. The intelligent type

Do you like holding intellectual conversations with other people? Are you attracted to men who are intelligent and can engage you in a thoughtful talk? If you’re wondering what is your type of guy, it’s the intelligent type. The type that makes you think, makes you laugh, and makes sure your conversations never turn boring is incredibly irresistible. And so if you want to know how to find your type of guy, you should be on the lookout for someone who can hold your attention at all times and keeps you on your toes, metaphorically speaking.

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4. The kind type

Thinking about what is your type of guy? Do you find kindness as one of the most attractive qualities in a person? Do you find yourself more drawn toward men who are kind and considerate and always help others? Then your type of guy is probably the kind type, those who’re warm and considerate of your feelings. Women are attracted to such men because they make them feel special, comfortable, and safe by paying close attention to their words and activities.

There are some fundamental things a woman wants from a man in a relationship and knowing them beforehand helps. I hope sharing my experiences will be helpful to you. The types of guys women like to date and like to avoid should be clear by now, more or less, I hope. By making sure you don’t come across as egoistic or unhygienic or too eager, you can make sure that your dating prospects don’t hate you. If you’re a woman and want to know how to find your type of guy, you should be open about what traits you value so you can prioritize those in a partner.

Do you want someone who’s kind and considerate? Then prioritize these types of men in your life. Or do you prefer someone intelligent and someone who can challenge you in a healthy way? Then prioritize that quality in your dating prospects. Men and women are not that different; so next time when you send out feelers to a girl, put yourself in her position for a second and then act. Cheerio.


1. What kind of guy a girl wants?

Generally, a girl wants a guy who’s kind, considerate, intelligent, and considerate of her and her choices. In short, someone who can keep her on her toes and respects her while not being too eager about it.

2. What does guy type mean?

Guy type refers to the predominant qualities in a guy that leads to him being bracketed into different types and labels that one can choose from. For example, someone with a kind and considerate quality would fall under the kind guy type and someone with an inflated ego will come under the arrogant guy type.

3. What does boyfriend material mean?

Boyfriend material refers to some of the more reliable and universally liked qualities in a guy that make other people want to date them. There are things that every girl wants from her boyfriend outside her specific priorities, and having those things makes you boyfriend material. For instance, someone who’s kind, attractive, and trustworthy in all kinds of situations would often be considered boyfriend material by the people around him.

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