6 Good Reasons And 5 Great Ways To Keep Your Relationship Private

keeping your relationship private
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Once upon a time, keeping your relationship private was the done thing. You can’t argue with me on this one, but there was a sort of preciousness and uniqueness attached in keeping your relationship private. That authenticity and essence is hard to find in today’s relationships.

Before the craze of social media and hashtags such as #CoupleGoals, there used to be a time when people kept their relationships private. Not because they were afraid of people finding out, but they just wanted to keep it to themselves and away from prying eyes and the opinions of people that have nothing to do with the relationship.

However, times have drastically changed. People have started to show off their relationship on social media. More than anything, today, being in a relationship means posting about it on one’s Instagram page to see how many likes can be generated and people wowed by their couple photoshoots. Presently, when our lives are driven by cyber interactions, read the reasons below on why you should consider keeping your relationship private.

6 Reasons To Keep A Relationship Private

One person whom I’ve looked up to since I was a wee little girl is Emma Watson. She was a role model then and she’s a role model now. I have always admired her intellect and her passion toward empowering women. She has been a public figure since she was 10 years old yet very little is known about her dating life as she has purposely kept it out of the limelight.

Her dating life is actually a good example of how to keep your relationship private but not a secret. She is rumored to be dating Leo Robinton. When the media got wind of their relationship, Leo deleted his social media accounts. Yes, you read that right. I mean, if I were dating her, I’d tell the whole damn world I am dating Hermione Granger. Especially at this conjecture where we cannot stop doomscrolling our way through lives, he obliterated any and all kinds of social networking sites. And for what? Love. The things we do for love, right?

There’s a difference between keeping your relationship private and keeping your relationship a secret. The former is an act of protecting both the people involved in the relationship whereas the latter is protecting only one. Social media has become a digital diary where we show off our partners, share intimate memories and private pictures.

Everything is good in moderation, even social media. But when you let it take over, it can result in harmful consequences. Read below the reasons as to why keeping your relationship private is always a good idea. 

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1. Avoid unnecessary opinions

What’s one thing everybody dislikes equally? Unnecessary opinions of people who have nothing to do with your life. Be it anything. From our dressing sense to career choices to educational preferences, we have been subjected to people’s prejudiced opinions regardless of where they come from or which century they’ve lived in or are currently living in. And the same goes for relationships as well.

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A romantic relationship is more prone to be on the receiving end of unnecessary opinions from nosey people. These days relationships and Instagram go hand in hand. By posting about every aspect of your life online, you are inviting people to form opinions about the relationship and comment on it. If you are wondering whether it is good to keep your relationship private, then the answer is yes. 

2. Not everyone will be happy for you

If you think everyone likes you and everyone will be happy to know you are doing well in life, then I am sorry to burst your bubble…not everyone will be happy to know you are happy. There are some disturbingly jealous people out there who will go out of their way to create problems in your life. 

The less people know what’s going on in your life, the less they have a chance to track your personal life. Be mindful of those who envy your life. The world is filled with public relationships. All you have to do is learn to keep your relationship private without keeping your partner a secret.

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3. It helps the relationship to grow strong

In a private but not a secret relationship, it’s just you and your partner. There is a chance to grow closer in a private relationship. There is no outside gaze into the bond you both share. So many people out there are currently waiting for you two to break up, including your exes. When there is no public display of love on social media, it gives your relationship a chance to flourish in a secure environment.

If you want your relationship to grow to its full potential, then keeping your relationship private is an excellent idea. You never know who is hoping for bad things to happen in your life. Follow healthy relationship boundaries and avoid gloating on Facebook and Instagram. By all means, tell the world you are not available and that there is someone who loves you and cherishes you for who you are. Keep your relationship private, but not a secret. Don’t try to conceal that person’s existence in your life. 

4. Gives your ex a peek into your love life

Imagine the things your ex put you through. After the horrible breakup and all the efforts you had to make to move on from that, would you want them to know what’s going on in your life? The only thing that’s worse than strangers knowing what’s happening in your life is an ex keeping an eye on your personal life. Maybe your ex is waiting for you to come back and you wouldn’t want that to happen.

You know how devilish and evil your ex can get. They might even poke their nose into your life again and make things difficult for you. Disclosing too much information on a public platform can result in harmful consequences. But that doesn’t mean you have no traces of your significant other in your social media account. It just means you are hiding your partner. Keep your relationship private without keeping your partner a secret.

5. It helps you to stay in the moment

There are a few people who take pictures of not just where they go but also what they eat and drink. As long as you are a blogger, it’s fine to document everything. But if you’re just trying to show off, it ruins the authenticity of the moment. Less documentation of every little thing about you and your partner will help you live the moment as it’s meant to be lived. That’s one of the benefits of keeping your relationship private as it will help you to connect with your partner on a deeper level.

There is a big difference between spending quality time with your partner versus spending time with them as you and your partner scroll Instagram together. Don’t get too absorbed in the ingenuity of social media. Every relationship is flawed. Don’t try to present it as perfect to make others jealous.

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6. Easy to move on

When you invite outsiders to look at your life, you give them a chance to investigate and inquire about the relationship even if it is no more. And honestly, you can’t blame them. When you expected them to comment with heart emojis on your pictures while the two of you were together, how can you expect them to look the other way when you two are broken up. Of course they’ll ask questions. Be prepared to answer them.

I know it sounds crazy, but you invited them into your personal space. And relationships do end, that’s the nature of it. There are mental health issues on the rise, and the ending of a relationship is sure to bring a lot of pain. By keeping your relationship private, you will not only protect yourself from the added drama which will happen when people find out, but you will also be protecting your sanity and peace.

keep your relationship private but not a secret

5 Ways To Keep Your Relatinship Private

There is nothing wrong in keeping your relationship private. But being overly secretive about it can send wrong messages. If your life revolves around sharing everything on the internet and if that gives you an adrenaline rush, then maybe it’s time for you to take a step back and analyze if it’s necessary. Before posting an intimate picture of the two of you, take a moment to think why the people who have no connection to you whatsoever or aren’t related to you at all should look at it. Why should you give them a front seat to your personal life? If you want to learn more about the difference between private relationship and secret relationship, then scroll down and read on. 

1. Share what’s required on the internet

Write matching bios, or share a picture when it’s an occasion to celebrate like birthdays or anniversaries or a job promotion. Keep matching display pictures or change your Facebook relationship status. And if you are married and have changed your last name, change it on SM too. That’s the bare minimum you can do to keep your relationship private but not a secret. Otherwise you will soon realize your relationship is a lie.

When all your stories, pictures and their captions begin and end with “I” with no trace of your love life, then you are using the benefits of keeping your relationship private to your own twisted and wicked needs by keeping your partner so hidden, it’s as if they don’t even exist.

2. Don’t leak intimate details

I know you will be tempted to leak out intimate details about your love life when you meet your girl gang or your childhood buddies after a long time. You’re in a relationship after a long time, everything is good. You are compatible with them, and they are understanding of you. He even discovered your G spot and transformed your sex life into bliss. Everything is as smooth as a block of butter. But be mindful of sharing all these things.

Don’t jeopardize your privacy by flaunting your relationship. Tell them you have met someone. Tell your friends that you are happy and content, but don’t give away all the tiny details of your partner. One of the benefits of keeping your relationship private is your partner becomes yours and yours alone to get to know and fully understand. And that’s the most romantic thing on earth – to understand your significant other.

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3. Keep your social media accounts private

There’s a very famous saying – fewer friends, fewer drama. Keep your circle small. The more you let people in, the more you are at risk of damaging not just yourself, but also those whom you love. Consider keeping your social media accounts private. Keep those in your circle who are genuinely your friend and won’t have negative intentions when it comes to your happiness.

In the long run, a small circle of friends and acquaintances means peace. ‘Privacy settings’ is a huge boons in today’s era of digitalization. This way, you can share pictures of you and your significant other without having to worry about snoopy exes and jealous friends.

4. Avoid indulging in PDAs

Is it good to keep your relationship private? Absolutely. Why has approval and validation from others become such a big deal for people these days? Carrying such a mindset into a happy and healthy relationship can cause a lot of problems. One of the benefits of keeping your relationship private is that you will have less pressure on yourself to make everything look perfect when it’s not.

You won’t have to worry about faking it once you stop seeking or others’ validation. Social media affects relationships. Public display of affection is fine as long as it’s a peck on the cheeks or lips, but anything more than that is an open invitation to strangers to fantasize about your partner.

5. Steer clear of a few things with friends

I know sometimes we all get excited to share juicy things with our friends. But there are a few things that do not need to go beyond you and your partner, such as what they like in the bedroom. Anything to do with sex has to remain just between the two of you. Don’t share their financial details. Whether they are earning a lot or not earning enough isn’t anybody else’s business but your and your partner’s.

Fights are one of the things you need to keep under the carpet. You don’t want anyone brainwashing you. If there are problems between the two of you, get an expert’s help instead of complaining about them to people who have nothing to do with the fight in the first place. One of the benefits of keeping your relationship private is less interference from outsiders

It’s normal to not want to put your tongue down your partner’s throat in a movie theater, but it’s not normal to not hold their hands in public. That’s the difference between private relationship and secret relationship. If you don’t want your relationship to be subjected to scrutiny, then keeping your relationship private is the best idea. 

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