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am I being gaslighted quiz

There is nothing more hazardous than abuse going unnoticed in a relationship. Nine times out of ten, emotional abuse gets out of hand before it is identified and stopped. Chances are, you’ve come to this realization too; you’re wondering, ‘Am I being gaslighted by my partner?’ And if that is the case, how can you confirm your intuition? You’re in the right place, because we’ve got your back with this ‘am I being gaslighted’ quiz.

This questionnaire has been designed by consultant psychologist Jaseena Backer (MS Psychology), who is a gender and relationship management expert. We’re exploring the different facets of gaslighting along with their implications on you. Let’s begin by defining gaslighting – it is an extreme form of manipulation that falls under psychological abuse. Being gaslighted can make an individual question their perceptive and cognitive faculties, driving them to intense self-doubt.

Needless to say, gaslighting is best spotted at its preliminary stages. Take this quiz with an open mind for an even-handed assessment of your situation. The first step toward healing is acceptance. Here we go!

The Ultimate Am I Being Gaslighting Quiz Designed By Experts

A reader from Minnesota wrote, “My boyfriend has been unhappy with me for a while. I kept thinking it was me, that I was not enough… But a few instances have made me realize that he guilts me for absolutely everything. Am I being gaslighted by my boyfriend? How can I get a sense of what exactly is going on? And more importantly, should I even worry about this?”

The first problem associated with gaslighting is that people undermine its impact. Jaseena explains, “Gaslighting is not taken as seriously as it should be because it is often masked under love, concern, care. People don’t realize that there is an abusive mechanism in place. Maybe they have seen this behavior growing up and it has been normalized for them. Or maybe they ignore/avoid gaslighting, because they think it reflects patience or tolerance on their end.”

Expert-recommended solutions to deal with the issue

And hence, gaslighting spirals, impacting all spheres of the individual’s life. To prevent this in yours, educate yourself on manipulation disguised as romance. The best way to begin is by taking this ‘Am I being gaslighted?’ quiz. Our format is quite simple – we have 10 multiple-choice questions. You choose the answer most relevant to your situation. Once you finish, there’s an analysis given on the basis of your most chosen option. We spot the pattern you’ve been struggling with. Here’s the quiz that will answer this difficult question that’s been troubling you – am I being gaslighted by my spouse/partner?

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1. Do you find yourself experiencing guilt and/or making gestures of an apology to them?

A. YES! All the time

B. Yes, but not always

C. No, I don’t know what you’re talking about

2. If you voice a complaint to your partner, how are they most likely to respond?

A. “You’re being too sensitive.”

B. “What’s the need to complain? There’s much to be grateful for.”

C. “We should talk about this in depth, tell me more.”

3. Do you second-guess your perspective because your partner believes something else to be the truth?

A. Yes, I’m almost always confused about my version of events

B. Yes, I’m occasionally doubting my perspective

C. No, I’m fairly confident in the way I see things

4. When your partner makes a mistake, do they assume responsibility for their behavior?

A. No, they never admit they’re at fault

B. No, they usually rationalize their behavior

C. Yes, they take accountability for their actions

am I being gaslighted by my wife
Take the ‘am I being gaslighted’ quiz to assess your relationship

5. Are your discussions and arguments one-sided with your partner assuming they’re right?

A. Yes, they automatically think I’m wrong and don’t let me speak

B. Yes, it takes them a lot of time to see my perspective

C. No, they’re open to my views

6. How often does your partner use gaslighting phrases like, “Look what you made me do” or “This is happening because of you”?

A. Very frequently; I’m always made to assume responsibility for their behavior

B. Occasionally; I’m sometimes blamed when things go wrong

C. Never; I am not responsible for their choices

7. Are you told to ‘stop’ being insecure/dramatic/sensitive when you point out a misgiving?

A. Absolutely; I am told that the problem lies with how I feel

B. Occasionally; I am dismissed by my partner

C. Never; my feelings are not invalidated

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8. Does your partner exhibit a pattern of constantly criticizing you?

A. Yes, I often feel like I am not good enough

B. Yes, I’m sporadically subjected to unwarranted remarks

C. No, the criticism is always constructive (when given)

9. Have you begun doubting your capabilities more and more these days?

A. Yes, I’m very uncertain of myself. What if I’m doing things wrong?

B. Yes, my self-esteem has taken a few minor hits

C. No, thank you

10. And finally, here’s a situation: Your partner bailed on a dinner with your parents at the last minute, citing work reasons. You knew for a fact that their meeting could’ve waited. When you confront them about the same, how do they react?

A. They blame you for not understanding what they’re going through at work and tell you how unsupportive you are.

B. Your partner guilts you for not being sympathetic enough to their situation and give a pseudo-apology.

C. They apologize and give you an honest answer which explains their absence.

Results – Am I Being Gaslighted By My Husband?

We bet the quiz gave you some serious food for thought. But now it’s time to cast all doubt away as you proceed to the results. We’re cruising straight into which stage of gaslighting you’re at and what it entails. “Am I being gaslighted by my wife”, you ask? “Is my husband gaslighting me”, you wonder. Here comes the analysis of the ‘Am I being gaslighted’ quiz.

1. If you chose mostly As

You’ve got a problem on your hands – you’re being gaslighted in a severe and toxic manner. Your partner is using various tactics to manipulate you (e.g. gaslighting phrases) and this is already taking a toll on your well-being. If this hasn’t already commenced, Jaseena explains what will happen in the near future:

“The person who is gaslighted feels worthless and confused. You will start questioning reality as you perceive it and your self-worth will naturally suffer. And to add on to all of this, you’ll be frustrated with the situation, your partner and the relationship. There will be an acute realization that feeling this way is not normal – but what exactly will you do about it? Here begins a vicious cycle that feeds into your negative state of mind.”

Gaslighting has a domino effect on a person’s life. If you’re already experiencing disillusionment and defeat, things will only go further downhill with every passing day. But at least you’re aware of what’s happening; you were wise to take the ‘am I being gaslighted’ quiz.

2. If you chose mostly Bs

While your relationship does not qualify as toxic, the preliminary signs of gaslighting are very clearly visible. You are just in time for some damage control. Jaseena explains, “Watch out for two warning signs – self-doubt and taking accountability for mistakes that aren’t your own. They are harbingers of gaslighting in the relationship. Although the frequency of such instances might be less, you do have a cause for concern.”

Firstly, kudos on picking up these subtle signs of gaslighting. It’s truly remarkable that you noticed them and are alert about your relationship’s health. It’s not too late to work on things and heal from unhealthy situations. A little help and some open communication should do the needful for your bond.

3. If you chose mostly Cs

You don’t have anything to worry about. Your relationship is healthy and well-functioning and possesses all the must-have qualities which make life bliss. Your answers seem to suggest that there are no instances of disrespect or abusive tendencies in the relationship. The two of you are mature about handling conflict and navigating the curveballs life throws at you. May there be love and laughter in your bond always.

If your answers were mostly Cs, you can heave a sigh of relief and relax. You aren’t being gaslighted by your partner. On the other hand… If your answers were As and Bs, a good course of action is seeking professional help through Bonobology. Many couples have emerged from emotionally abusive relationships with the aid of a mental health expert. We have a panel of licensed counselors and therapists who can guide you on the path to recovery.

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