The Need of Love diminishes your Emotional Values

Nityanshi Mehta

It’s been a year almost and I am still not able to except the fact that the person whom I had my complete faith in, my first love, whose emotions connected with mine broke my heart, did not support me when I needed him. He could have stand by my side but he ran, left me alone again helpless. Due to this I immediately did something I want confess about. It was dating another man to fill the emptiness of my life. He gave me all the love I wanted, he gave me all the love and happiness and I moved on from my ex. Maybe I used my boyfriend but that was all I could to heal my pain.
It’s a long time now that I told him the thruth about me having no feelings for him and separated from him. I hope he forgives me one and we again become good friends.

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Asked on November 30, 2017 11:29 pm