8 Ways You Can Help Your Partner Get Over Drug Addiction

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Updated On: October 6, 2023

We can’t decide what’s more unfortunate – the fact that a staggering portion of the country falls prey to substance abuse and addiction or that this is a problem that’s brushed under the carpet. We’re all familiar with how horrible addiction to drugs can be to the individual; but what happens when the addict is in a relationship? If you thought that your addictions and their effects were contained within yourself, you were wrong! Thanks to drugs, countless relationships are ruined every day. But what do you do when your partner is an addict? Well, it’s time we addressed that. We will tell you how to help your husband with drug addiction. If you want to support a spouse in addiction recovery, then here are a few things you should do.

First things first: addicts are not beyond our help. But being in a relationship with an addict is a tough job. And yes, there are things that you, as a partner, can do to make life easier for them. That said, this isn’t a walk in the park. It involves coming up with a plan, being disciplined, and – most importantly – the patient. We don’t want you to go through your partner hotboxing the room every day, selling furniture to buy drugs, and making you feel guilty for their state. You need to be level headed and take measured steps to survive addiction in relationships.

8 Ways You Can Help Your Partner Get Over Drug Addiction

How you would hold your partner’s hand and help them get over their drug addiction is up to you. It depends on the extent your partner is addicted. Sometimes the drug addiction could be at such a level that treating them with love and care would help them get over it. But if they have been addicted for long, then you could have to look at long-term treatments like joining a rehab and also psychological counselling to help them get over their drug addiction. You might be thinking about how to help my husband with drug addiction? You need to think straight and take a few steps if you want to help your husband. So, without further ado, here are seven ways in which you can help you addicted lover fight the war against drugs

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1. Acknowledge the issue

Believe it or not, the first step in trying to help your partner get over those dreadful pills and bottles is to acknowledge that there is indeed an issue. This might seem like an obvious step, but in a country like ours where drug abuse is associated with so much social stigma, this becomes a herculean task. Turn your back on those curious relatives and nosy neighbours – this is between you and your loved one. Once you admit that there’s a problem, it’s much easier to find a solution.

Do not once bother about what others would think and feel because your partner is addicted. If you are married to an addict or in a relationship with an addict, then it is your responsibility to assure them that you will be there to hold their hand through thick and thin. Both of you have to acknowledge the fact that the existence of addiction is affecting the relationship, and both of you are going to fix it.

2. Do your research

We’re sure you know someone who gasps every time you talk to them about smoking or drinking. To them, the definition of a drug is simple – it’s the tool that wipes all sanskar off you! Don’t be part of that group. Instead, learn more about your partner’s drug to learn to know the specific ways in which you can help them! And if you know that something’s up, but they won’t confide in you, try looking up their signs of having an idea of what you’re dealing with.

Do your research
Learn more about your partner’s drug to learn to know the specific ways in which you can help them!

3. Have discussions

Addicts tend to be secretive about these guilty pleasures and often regard questions thrown at them as an interrogation. Thankfully, you – the partner he loves – have an edge here! So, we suggest you use it to help them understand what they want. How bad is it? Do they want to quit? And if they do, are they prepared to do what’s necessary? Since stressful situations can make them want to resort to drugs, we suggest you comfort them physically throughout the discussion.

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4. Don’t enable

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How to support a spouse in addiction recovery? While we want you to be gentle and kind, something you shouldn’tdo is enable. It might be an uncomfortable question, but ask yourself if you can trust your partner. Addicts tend to master the art of manipulation to get what they crave. So, if they’ve been asking for money or selling your stuff, you need to stop. And while, in their worst moments of withdrawal, it might be tempting to let them have a hit just to see them relaxed again, trust us: you do not want to do that.

5. Do not be violent

We get it. Of course, you have a breaking point, too. But in dealing with your partner’s battle with addiction, you need to keep calm. Addicts lie, break promises, and do anything they can to get another hit. But patience is your weapon, comrade! Violence will probably incite more violence, and that isn’t the best idea when you’re dealing with a person under the influence. And if you have children, that’s the last thing they need to see.

Do not be violent
While dealing with your partner you need to keep calm

6. Get medical help

Does being unable to help them makes you feel inadequate? We want you to know that you are not at fault and that you should seek medical help. This may seem an obvious option, but it’s one of the more reliable ones. Although the fear of being judged makes many try to skirt around this, isn’t it better to be judged than watch your partner suffer?

But there are rehabs that maintain strict confidentiality and allows the family to visit patients as well. You can opt for a rehab like that. Remember, helping a partner to get over drug addiction could be a long-drawn process that could need prolonged medical treatment and psychological counselling. You have to convince your partner to get that treatment. That would be half the battle won.

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7. Look after your mental health

Dealing with a partner who is a drug addict is extremely stressful. If you are married to an addict or if your partner is battling addicting, then your personal life will be a constant emotional yo-yo. They could be doing well at one moment and at the very next moment they could be driving you nuts to give them money to buy drugs. Withdrawal from drugs would lead to emotional and health issues that would have an adverse effect on you as well. You have to take care of your mental health. See a psychologist who could help you understand the situation better and keep your sanity intact.

8. Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself
If your partner isn’t willing to quit, don’t be afraid to consider leaving them

Love makes people do strange things, but you need to know where to draw the line. If your partner isn’t willing to quit, don’t be afraid to consider leaving them. Also, know that you can’t possibly help them by being a punchbag for their abusive behaviour. This’ll help them prevent unintentionally, causing their loved one’s harm.

While these ways are by no means easy, know that the war against drugs can be won. And you’re not as helpless or incapable as you think you are.

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