My spouse loves me more than I thought

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Updated On: March 27, 2024
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Here are some stories from our readers to warm your heart-

Getting a  right life partner is like a gamble and that way I’ve hit the jackpot. I’ve been married for the last 10 years. But just after one year of our marriage my husband did something special for me that compelled me to think that he loves me more than I had thought.

I’m the only child of my parents and my father died when I was very young. When I got married I was very sad because my mom was going to be very alone. But I was helpless as I couldn’t do much about this but I use to think about her all the time. She is also diabetic with high B.P. so I use to call her every day as we couldn’t meet frequently being in different cities.

After one year of marriage around my birthday, I wished to meet my mother but was hesitant to ask my hubby. My husband went to the office as usual saying that we’ll go out for dinner in the evening. At 5 pm the doorbell rang. I rushed to the door and was shocked to see my mother standing there. My mother told me that my hubby came to pick her up saying that she’ll be living with them from now on. “I refused so much but he said, I can’t see that sadness in your eyes.”

I rushed to the door and was shocked to see my mother standing there

My mom said that you are lucky to have him as a husband who loves you more than you can imagine. I hugged my husband  tight and said,” Thank you so much for so much love.’

Till date, my mom is living with us and he gives her so much love, respect and care. Whenever I say thank you to him for this, he just says one thing, “I love you, sweetheart, more than you can imagine.”

Mamta Gupta


An unfortunate incident shook my whole life. I can’t forget that day when I had lost all hope and desire to live. While working in the kitchen, I caught fire and got 40% burn injuries. I was admitted to the hospital for a month. My stomach, right hand and face were badly affected in that incident. The external wounds began to heal but left burn marks. I was shattered. At that time my husband supported me. He held my hand and said, “Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. You touched my heart with your inner beauty. Be positive and keep smiling because it increases your face value. These burn marks will never change my love for you. I love you forever.”

On that day I realized that he loves more than I thought.

husband holding hand with his wife hospital
Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty

Shelly Goel


I reckon Love is like wine, intoxicating and gets better with age. The more a marriage ages, the more the love gets matured. We always talk about the sacrifices a girl has to make because she leaves her parents but why do we overlook guys in the modern Indian social scenario. Women are empowered and are misusing the sympathies society has to offer. I too had been one such woman who always tried dominating my henpecked husband who seemed to give in absolutely without any restraints.

I attended my kitty parties and he took care of the baby back home. I splurged on parlours and spas and he slogged to fulfil my material demands.

Over time  I realized the damage I was doing to our marriage by being selfish. Because he loved me beyond my imagination, I was taking undue advantage of him. The guilt took over and the damage was well repaired in time all because of love.

Sanchita Bhartiya


Life was thrilling & fulfilling for me. I had a very supportive and giving family, charming daughter, and parents-like in-laws. Suddenly my life took a sharp turn when I got to know that my wife was expecting again and that it was twins this time. My family was happy but I was not.

I shuddered even thinking of raising three kids with a meagre income. I wanted to opt for abortion but my wife wanted to welcome the treasures of our love thinking one of them will certainly be a boy and our family would be complete.

happy pregnant couple
Wife wanted to welcome the treasures of our love

I was disturbed throughout her pregnancy. 9 months looked like an eternity to me and at last, she went into labour and gave birth to 2 tiny angels via Cesarean. I was shattered thinking about my family’s reaction. The love in everyone’s eyes vanished like vapour and all I could see was a big question mark. Though my parents congratulated us, I could clearly see the disappointment.  When we came back home, we were not welcomed. That day we promised each other that these angles are our part and no one has a right to alienate them.

At the age of 2, I enrolled both of them into roller skating classes, and within 6 months they began to skate like experts. They participated in many school level competitions till they turned 4 and won many medals for their school (Apeejay school, Faridabad sec 14).

At the age of 4, their coach suggested we prepare them for district level. After a practice of 6 long months, both angels won silver and bronze medals respectively. Later, my elder one got selected at the state level and won bronze. The people who use to think my daughters were a curse to society are now proud of them.

Aaditva Surbhi

Getting a  right life partner is like a gamble
Getting a  right life partner is like a gamble

To me love contained in the heart is not enough, one ought to express it.

My spouse is a little shy & doesn’t believe in PDAs.

It was our 2nd anniversary & I was barely expecting even a strand of rose from him as we embarked for a simple drive and dinner.

When we reached the club where we were supposed to dine I thought it a mere coincidence to bump into many friends on the way to the party hall where magic awaited me in front of all the family members & friends.

I was surprised to be surprised in a manner which I have always cherished and realized sometimes, somethings are better left unsaid.

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Kratika Agarwal


Being a girl out of my league I always thought I will have to remain submissive towards my spouse. I was under the perception that I will have to use ‘Yes, you’re right ‘ more frequently than ‘I love you ‘.

Initially, our marriage continued like that for a couple of years and over time my wife always found her wallet stuffed with money and spent them frivolously.

Only when demonetization took over and she had to surrender her cash, that she realized how important it was and guilt took over her.

She talked her heart out apologetically and boosted my confidence and encouraged me to have parity in our relationship.

It was then I realised that she loved me much more than I imagined.

Now she keeps stuffing my wallet with cash from her savings.

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