10 Activities To Spice Up Things With Your Partner Today!

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Updated On: July 20, 2023
a loving couple gazing in each other's eyes
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Been a couple for a while? The routine has set in and boredom is threatening to seep in as well? A brand new jodi that can’t wait to make fabulous new memories together? Sure! Quality time is vital for all couples and if you need a small change from the usual, why don’t you try something from the list of ‘fun things to do with spouse’ that we’ve compiled for you!

1. Tried shaking things up a bit, with some music?

couple dance class

2. Go matchy-matchy or contrast or dive into citrusy yellows and oranges! Do what makes you smile!

colour coordinated couple

3. Not enough excitement in life? Time to say, ‘challenge accepted’.

Parasailing with Spouse

4. Do you need a romantic and fun night-in?

Watch romcom with wife

5. Or did you want to the evening to be more participative?

story telling with spouse

6. Feeling creative? Try pottery!

Couples pottery Class

7. Dumb charades anyone?

Sign language at dinner

8. Or you could channel your inner bookworm?

Channel your inner bookworm with these enchanting wallpapers
Channel your inner bookworm with enchanting wallpapers

9. Life is hard? Then you both have definitely earned your break! Exhale.

couple spa date

10. Umm now, isn’t that nice? Nothing better than to be in each other arms.

Indoor cuddling date

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Readers Comments On “10 Activities To Spice Up Things With Your Partner Today!”

  1. saloni maheshwari

    People may think it is a difficult task to spice up their life after few years of being together. It is actually much simpler than you think. You just need is the right attitude and the rest will fall into place. It works best if both you and your partner are on the same page about improving the intimacy.

    And, yes the above pointers are really good. I would like to go for #9. A couple spa(will plan it soon) and also #10, Indoordate(it’s really exciting!)

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