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Even after discovering that her husband was sexting with his ex, she didn’t lose her cool

The burgeoning of Social Media has made it very easy to reconnect with exes. How do you deal with it?
Cheating husband and wife

(As told to Tuli Banerjee)

It was a Sunday afternoon and we had a hot, steamy sex session. Things had really been great between us! I had to get to work and hubby said he would take a quick shower and drop me. He left his phone on the bedside as he entered the bathroom. I don’t know what struck me and I picked up his phone and browsed – and what did I find? He had been sexting her, that too 2 mins after we had a 45-min lovemaking session!

That’s when I realised that she is back in our lives. Yes she, his ex, the girlfriend he had for 8 long years before we got married. Ours was an arranged marriage and right on our second meet my to-be hubby had told me about his relationship with a girl, whom he had been sure to marry. But out of the blue, misunderstandings cropped up between him and his girlfriend when he had to leave town for a new job. Even though he used to come home every weekend, he found out that his girlfriend had been cheating on him. He met her and had broken the relationship off with her, with a proper closure.

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  1. Loved it!

    This kind of situation is best to tackle intellectually not with ager and in a rush, You did it right and being frank and asking openly things to your partner gives you a clear answer. You don’t need to overthink. Just ask him and you will get the way out. It’s the best thing you can do to handle these situations, But, yes,m women need to be really mature like in this case.

  2. This is exactly what has been happening after the onset of e-world. The end here looks little goody-goody & shows lost of maturity. However , that’s not the case always. Appreciate the topic which is really a burning on nowadays & the subtle way this has been expressed. Keep writing.

  3. Love and time can heel the wounds…. no finger pointing to the past and no taunting language is the key to get the best out of any relationship… Betrayal would not even be dared by either of one, if both the partners are in sync and have total freedom.

  4. Very thought provoking article…maturity truly comes with age ..commitment n understanding need of the hour as shown here …keep writing

  5. Very enlightening indeed. Where do such women exist? Is the big question. It requires a great degree of rationale to overcome cheating in any form. And it being so rampant now, time for some new adapting thought processes is the need of the hour. I think just about no relationship exists without contamination and what needs to be understood by people in their twenties seeking long term relationships is that permanence is on its way to grave. The social structure and the institution of being a couple bound by marriage threads is steadily progressing towards being endangered. A new order, an improved one, more accomodating, more approving to begin with will help the negative causes to be sorted. The woman of this story knew how to handle it, save another broken home. The man acknowledged this move by initiating a correction also noticeable. I always get stuck with the thought that will one correction from both the parties remain a fence to a repeat. Regret and remorse will help better and appreciation by the wronged party for the accomodating party wud help seal woes better.

  6. The idea of this article is really frank..nice..true to the present scenario of relationships and very bold.
    The martiage is worth the little work to get through a rough patch is correct statement.
    In this era of facebook..whatsapp..twitter to reconnect or to build new relationship is sometimes not prevented but how one works out to survive narried life when there is love between husband and wife is important.
    Loved the concept..loved the idea..
    Keep writing good articles…all the best..Krupa

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