Affair and Cheating

I read my wife’s sexts with my childhood friend and made love to her the same way…

He discovered his wife had been sexting with his childhood friend. How did he react?
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As told to Saheli Mitra

I knew I would not be with her in every waking moment on our wedding night itself. For that idea was an impossible one. I believed in giving my wife the space and independence she deserved. But I never realised, two years into marriage I would lose her to another man, and that too my childhood friend. For me, commitment and sexual exclusivity was supreme after marriage. I was a workaholic, and either never got the chance or never had the wish to indulge in any advances I ever faced from any of my female colleagues.

I still have no idea what led Suhani to falter. Was it a moment of vulnerability or heated lust? Despite my busy work schedule, I never neglected our relationship. I encouraged Suhani to work after marriage, though she was reluctant and left her job to turn a homemaker. She must have been bored, all alone at home. Else why should she bring another man into our bedroom, even if through the virtual world?

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Why would a partner continue to stay in a marriage after their spouse cheated on them?

How can women achieve a satisfying climax all by themselves?

When she decided to speak up to her in-laws

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  1. Quite intense.

    I empathize with most part. And the comments from the expert are also very apt.

    I just wish the part about rape “I was ready to rape her, if she refused to respond. I lost all my common sense for sure.” was not brought in.

    Kritagya Daarshanik (Haywire Chronology)

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