How To Flirt With A Guy At Work?

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Updated On: April 27, 2023
how to flirt with a guy at work
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A job is as good as its paycheck. But going to work becomes far more interesting when you have someone to stare at. Is there a hottie at work you’re attracted to? Because we can tell you how to flirt with a guy at work that you’ve been secretly admiring from afar.

Perhaps it’s the new HR guy whose desk is right next to yours or an old boss that you’ve had the hots for, for a while now. Having eye candy at the office is great, but the challenge is how to make an impression without making it too obvious.

10 Ways To Flirt With A Guy At Work

There is no dearth of office romances in the dating landscape. So if you are indeed attracted to someone at work, don’t consider it odd or silly. While your office might be a professional space, these incidents are bound to happen and are completely normal.

If you’ve been into this guy for a while but are afraid to approach him, girl we have your back now. Here are some ways on how to flirt with a guy at work to indicate that you are indeed searching for something more than just a colleague relationship with him:

1. Be attentive to him

If you are falling for a guy at work, you will already be acquainted with his schedule and what his day looks like. What time he gets up for lunch, who his friends are, and if you are a proper stalker, even his coffee and restroom breaks – are some of the things you know like the back of your hand.

Use this knowledge to your advantage. You know when he reaches his seat so ask him if he wants to grab a coffee from the break room. Or wish him a good day as soon as he enters because you know what time he usually arrives.

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2. Try to find work issues to talk about

Women and men often rack their brains to find conversation starters to impress someone but when you are impressing a dude at work, you have that covered already. You never actually have to worry about topics to start a conversation because your office can give you plenty of cues.

From Sarah’s outfit faux pas to suddenly having a shortened lunch break to a sassy boss, I’m sure there are so many things to talk about that you can come up with.

3. Stay around his desk

To have him notice you all day long, you have to make sure that he sees you often. If you sit close to each other, then well and good. If not, then you might need to make an effort to be around his desk more. Try to run into him during lunch breaks, catch him right after a meeting or just create instances where he looks over at you and you can start flirting with your eyes and smile.

4. Use the right gestures

To really make it obvious that you are into him and to get a guy to notice you at work, being around him or running into him isn’t enough. You have to spell out what you want without actually saying anything. If you want to subtly flirt with a guy at work, then you have to make certain gestures that will leave no confusion in his mind about your intention.

We mean things such as leaning in front of him, giving him cute winks or even biting your lips. He will definitely then know that you are interested.

how to subtly flirt with a guy
Wondering how to subtly flirt with a guy? Look straight into his eyes and use the right gestures

5. Dress well for him

Yup! Go on a shopping spree and find some statement blazers in bold colors and sexy skirts to completely blow him away. Establishing physical attraction is a must. Invest in a good fragrance that is so unique that he could smell you from a mile away. Trust us, it will drive him crazy.

6. Invite him out with your friends

You don’t need to be in the same office clique for you to make a move on him. If you and your friends are grabbing drinks after work, there is no reason for you to not invite the guy you’re crushing on.

If you’re curious how to subtly flirt with a guy, remember that you can make many more moves once you’re outside the walls of the office. So hit the bar with him that’s two blocks away, get a little crazy when spending time with friends and with him, and go after what you want.

7. Accidentally touch him

If you’re picking up files from his desk, grabbing lunch together or taking his help with a computer glitch, then try to use these opportunities to touch him. Don’t grope him or hold him too lightly. But light touches can go a long way in conveying how attracted you are to him. A small shoulder tap, grazing your knee against his or touching his arm accidentally are some things you should try.

8. Taking the same cab home

How to flirt with a guy at work is about also finding ways to spend time with him alone. If you are both working on a project late at the office one night, use that to your maximum advantage. Order some take out to make it almost like a first date and then consider hanging out after or taking the same cab back home to spend more time with him.

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9. Compliment his work

But just a tiny “Good job, Michael!” while walking past his desk won’t do. You have to make it more personal. Perhaps he delivered a great presentation the other day that the whole office is still talking about. Send him a box of donuts or cookies as congratulations for the same.

Making these sweet gestures and paying him compliments can really get a guy to notice you at work. You have to stand out to make him feel special.

art of wooing

10. Invite him over

Girl, you can really seal the deal with this one. Invite him over for a nightcap after a long work day or even to your house parties. Just find a way to show him that you want to make your relationship much closer. Show him that you don’t see him as just a colleague but also a close friend. If he likes you enough, chances are he will make the next move himself!

Now that you know all about how to flirt with a guy at work, start putting these actionable tips into effect. You don’t want to risk sitting on the fence while someone else takes him off the dating market. So, bring your dating A-game and bowl him over.


1. How do you subtly flirt at work?

Compliment him, walk past his desk more often, try to catch him during breaks and chat him up!

2. How do I impress a guy at work?

You can impress a guy by dressing well for him, try to be around his desk often and get him to notice you and eventually ask him out.

3. Is it ok to flirt with coworkers?

Yes it is as long as your company has a dating policy. Most companies usually do. Even then, there is no harm in some healthy flirting.

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