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We Make Out In The Office regularly and Everyone Knows About It

I did not know I would get into an office romance like this but I did
When two people make out in the office it has repercussions

Shabaz… Shabaz… Oh, Shabaz… I chant his name like a mantra and it brings me happiness. Memories of Shabaz taking my hand come to me and then I keep thinking of our secret office kissing sessions and the way we make out in the office regularly. At that point I forget that my daughters are not doing well in school despite their multiple tuitions and that my husband blames me for it. My husband, who works in a finance company all week, devotes his time to the Ramakrishna Mission and works there on the weekends.  He doesn’t have time for the girls either, let alone time for me. But I am the one who is always blamed. 

(As told to Joie Bose)

Shabaz is exceptionally charming

I work as the assistant to the CEO of a multinational company and was going through hopelessness till I met Shabaz the new manager of technology, a boy who is gifted in the art of love making. He is a bright and intelligent boy and has all the traits of exceptionally charming people. He started getting noticed by the boss and was being often called by the CEO to his office. That meant he met me often. And that is when everything started. But I had never imagined that we would actually make out in the office.

He was nervous and apprehensive 

Boss was coming in from New York that Saturday and Shabaz was waiting for him. I was reviewing a project plan that Shabaz would be presenting. It was a well known fact that if I approved of a project plan, there was an 80 per cent chance of our clients accepting the project. But I am a hard task master and all the managers were sceptical of me. I am critical of their presentations and keep telling them to rework so that we don’t lose a chance of bagging a project.

Shabaz was nervous and kept staring at my facial expressions as I went through the presentation. His gaze was intense, the kind that exceptionally charming people have. He unnerved me and I couldn’t help but smirk a little. He too began smirking whenever our gaze locked. That’s how it all started. 

When two people make out in the office it is bound to make tongues wag
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He took a bold step

“You have a pretty face,” he said suddenly, catching me off guard. 

“So you’re staring at my face?”

“You want me to stare elsewhere?”


“Maybe a little lower…”

I went red in the face

I blushed and suddenly felt as if I was burning inside. Shabaz was so handsome and the fact that he made a statement like that… I felt a little weak. No one had said something like that to me in years. The fact that my husband and I didn’t share a great relationship added fire to this. I was not offended, but I felt I should be offended. I was older to him, was married and had a reputation at work. But nothing other than the fact that Shabaz was even thinking of my body got to me. 

He got bolder

“They are nice you know. What lies below your face.”

I was quiet and stared at the computer screen though my body betrayed me. 

“You know, you have gone totally red and that is so sexy…” he said in his bold, charming way. 

I was forcing myself to think of something else. I couldn’t afford this, couldn’t imagine I would make out in the office. Angry that I couldn’t maintain my calm, I felt helpless. Tried to think of my husband, but the shirt I imagined him in, was pink. Shabaz was wearing pink. I thought of my kitchen, but Shabaz’s face got reflected in every shiny utensil there. I wanted to think of my last holiday in Mysore but the driver, who was taking us there, had a face that resembled Shabaz so much. So did all the jaywalkers. Such was Shabaz’s charm.

He just went ahead 

“Are you thinking of me touching you?

Tears welled up in my eyes because I didn’t like the idea that Shabaz had caught me off guard like this. I turned to him and said, “Stop it.” My voice was weak and one look at his face and I knew that I was done forever.

His face glowed. His lips seemed soft. All I wanted to do was make out with him. I didn’t think I was actually about to make out in the office!

I couldn’t imagine I would make out in the office but it happened
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The secret kiss and how we began to make out in the office

Shabaz was a player. He got up and came to me and held my hand. He looked deeply into my eyes and said, “I’m so sorry for this. But you are one hell of an attractive woman.” Then he bent down and kissed me directly on the lips. It was the best kiss of my life

It was a Saturday and the office was empty. The boss was scheduled to come in anytime. But I didn’t really care and we started to make out in the office. Right there on my seat. 

This was outrageous! What do I say? We were so desperate to make out in office that nothing else mattered. Actually, what started that Saturday, has not stopped. Whenever the office is empty, we make out. 

It’s been five years now

It’s been five years now. Sometimes I feel as if I am in love with Shabaz. At other times, I feel as if I’m just using him to get back at my overtly religious husband. And, sometimes I feel I take Shabaz as an entertainment. I feel bad, but then again, I should not, for Shabaz too is not just a child and is getting his share of fun.

Everyone in the office has a whiff that something is on between Shabaz and me. My CEO doesn’t mind it and has hinted to me that he knows too. Why will he mind anyway? I know about how the VP of our company is the lady who joined as a programmer just eight years ago. The corporate world has secrets, no one knows about. And these buildings have blind eyes and deaf ears and here is the place where Shabaz and I, thrive. 


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