How To Flirt With Guys Over Text? 17 Tips & 51 Examples To Get It Right

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Updated On: April 19, 2024
how to flirt with guys over text

Do you know how the Office actor John Krasinski asked actor Emily Blunt out? He shook her hand and went straight to, “I like you”. Cut to the present, they are married and have two children. Personally, making the first move has never been easy for me. I hide behind a screen and wait for him to send sassy flirty texts. Do you relate? It is time for you to turn the tables by learning how to flirt with guys over text. We’re in this together – you and me. Let’s get this lesson started and become his favorite notification.

How To Flirt With Guys Over Text? 17 Tips – With Examples

Are you afraid of asking your crush out in person? Don’t worry, even research says that flirty messages for him can be beneficial to you in the following ways:

  • You have time to carefully consider what you wish to say
  • Less damage to your self-esteem in case you get rejected 

So, a text conversation is way safer. But text banter with your dream guy is not that easy, right? How does one sound sweet without sounding cringey? Watch and learn. Here are some good ways to flirt on text:  

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1. Read the chat room

How to flirt on Tinder or even on DMs? Pick up on his cues before you go all in. Is he sending you lots of emojis? Or is he laughing at the things you say? If he is interested in talking to you and is responding sweetly enough, treat it as your go signal. Try subtle flirty texts and analyze his responses. Keep it short. You can try sending:

  • “Tea, coffee, or whiskey in the morning?”
  • “You could text me back or just ask me out to dinner. Just saying”
  • “I’m terrible at small talk, but I make a killer playlist”

2. Start slow 

Start with a simple and short, “Aww, you’re just too funny!” or a “Thanks, cutie” initially. These are important flirting tips for beginners. See, no rocket science, right? If he responds well to these, you know you can dive into deeper waters and get your flirting game going! To start slow, here are innocent flirty texts for him:

  • “So, what does your ideal date look like?”
  • “Hey, good looking. What do you suggest I do for fun this weekend?”
  • “Good night sweetie. Talk to you tomorrow”

3. Say his name a lot 

Looking for tips on how to tease him? Call out his name! You know this works because as a girl, you fall for this one too. It is such a small/simple thing but if done correctly, it can be an immediate turn-on. Of course, don’t say it in literally every message you send. Here are some things to say to make a guy blush:

  • “Oh Nick, you’ve got to stop it!”
  • “Jeff, you’ve got such good taste in fashion”
  • “Marcus, you always crack me up!”

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4. Pepper the conversation with compliments 

Complimenting a man on text is really no biggie. Just be honest. But as a Reddit user advised, “Don’t compliment them all the time, no one likes someone who’s a kissass like that. Do it from time to time when the moment calls for it, and be gentle about it when you do.” Here are some things guys like to hear in text messages:

  • “That shirt looks so hot on you”
  • “Omg! I love your new haircut”
  • “Love those Air Jordans”

5. Tell him you were thinking of him

Flirt With Guys Over Text

How to make a guy flustered? If you haven’t talked in a while, text him randomly in the middle of the day, “I can’t stop thinking about you”. This is one of the obvious flirting signs. Here are some other things to text your crush:

  • “What’s your biggest regret? Mine is not kissing you when we last met”
  • “Lunch plans are fun! Love sitting across from you. When are we doing it again?”
  • “You see how I look at you. So, when’s the next date?”

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6. Send cute GIFs 

How to flirt with a guy over text long distance? Send him an ice cream GIF saying, ‘Lick me’. A Reddit user wrote, “I’ve learned emojis and now gifs really help. They are fun and silly and get points across without seeming like a creep.” So, send GIFs with cute flirty text messages like:

  • “This totally reminded me of you!”
  • “Look at how adorable this dog is. Thought of you as soon as I saw him”
  • “Isn’t this the funniest thing ever? Made me laugh almost as much as you do”

7. How to flirt with guys over text: Tease him a little 

Knowing how to subtly flirt with a guy is important but it’s equally important to pull back at the right moment. Show him what he’s missing and that he can’t have you as easily as he would like. Here’s how you can flirt over text without coming on too strong:

  • “Oh no, you’ll have to work a little harder than that to take me out”
  • “That day I thought I might just give you a little kiss, maybe someday when you deserve it”
  • “If you keep treating me this nice, I might just want to take you out”
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8. Don’t be repetitive 

Cute flirty text messages do work but not if they’re overused. The same phrases/repetitive style of talking can cancel out all the initial charm that helped you catch his fancy. You want to be dynamic and interesting to make a guy really like you. Also, you don’t need to throw in a punchline every hour. That might look like you’re desperate. Keep it lighthearted and focus on non-flirty parts of the conversation by getting to know him better. If you’re looking for clever texts to send to a guy, try:

  • “Your smile looks so good on you, no wonder I smile when I see it”
  • “Did you do something special today or are you always this good looking?”
  • “Working out again? No wonder you’ve got all that muscle”

9. Keep it classy 

Too many dirty texts are a strict no-no. Sending some seductive words to turn him on is fine. But going overboard with the sexual innuendos is nobody’s dream of being wooed. It makes you come across as someone with a one-track mind. Wondering how to subtly flirt with a guy? Try this:

  • “You were so good in that presentation the other day, no wonder you’re a genius”
  • “I like how you keep yourself tidy, gotta appreciate the self-care”
  • “I’ve been dying to go to this restaurant downtown. Take me out some day?”

10. Discuss scenarios with him

Wondering how to flirt with a guy over text long distance? “I think we’d have a lot of fun ice skating” or “You have to try that burger with me!” are some ways to make him smile on a stressful day. This way, he will know that you are actually interested in spending time. If you’re too confused about smooth things to say to a guy, try:

  • “If we ever went bowling, would you teach me how to not be terrible at it?”
  • “I’m sure I can totally boss it at mini-golf with you. What do you think?”
  • “If we ever went on a hike together, who’s going to be the first one to trip?”

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11. Wondering how to flirt with guys over text? Use those emojis!

If you think hard enough, sometimes the right emoji in the right place can make him smile the whole day. Plus, the emojis that guys use can tell you a lot about what he thinks of you. We also recommend you change up the routine a bit, and instead of the usual good morning or good night messages, come up with some good afternoon messages for him, peppered with emojis. Go ahead and use something like:

  • “It’s so cold today! Wonder what we could do to warm up ;)”
  • “Hope you have a good day today <3”
  • “What’s up, handsome? ;)”

12. Crack jokes 

If you’re making the first move, make sure you make him chuckle. There are also many funny online dating questions that you can try. This doesn’t mean sending memes all day long. Bring your A-Game and tell him funny stories yourself. If you’re all out of jokes, we’ve got you covered. Here are some flirty texts to make him laugh:

  • “What would it take for you to drunk dial me?”
  • “How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh? Ten tickles!”
  • “Wanna know what me and a bear have in common? We hibernate throughout winter”

13. Use night time wisely

How to rizz up a boy? Since his sleep schedule is probably as wack as yours, use it to your advantage. Late-night texting with your dream guy hits different. The last time I texted my crush, I used suggestive texts like “Wish we could snuggle tonight” or “My blanket feels empty without you”, and it totally worked in heating things up. Here’s some more inspiration on how to tease guys with suggestive texts:

  • “These late-night conversations hit different with the right person. Don’t you think?”
  • “I feel super lonely all alone in my bed right now. Wish you could change that”
  • “I’m so glad I’m talking to you before I sleep, it’s going to make tomorrow morning so special”

14. Mix up your greetings 

How to flirt with guys over text? A monotonous tone or a dull “Hey, what’s up?” won’t get you your first kiss. He will lose interest that way. Using “Hey mister” or “Hey cute stuff” can only work for so long. And you don’t have to keep using the same run-of-the-mill opening lines when there are many cute texts to send to your man. Instead, use flirty phrases for him like:

  • “I can’t stop staring at your profile picture today”
  • “What do you think I should order for dinner tonight?”
  • “Hey handsome, ever wonder what you did to have that killer smile going for you?”

15. Slide into his Insta DMs

Sliding into DMs – people do it all the time. For good reason. It actually works! Reply to his stories and make the first move. You must say something relevant and catchy to make your DM notification truly stand out. Here are some flirty things to say to a guy:

  • “I am sooo hungry. And that looks delish, I will take food recommendations from you now”
  • “I’ve wanted to go to that restaurant for so long! How was it?”
  • “Looking really good, like you always do”

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16. Send cute snaps 

Are you a Snapchat aficionado? It’s one of the cutest ways to tell someone you like them over text. Keeping it visual makes them crave for physical touch. Flirty messages for him are double fun when you have snaps, filters, and funny stickers to work with. If you’re wondering how to compliment a guy through text, try:

  • “Notice that I’m not smiling, that can be fixed if you were here with me”
  • “Wanted to see your cute face one last time today, send me a snap!”
  • “See how empty my room is? That’s because you’re not here!”

17. Understand texting etiquette 

Double texting falls under this umbrella. You need to pick up on hints and know how much you should be investing in a conversation. Don’t let the conversation fall apart but know when to space out your responses. Be bold and gutsy, but not clingy. If you need naughty flirty text messages for him, here’s what you can try:

  • “My computer server never goes down, but I do”
  • “Are those space pants? Because that ass is outta this world”
  • “Let’s skip the small talk and go straight to flirting”

Key Pointers

  • Flirty good morning texts for him should not be overdone
  • You should know how to tease guys so they crave conversations with you
  • Nicknames is one of the cute ways to get your crush’s attention
  • Things to text your crush should include cute hypothetical scenarios
  • Complimenting his eyes/smile can be among the flirty things to say to a guy

How to flirt with guys over text can be more fun than intimidating, especially if you’re investing your energies and effort in the right person. Remember, some of the best sassy flirty texts are not the ones you plan, but the ones you feel.


1. How to compliment a guy through text?

If you’re looking for clever texts to send to a guy, all you have to do is send flirty texts to make him laugh a little. Send GIFs to convey your facial expressions. Find the perfect time and send a short text, instead of long paragraphs. You can compliment his outfit/pet/photography skills.

2. What are the good ways to flirt on text?

There is no dearth of research on how a slightly risqué joke can help to escalate the level of intimacy in a flirtatious conversation. So, make judicious use of humor to start the convo. Some naughty flirty text messages for him: “We are both single! Let’s solve this together” or “Serious issue: Can’t stop thinking about you”.

3. How to flirt over text without coming on too strong?

Subtle flirting means you don’t go over the top. To do that, use innocent flirty texts for him like “You keep bumping into me. Not that I’m complaining”. Or, flirty good morning texts for him like “Hey stranger, wait, why are we strangers? Let’s fix that”.

4. How do I get my crush to like me?

Don’t spend the whole day calculating your next move. Get to know him as just friends. Just ask him about the last time he cried. Or the main character from a movie he’s obsessed with. Don’t get cheesy and put a Facebook status for him or send him small gifts. If you go overboard, it might be the last time he’s responding to you.

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