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Flirting with your eyes: 11 moves that almost always work

Eyes mesmerise, eyes never lie and eyes flirt so very well. Know the techniques to flirt effortlessly with your eyes.

Are you failing to impress the members of the opposite sex because you lack the gift of the gab? If yes, then do not worry. Words are not the only way in which you can mesmerise someone you like. By learning the art of eye seduction, you can make anyone fall in love with you. Flirting with your eyes is the ages-old technique that holds the trick to melt and woo anyone you desire. Read on!

What are flirty eyes?

When you try to catch the attention of another person through your eyes and try to let the person know that you are romantically interested in him/her, it is eye flirting body language that you exhibit. Your eyes are used to communicate your feelings to the person you like without actually talking to him/her. Using your eyes to flirt with someone is exciting, safe and with no pressure involved. You can just stare at the person and if you get the same response from him/her, you can think about taking a step forward.

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11 subtle ways to flirt with your eyes

In order to make your mission of love successful, the best weapon you have is your flirty eyes and you must ensure that you use them to your ultimate advantage. We will teach you 11 different eye contact techniques which will work without fail on any person whose attention you want to grab.

1. At first, keep your stare as casual as possible

This is very important, because when you will stare casually at a person, he/she will not feel uncomfortable and even you will avoid being embarrassed. So make sure that you stare at the person who interests you casually, every now and then. If you steal glances and keep checking him/her out with your eyes in a relaxed manner, then he/she is bound to notice your presence.

2. Make eye contact with the person for a brief while

Once the person starts noticing you staring at him/her, you have to wait for an opportune time when you can make eye contact with him/her. The moment he/she is also staring at you, you can purposely make your eyes meet, at least for a brief while. Remember not to stare at the person for too long. The timing should be just long enough to send the message across to that person that you are interested in him/her.

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3. Effectively use eye slides

In the beginning, you have to ensure that the person is aware of you staring at him/her. After that you have to slide your eyes across the entire room while he/she is still looking at you and then settle your eyes back on the same person. This will be your way of letting that person know that he/she is the only person who was able to catch your attention. You can even look straight down after locking eyes with him/her and then stare at the person again. But the person has to watch you slide your eyes back and forth, only then will it work in your favour.

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4. Do not forget to blush or smile while staring at the person

Flirty eyes plus smiling/blushing face is a deadly combination which is enough to capture anyone’s heart. Thus, even while staring at the person for two or three seconds, you have to have a smiling/blushing face when you look away, so that you can make your attraction obvious to him/her. Appear busy but lock eyes with the person; look away blushing or smiling and he/she is surely going to understand your signal.

5. Blink as much as you can

The more you blink at him/her, the higher your chances of catching his/her attention. By blinking your eyes multiple times, you will be able to drive across the point to the person that you like what you see and that you find the person sexually attractive. If the person also tries to match the pace of your blinking, then rest assured that he/she is equally attracted to you. However, slow blinking pace should not be mistaken as a sign of disinterest from the other person’s side.

6. The triangle technique

When both of you seem to be on the same page and have come close to each other, you can try to use the triangle technique of eye seduction. You will have to move your eyes from the person’s left eye, to the mouth, then right eye and at last back to the left eye to continue making the triangle. In this way, your attraction towards the person will become apparent and you both might end up kissing each other as well.

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7. Stare at the person for a longer duration

The duration of your gaze can be longer when you are sure that the person is also reciprocating your feelings. By holding the person’s gaze for a long time, you will be able to break the ice between the two of you and become intimate with one another. However, avoid too long gazes, as it can be creepy to the other person.

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8. Act as if you are not the one staring at him/her

Flirting with your eyes can also get uncomfortable for the other person. if this is the case, then simply reversing the eye contact can help. After letting the person know of your interest in him/her, you can act as if you are not staring at him/her any more. But you will have to keep noticing the person from the corner of your eyes, so that when he/she attempts to look at you, you can catch the person’s gaze and make the person feel that he/she is the one interested in you.

9. Winking; The ideal eye flirting tool

In order to spice things up and make the whole flirting experience a memorable one, you can wink at the person you like in a cute yet sexy manner. Couple it with a bright smile and the person will find you irresistible. Winking at him/her is an indication that you are comfortable around him/her and are genuinely interested to know him/her better.

10. Staring at the full body is a must

You must take the courage to stare at the full body of the person, because the confidence in your eyes will be able to move his/her heart. So, start by gazing at his/her eyes, then move on to his/her mouth and other parts of the body. This kind of gaze where you scan the entire body with your eye is extremely sensual and can set the ball rolling for good times ahead.

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11. Observe and respond carefully with the help of your eyes

Perhaps you took the initiative to flirt with the other person because you found him/her to be right person for you. But that may not be the case for that person. He/she might not be interested in you. So instead of being under an illusion, you must first observe the way the person responds to your eye flirting technique. If you get a positive response, then you can celebrate for sure. But if the person does not make eye contact with you and avoids looking into your eyes, then you need to move on and accept defeat.

Eye contact in love relationships is very essential, because without it the true chemistry between a couple will not be able to reach its zenith. Therefore, ensure that you make proper eye contact with the person you like and appear as a confident person to him/her. Flirting with your eyes should not appear creepy, but should be subtle enough to kick off a fun and exciting relationship with the person you adore.

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