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How to impress a man at work

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A job is good, as we get good news on every payday. But going to work becomes more interesting when you have someone to stare at. Having eye candy at the office is great, but the challenge is how to impress without making it too obvious.

Here are some tips to impress the man you like at work:

  • Be attentive to him. Ask for tea or coffee as soon as he reaches his seat or wish him good day.
  • Don’t fake while complimenting his work. Be genuine.
  • Seek opportunities to chat him up regarding work issues. This is really a great way to make an impact on him.
  • Stand beside him whenever he is feeling down for a bad working day.
  • If you are wondering how to subtly flirt with a guy at work then you must make certain gestures that will leave no confusion in his mind about your intention.
  • Dress provocatively on some days to grab his attention. Short skirts or cold shoulder tops are always a go go.
  • Don’t miss out any opportunity to pair up with him in office hangouts.
  • If you have your cubicle right next to him, then create chances to be touchy with him. ‘Accidentally’ touch his hand or simply brush your feet against his.
  • Body language seduction techniques are the best way to get his attention. Leaning in front of him or simply biting your lips while talking will make his head spin round and round.
  • Go for lunch together or for evening snacks. If you two work late nights in office then take the same cab home.
  • Invite him to your house parties and spend some cosy time together.
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