Struggles and Scars

How her husband reacted when she said she wanted to get back to work

She had been a career woman before she married and wanted to get back to work. That is when her husband showed his ugly side
woman abuse

She was happy with her career and personal life but was under pressure to marry

It’s sad that many believe abuse is only physical. As a coach, I hear stories from many women facing various kinds of abuse and experiences which make me shudder sometimes.

Varsha was a highly educated working woman, earning big bucks and with a promising career. She had crossed 30, so her parents were pressurising her to get married. Too busy making money, and growing her career, she never had time for love, but when one day her parents forced her to meet Amit over dinner, she relented. They got along like a house on fire and before she realised it, he proposed, she accepted and the parents got them married off without delay.

Amit was working in an IT firm and relocated to the US soon after marriage. Being on a dependent visa, she couldn’t work. The first few days of matrimony felt like bliss and she didn’t miss work. She got busy in doing up the house and learning how to cook. Weekend parties, late nights, movies, social life – it was all perfect. She had not expected Amit to be as romantic as he turned out to be. She couldn’t stop gushing about him to her parents and friends.

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