Affair and Cheating

I knew my husband was cheating on me, yet I kept quiet

Her husband began an affair with his college sweetheart but she didn't want to rock the boat so she kept quiet about it
Sad beautiful woman

(As told to Amandeep Kaur)

The clock struck eight and I hurried with the lunchbox, as Sameer hated being late, and apologised, but the response I got was more agreeable. He planted a kiss on my forehead and said “I’ll ask the driver to bring the children back from school and before I forget to tell you, I might be running late tonight” and waving goodbye, he went. Something was different in his behaviour, and he was doting on me from the past few months. I joked to myself that maybe it was 10 years of harvest that I was finally reaping. Actually we were not this happy couple always. Back in college, I stood by him as his best friend while he enjoyed his relationship with his long-term girlfriend Sushmita.

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