12 Signs He Regrets Cheating And Wants To Make Amends

November 3, 2023 |
signs he regrets cheating
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“I am sorry for this, I am sorry for that. How about not doing the things for which you have to be sorry?” In the movie Sex and the City, Miranda vents her frustration after finding it difficult to forgive her cheating husband Steve, who is trying his best to make amends. Sure, it is almost impossible to move past infidelity. But what if your man shows signs he regrets cheating and is full of remorse?

Should you then forgive and forget? More importantly, ‘can’ you ever forgive and forget? After all, aren’t things like loyalty and fidelity in a relationship non-negotiable? The answer to all of these questions is a yes, but there are occasions in life when you need to look beyond the obvious. People stray for various reasons. Sometimes, it might be a genuine indiscretion. At other times, it might be a deliberate attempt to hurt you. In the worst-case scenario, he might be a compulsive cheater, undeserving of your trust and love. However, when a man realizes his mistake, he might show signs of true remorse and try to undo the wrong. While it’s important to look at how a guy acts after he cheated, is it enough?

12 Signs He Regrets Cheating

Cheating guilt signs are very common in relationships. This happens especially when a man truly loves you, yet slips up. He knows that he has done something unforgivable by betraying your trust. Even if it was a moment of recklessness, the guilt of letting you down gnaws at his heart.

Not just that, he might also be afraid of the repercussions of his act. What if you come to know? What if the world comes to know? What would happen to the relationship? What if he loses you? Many questions like these may haunt him. That’s when he sets off on a mission to get rid of the anxiety and guilt after cheating, and he may start to regret hurting you with his behavior during those cheating days. Sometimes, it becomes all too obvious, especially if he has not confessed his indiscretion. So if you were wondering, “Do men regret cheating?”, the answer here is yes.

In an attempt to rid himself of the guilt that plagues him, he might resort to running from pillar to post to be able to make you smile. In other cases, he might completely detach, trying to work on his own demons. The signs he regrets cheating can therefore be a little tricky to pick up on, leaving you confused about how do you know if someone is truly sorry for cheating.

Even so, it’s important to be able to catch the signs of remorse after infidelity, which is why it’s important to observe how a guy acts after he cheated. At least then you’ll know whether the harmful act he indulged in has left a mark on his conscience. The answer to “Does he regret cheating on me?” can also let you know if you should consider giving your relationship another go or not.

The overcompensation itself might be a dead giveaway that he has something to hide. But if he has been caught and you decide to give him a chance despite your hurt (perhaps due to the children or other compulsions), these signs he regrets cheating will tell you if you can make the relationship work:

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1. He owns up to his mistakes

Owning up and confessing that he was seeing someone while you were an integral part of his life are the biggest signs he regrets cheating. It is not easy to plead guilty, so cut him some slack and give him credit for trying. It would surely come as a rude shock (especially if you haven’t heard about it from some other source), but give him a patient hearing. If he owns up to his indiscretion and is full of remorse, you might start to think, “Looks like he regrets cheating on me. So if men DO regret cheating, does it look like this, and should I believe him?”

The way he decides to communicate his mistakes and how he apologizes is important as well. A sincere apology always needs a remorseful tone and would include plans to make it up to you. When you see him accept responsibility, have a plan of action to make amends, and show visible signs of remorse, it’s one of the best signs he regrets cheating on you. These are also important signs cheating husband wants to reconcile with you.

Pay attention to his words. A truly remorseful man will take responsibility for his actions and won’t blame you or try and justify his actions. It is a difficult conversation and his words will clear your doubts about “Is he really sorry or just assuaging his cheating guilt?”

2. He goes out of his way to attend to your needs

If you are cheated upon and still decide to make a go of your relationship, you are in the driver’s seat. Remember, he has to win back your trust, so put the onus on him to make amends. A repentant man will go out of his way to attend to your needs. Never lose sight of the fact that how a guy acts after he cheated is very important, as you are now dealing with building trust – a vital factor in all relationships.

If in the pre-cheating days, he rarely had the time for the kids’ homework or run errands around the house, in his new avatar, he might become more hands-on. He realizes that he has broken your heart, so the first step toward the long road to reconciliation would be to ensure your comforts are taken care of, even if it means putting himself in discomfort.

Do cheaters realize what they lost? Yes, and it will be apparent through the efforts he’ll put in to make sure you can see he’s trying to work on your bond. Keep in mind, noticing and appreciating his efforts is just as important as him trying to make amends.

signs he regrets losing you: he's transparent
He tries to become more transparent

3. He will end his affair immediately

If he is truly guilty about having an affair, he will end all ties with the other person. There are no two ways about it. He cannot hope to win you back while he is still in touch with them (even if he is torn between two people). Do not give him that option.

If he is willing to end everything and stops meeting the other person completely, it is a sign he regrets cheating on you. In such cases, actions speak louder than words. He will ensure that the circumstances that brought them together don’t repeat themselves. If it means changing a place, ending club memberships, or changing work situations, he will do it. If he does all these things, then you’ll realize, “He regrets cheating on me and is trying to make amends.”

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4. He is willing to seek professional help

The news of his affair may have devastated you. It is hard to rebuild trust, especially when you are vulnerable and he is guilty. You are also constantly wondering, “How do you know if someone is truly sorry for cheating?” It’s a sensitive phase to go through with conflicting emotions for both of you, so it’s best to seek professional help.

If you both are willing to recognize the problems, talking to a third person might be a good idea. The fact that he is willing to invest his time and energy in rebuilding his relationship with you is among the signs he regrets cheating. Instead of trying to answer difficult questions like “How to know if he is sorry for cheating?”, let an experienced professional help you along your journey. Maybe he’s not sure either about how to show remorse after cheating and requires help and guidance in that area too.

If you’re currently struggling with recovering after infidelity in your dynamic and wish to avail professional help, Bonobology has a multitude of experienced therapists who can help you through this trying time.

5. He is more open and genuine

If you want to know how a guy acts after he cheated, it might help if you try to recollect what happened before. There are always some tell-tale behaviors of a cheater. Being secretive, trying to hide his whereabouts, being protective about his passwords and social media, these are sure shot indicators that he has another person in his life. However, when a man wants to show signs he regrets cheating, first and foremost, he tries to become more transparent. This is one of the biggest signs cheating husband wants to reconcile with you.

He may or may not have confessed his slip-up, but he will definitely try to undo the things he has been doing. Be it coming home on time, keeping you informed about his movements, or making special plans with you, you will see a marked change in his patterns. If these actions are unusual for him, know that he has been up to something unsavory that he wants to erase.

6. He is more expressive

How do you know if someone is truly sorry for cheating? When a man regrets his philandering ways, he looks for some avenue to make you hear him out. Perhaps he thinks he can explain his actions if given a chance. And if you give him that chance and show that you are willing to listen with an open mind, you might be in for a surprise. He is likely to be more expressive and communicative than ever before.

In an attempt to make sure you get to know exactly what’s going on in his mind, he’ll probably put all his cards on the table. It’s one of the more believable ways to tell when your husband regrets the affair, since someone who doesn’t care much about it wouldn’t bother explaining themselves like this. These are signs cheating husband wants to reconcile with you.

He might go on an explanation overdrive about why and how it happened. (As we mentioned above, watch out for his words during these monologues.) Perhaps he is genuinely in pain and is willing to do the right thing hereon. Communication is important at all times but more so in a crisis. So, never close the door on him when he wants to talk.

signs he regrets cheating: he's expressive
He wants to rebuild the relationship

7. He includes you in his plans

When a man cheats, he tries to cut his spouse or partner off from his special plans. It might be out of fear of getting caught, or he might want to spend time with his other love. But when do cheaters realize they made a mistake? What happens once he realizes his mistake? Then, one of the things he tries to make amends for and redress is the former exclusion of you from his plans.

So if you suddenly get more invites to attend his office parties or if he makes new staycation or travel plans with you in mind, these are signs he regrets cheating and wants to work on the relationship. We suggest you go with the flow. His actions during these events and activities will indicate whether his cheating guilt is real. If he’s really trying hard, let him try to make his amends in these ways; they are signs cheating husband wants to reconcile with you.

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8. His changed behavior is noticed by others

If your marriage or committed relationship has faced the tsunami of infidelity, close friends or family will get a whiff of it. Just the way a crisis doesn’t appear suddenly, it doesn’t disappear all of a sudden either. So if you really want to know if your partner has mended his ways, seek the opinion of people you trust. They will be the best judge of whether your man wants to sincerely make amends because they will be observing very carefully how a guy acts after he cheated.

In your obsession and yearning to make things work between you two, you might misconstrue the smallest actions to be signs he regrets losing you. Wishful thinking, as it’s called. Your clouded judgment may not be the best thing for you, which is when your friends and family can help you out.

His remorse can’t be hidden from those who know the two of you well. Perhaps he appears to be noticeably more caring and gentle toward you than before. So if you’re worried – how do you know if someone is truly sorry for cheating or not – an objective third person, who has your best interest at heart, can pick up on these signs. So trust their instincts.

9. He is more loving toward you

If your man is truly guilty and wants to show signs he regrets cheating, he will naturally be more loving toward you. His behavior might remind you of the time you first started dating, as he tries to bring back the excitement of those days while showing all signs that he is faithful.

Cheating often occurs when a couple is well-entrenched in a relationship and one of them goes astray for whatever reason. It can also happen in a new relationship. When cheaters realize they made a mistake and he tries to make amends, it’s as good as trying to woo you anew, so he will be on his best behavior. For someone who has strayed, this is how to show remorse for cheating.

10. He does not date anyone if you separate

It can be hard to forgive emotional cheating. It makes perfect sense to give each other some space as you try and process your feelings. A trial separation can benefit such a situation. Firstly, it gives you time to think and assess things objectively, something that may not be possible if you keep running into him. Keeping aside the concerns like trying to catch the signs that he regrets cheating, a brief break and personal space will give you enough time and clarity to assess what it is you want as well. In the mess of trying to fix things after being cheated on, don’t forget to take care of yourself.

You also get a chance to observe his behavior and attitude when you are physically apart. The level of a man’s sincerity can be gauged depending on how a guy acts after he cheated. A truly remorseful man will not date if he is single for a while. He will stay committed to making efforts to win you back even if he isn’t sure that he will. These are true signs he regrets cheating on you.

11. He won’t leave you alone

He cheated. You found out. And now, you want nothing to do with him, at least for the time being. But he begs, he grovels, and he pleads for another chance. When you refuse to budge, he will follow you. He will make all attempts to get your attention. He may reach out to you through your friends. These are very clear signs cheating husband wants to reconcile, or that your boyfriend is trying to woo you back.

He may land at your office party. He may ‘accidentally’ bump into you during your shopping trip or at a café. All in the hope of getting one more chance to apologize and ask for a fresh start. He will show all signs he’s faithful and truly regrets his mistake. If you’re still wondering how to know if he regrets cheating, short of wearing a placard or skywriting it, you should have a good idea by now.

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12. He makes a show of his efforts

Betrayal of trust can hurt you at the core, but most men mistakenly believe that grand gestures equal repentance. He might get you a huge gift (something you had been eyeing but it never occurred to him in the pre-affair days to buy for you). He might indulge in attention-seeking behavior. He might be thinking desperately about how to show remorse after cheating, and that’s why he’ll pull out all the stops.

He might book an expensive holiday or do something crazy that becomes the talking point among your friends. Now, these gestures and signs he shows regret might work if those efforts are sincere. Ultimately, the apology has to come from the heart, and you are the best judge of whether it does or not. Being cheated on is the worst thing that can happen in a relationship. But as with everything else, there is life beyond it.

Mistakes happen, and if a person really wants to make amends, he deserves a chance, even if a bit warily. It might not heal the wounds he has caused or remove the scars, but it can definitely pave the way for a new beginning. Think and choose wisely. When you’re caught in this kind of a situation, you need to do what is best for you.


1. How do you know if he regrets cheating?

If he apologizes constantly, makes genuine efforts to win back your trust, cuts off all connections with the person he had an affair with, and is willing to go to any lengths to have you back, you can be sure that he regrets cheating on you.

2. How do you know a cheater is really sorry?

You know that a cheater is really sorry by the extent of the efforts he puts in to make things right again. He will express himself more, he will go on an explanation overdrive, he won’t date anyone else should you separate for a bit, and will be open to seeking help to fix the relationship. These are all clear signs he regrets cheating on you.

3. What are the signs of cheaters’ guilt?

Cheaters’ guilt is a phenomenon when a person who has been disloyal or has had an affair outside of his main relationship suffers from anxiety and guilt about cheating on his partner. He knows that his actions, if they come to light, would cause immense pain to someone who truly loves him. So if you’ve been wondering “When do cheaters realize they made a mistake?”, it’s usually when the guilt hits them hard.

4. Do cheaters suffer?

Cheaters might act the way they do for whatever reason, but for all their justifications, infidelity is never seen in a good light and they suffer from the after-effects too. Guilt, regret, self-loathing for deliberately hurting their better half, pain, and embarrassment are some of the feelings they go through.

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