Affair and Cheating

In search of an affair

He met her online and was thrilled to get a chance to meet her in real life. Would the meeting live up to his expectations?
Guy with Phone

In the Palaeolithic age of the Internet, a Yahoo chat room was the Mecca for philanderers. Under the category of ‘Married but Looking’, you had to be as patient as the crane by the side of a pond. Out of 20-30 pings to the Indian sounding names, only one or two would reply back with ‘asl (age, sex, location)?’ and fall into the abyss of silence upon knowing, ‘40, Male, India’.

One late night, my heart missed a beat or two on seeing “Hi, which city are you from?” from one Moonlight@hills. In an hour of chatter that followed, I had sobbed out my story of a trapped fish in the underwater garbage of a marriage. She seemed to be a person who loved to make friends and ‘explore’ wide and deep while staying married. We didn’t talk much about her husband. That was an unspoken rule. She was from Guwahati. Her pictures were inviting.

After that session, every night I would wait for my wife to retire to bed and then ping ‘There?’

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