I forced him to marry me and now I am in a loveless marriage

My steady boyfriend chose a terrible woman over me, again and again. He does not love me, even after marriage
An upset couple, after a fight


Hi ma’am,

I was in a committed relationship for seven long years. Earlier we resided in the same city but due to family problems, I had to move to another state. Our relationship became long distance and I did not come to know when his feelings changed because he was his usual self with me. We used to meet once or twice in a year.

But he was having an affair. This went on for two-three years and his family did not tell me about it as they thought the news will mess me up. When I found out, his family supported me and told him to marry me. He refused. He rejected me in front of everyone. That was the worst day of my life.

He said that initially he was just doing TP (time pass) with her and she also was aware that he has a steady girlfriend.
But over time they actually grew close and he chose her over me. He was even ready to leave his family for her. His parents constantly supported me and forced him to marry me and we got married just for the sake of respect and society.

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  1. I think you are mad .why the hell u married him knowing very well that he not loving u anymore.only god can save u from this problem. Be bold ,and do prayers regularly that ur husband should come back to you ..

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