5 Reasons Why Couples Should Take A Sexcation

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Updated On: July 28, 2023

When monotony and boredom loom large, it can take their toll on even the strongest couple bonds. That’s why the need to keep the spark alive is emphasized as the key to keeping a relationship healthy. What could be a better way to reignite the spark – or keep it sizzling – than a hot, steamy getaway aka sexcation.

Before delving deeper into the nuances of this novel idea, let’s quell the curiosity of the uninitiated with an answer to ‘what is a sexcation?’ Coined by combining the words sex and vacation, a sexcation essentially means a holiday where a couple gets focus just on themselves. Now, just because there is the word sex in it, doesn’t mean that this erotic getaway is all about the action between the sheets – although, that wouldn’t be such a bad idea in itself if both you and your partner feel up for it.

The idea of planning such a break is to connect with each other on a deeper level, and of course, get some mind-blowing action in the process. There are a host of sexcation activities that you can indulge in to make that happen. We promise you, it will do you and your relationship a world of good.

5 Reasons Why Couples Should Take A Sexcation

A sexcation is a way out of the dreaded ‘seven-year itch’, or even before that. It need not be a week-long vacation to a fancy island. You can have the best sexcation over the weekend, or even by spending a night in a hotel in the same city as your family. The whole idea is to take some time off from the humdrum of everyday life and dedicate it to each other, without any interruptions or distractions.

Usually, in a marriage, with a job and kids in the next room, a couple can never have a full hour of uninterrupted sex. Reinventing sexual urges and executing them is what a sexcation is all about. It is also about making love late into the night, sleeping in late the next day, ordering room service, getting into the shower or a bathtub together, and then, enjoying some middle-of-the-day sex whenever you feel like it.

A vacation to solely clear out the dust settled on the erotic pedals of a couple, a sexcation is popular and crucial for these reasons:

1. Sex, sex, and more sex

Why is a sexcation required
A sexcation can offer the perfect sexual release

The whole concept is built around the prospect of more sex for the couple. The built-up of sexual energy that can happen over months and weeks of paused sex life can be released well during a sexcation. Just the couple, with a place of their own, with no distant knocks on the door or no fear of being overheard by the family are some of the benefits a sexcation offers.

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2. Connect intimately

While a sexcation is for couples to have sex in a more relaxed fashion and in a different place, it is also about connecting more than just sexually. It is to have a time bubble of their own, cut off from everything that occurs daily.

Apart from revamping one’s sex life, a sexcation is about being more intimate with each other; sharing things that kind of get lost in the everyday shuffle. You can, of course, get creative with sexcation ideas and use this time fruitfully to take your intimate connection to the next level.

From playing out your sexual fantasies to indulging in pillow talks, taking long walks holding hands, dancing naked, playing with each other (in a sexual and non-sexual way), the best sexcation is one that enhances all forms of intimacy in a relationship.

best sexcation outcomes
A good sexcation enhances all forms of intimacy between a couple

3. Push the boundaries of sexual connection

Has your sex life boiled down to missionary sex that lasts only a few minutes? This break from the routine gives you a chance to change that as long as you know how to use the right sexcation activities to your advantage.

Things that are too trite to be tried at home like total bondage chick or the Dominatrix with a cracking whip is what a sex vacation should be all about. It’s the perfect time to bring out sexual fantasies to fruition and enjoy sensual pleasures in top gear.

Be it tantric sex, sensual massages, role playing, dirty talking or exploring kinks and dipping your toes in the world of BDSM, the best sexcation ideas come from a no-holds-barred mindset.

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4. The buildup of anticipation

While planning a sexcation, the anticipation of the upcoming vacation keeps one more rooted and livelier than most days. A vacation with the family can be more of living out the same routine in a different setting than a fun getaway. Traveling with just the partner and planning for it is half the fun in itself.

From exploring sexcation destinations to buying sexy lingerie or spending a day at the salon prepping for your exotic vacay, the buildup of anticipation can leave you feeling weak in the knees.

Foreplay builds up long before the actual trip, knowing fully well, that there is passionate sex waiting at the very beginning of the trip. Hell, the whole trip is built on that. The feeling of upcoming “fun” is sure to make the tedious days bearable.

great sex

5. Energy restored

A sexcation is like another honeymoon. No family, no kids, no job, no responsibilities, just a couple alone ready to do the nasty. Most of it is spent lying indoors, ordering food, having “fun”, hydrating, hopping into the shower for a make-out, crawling back to bed – all the hormones are raging and the dopamine levels hit the right notes.

There is no question of leaving the room for sightseeing like in a typical vacation. So when the couple leaves to go back to the monotony of life, they are highly energized. And all the sex and lying indoors is to leave the skin looking better than ever.

There is no wrong time to infuse fresh life into your romantic partnership. If you think boredom in the relationship is impacting your connection, a sexaction might just be what you need to turn things around. Start planning one, like yesterday!

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