Single and Dating

Less than lovers, more than friends

He’d been feeling empty inside ever since his breakup but then he met her

It’s been more than three-and-a-half years since my breakup.

Moving on from a relationship that lasted for more than four years, from a person in whom you saw the promise of ‘forever’, seeing her walking out of the relationship without giving a closure, is traumatic to say the least.

Trying to put the array of emotions I felt into words is a futile exercise. It hurt a lot initially, but as the saying goes, time heals. At the risk of sounding filmy, I’d say the moments I spent with her, happy and dark, often flashed in my mind. I wanted to feel her warmth, the tenderness of her touch, the moistness of her kiss. But most of all, I wanted to be the version of myself when I was with her – happy, calm and positive.

Alas! Now she’s gone, gone forever and she’s been gone since that dreadful day.

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