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In India she was a shy girl but once in the USA she preferred one-night stands

She thinks one-night stands are fun and hassle-free, plus she's not looking for love right now
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(Name changed to protect identity)

I met Radhika through a common friend, two years ago. She came across as a sincere and serious person, and was a software engineer working at a multinational company in Indore. We met quite a few times before she moved to the USA as a programmer.

I met her again, about two years after she moved. She came down to India for Diwali, and we caught up one afternoon.

She was an entirely different woman. Her accent was now American, her dress sense had changed drastically from modest to eye-catching, and her body language changed from conscious to supremely confident.

We met at a coffee shop, and chatted about her new life. She was 30 now and said she had no plans to get married in the near future. “I enjoy being single and living on my own terms. I’m not going to give up my freedom. I don’t want to be trapped in marriage.”

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