21 Fun Bachelorette Party Games To Amp Up The Naughty Quotient

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So, you can hear the wedding bells ringing! Are you a bridesmaid or the maid of honour who can’t wait for the wedding fun to finally begin? Or are you the bride planning the ultimate hen party for your bridal shower? Then you will want to keep reading for our list of 21 fun bachelorette party games for a girls’ night of unforgettable memories.

These games are designed to create laughter, excitement, and a memorable experience for the bride-to-be and her closest friends. Bachelorette parties are well known for a little mischief and risqué activities. And the games we bring to you today are perfect for upping the naughty quotient for the bride tribe. Don’t let anyone spoil the celebration for you. Remember, the best bachelorette party fun activities are those that are fun, spicy, and scandalous.

21 Fun Bachelorette Party Games To Amp Up The Naughty Quotient

For your convenience, these 21 games to play at a bachelorette party have been carefully curated and divided into sections. This will help you pick and choose these fun activities according to your taste and theme. Whether your friends are happily single or wedded to other people, these games will suit everyone.

If you want interesting outdoor bachelorette party ideas, we have that covered. Or if you want some crazy dares for bachelorette party of the decade, then we have those too. Whatever kind of party you’re having, these suggestions are going to revitalize your evening.

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Traditional bachelorette party games

Traditional clean bachelorette party games have been a staple of the occasion for decades and include certain sober bachelorette party ideas. This means that you can have fun in front of older members of your family and even judgmental mothers-in-law.

1. Toilet paper wedding dress

Ironically, one of the clean bachelorette party games involves creating a wedding dress entirely out of toilet paper! Divide the group into teams and give each team a large quantity of toilet paper to work with. Give them a set amount of time to create a wedding dress for one of their team members, using only the toilet paper.

Once completed, the bride-to-be can decide the winning dress, with prizes awarded to the team that creates the most impressive design. Not only is this game silly and fun, but it also encourages teamwork and creativity. Like those lipstick games for adults, you can add color and glamor to this game using makeup too.

2. Mean Girls bachelorette party game

If you’ve watched Mean Girls (in all probability you have), this is going to be a great game for you and your girls, and will definitely make you cherish spending time with your friends. You all get to create a Burn Book, like from the movie, and pass it around where each person writes a secret about their friends.

Unlike the movie, it won’t be petty and will actually be a way for you all to feel closer with one another. Once you’ve gone around and written the secrets, read it all aloud and try to guess who wrote what. This is a fun bonding activity and can even be a good icebreaker for those in the group who don’t know each other that well.

3. Bachelorette trivia questions

Much like the newlywed game of Bridal Trivia, this is one of the most fun bachelorette party ideas that never fails. This is a simple game where the bridesmaids come up with ‘bachelorette trivia questions’ – all of them related to the bride and her relationship with her fiancé.

Get ready for some ‘How well does the bride know the groom’ funny questions! They could be anything from “What is his favorite color this week?” to “What was the first movie you watched together?” to see what the bride knows about her partner. The more questions the bride gets right, the more points she earns. The winning answers get special prizes and every incorrect answer gets a penalty.

Not only is this game entertaining, but it also allows the attendees to learn more about the bride and her relationship, making it a great bonding experience for everyone involved.

dares for bachelorette party
Ask some fun questions over drinks

4. Bachelorette scavenger hunt

If you’re trying to steer clear of dirty bachelorette party games, then go for this one. It doesn’t entail anything raunchy, but it does promise a lot of fun. This bachelorette scavenger hunt is one of the sober bachelorette party ideas that might work for your elders too.

It begins by dividing the group into teams, and each team is given a list of items to find or tasks to complete within a designated time frame. The items or tasks can be silly or naughty, depending on the bride ‘s preferences. For example, finding a man’s phone number, getting a stranger’s autograph, or doing a shot with a firefighter are all possible items. But don’t go as far as texting an ex.

The winning team in this bachelorette party game can receive a prize such as a gift card or a round of drinks. A scavenger hunt is a great way to engage in a fun and competitive activity while exploring a new city or location. Most people looking for outdoor bachelorette party ideas opt for this game.

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5. Never Have I Ever is one of the most popular games to play at a bachelorette party

A not-so-clean bachelorette game is Never Have I Ever. Participants take turns stating something they have never done, and anyone who has done it must take a sip of their drink. This answer game is a great way to get everyone talking and sharing some scandalous stories. It’s also a cool way to learn new things about each other and bond girls story games.

This is the only game where the bride-to-be can be exempt from drinking and instead, assign penalties for each person who has done the action she states. Overall, Never Have I Ever is a popular bachelorette party game that’s guaranteed to bring some laughs and reveal some interesting tidbits about your best friends.

Naughty bachelorette party games

The sexiest category of bachelorette party games, it’s for those who are ready to get risqué and want to let your hair down. Such naughty games for adults include sexual party games, so discretion is advised if you belong to a conservative family.

6. Strip pong

If you’ve got ping-pong balls lying around, bring them out. This sexual party game involves playing a game of beer pong – but with a naughty twist for raunchy bachelorette parties. Instead of just drinking when a ping-pong ball makes it to a cup, the opposing team has to remove an article of clothing. You can put a fun twist by making it prosecco pong, a classier bridal version of it. This game is best for a bachelorette party where everyone is comfortable enough with each other to strip down to their skivvies.

You can even spice things up by setting rules around which articles of clothing have to come off first or by adding some sexy dares for the losing team. Before you play sexual party games, just make sure that you establish boundaries and consent beforehand so everyone enjoys them.

7. Lingerie relay race

A little different from prosecco pong, the ‘lingerie relay race’ is a classic dirty bachelorette party game that is sure to bring a lot of laughs and memories to the bride and her friends. It involves dividing all the guests into teams of two and having them race against each other while wearing various lingerie styles, such as a bra or underwear.

The catch is that they have to take turns putting on or taking off the sexy lingerie while blindfolded or wearing oven mitts. The first team to complete the race wins a prize. Such activities are classic lipstick games for adults, and are hella entertaining.

8.Dirty word guessing game

Dirty bachelorette party games are incomplete without this one. This sexual party game is sure to get everyone laughing and blushing. To play at raunchy bachelorette parties, have each party guest write down a few dirty or suggestive words on slips of paper and put them into a bowl or hat. One by one, each guest takes a turn pulling a slip of paper from the bowl and attempting to describe the word without saying it.

The rest of the group then has to guess what word they are trying to describe. The one with the most points wins the game and extra points for guessing quickly win you a bachelorette party favor. These kinds of dirty bachelorette party games are often great icebreakers and always lead to some hilarious, naughty conversations. Just make sure that you keep it light-hearted and fun! Just so you know, the ‘dirty word guessing game’ can also be a limo game if you want to keep all the dirty guesses inside a car, and not at a bar.

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9. Truth or Dare for a bachelorette party is always a fun addition

Time to brainstorm some crazy dares for a bachelorette party. The fun quotient of this game depends on how creative you are ready to be. Truth or Dare for bachelorette party can be a sexual party game that has been played for generations, and it’s perfect for these kinds of events.

This game is all about getting to know the details about each other and having fun while doing it. You can choose to ask the bride interesting newlywed game questions or give each other hilarious and embarrassing dares using DIY dare cards by revealing one secret at a time. This girls’ story game is a great way to break the ice and get everyone comfortable around each other.

Everyone is sure to have a blast playing this game for a bachelorette night. Just remember to keep it light and fun, and never force anyone to do something they’re not comfortable with.

10. Jenga with dares

‘Jenga with dares’ is a classic dirty bachelorette party game that can easily be adapted into a lipstick game for adults. The premise is simple. Each player from the bride’s friends takes turns removing a block from the Jenga tower without knocking it over.

However, written on each block is a dare card or challenge that the player who pulls it must complete before the next turn. These dares can range from silly to raunchy, and can be tailored to fit the bride-to-be’s personality and preferences. ‘Jenga with dares’ is a fun way to get everyone laughing and loosen up the party atmosphere on bachelorette night.

11. How well do you know the bride?

Another popular bridal shower game is called How Well Do You Know The Bride? In this popular girls’ story game, the bride is given a series of questions in advance, and all the guests are asked to match their answers with hers.

These queries would be different from ‘how well does the bride know the groom’ funny questions that we mentioned earlier. The person with the most correct answers wins a prize while wrong answers get penalties. This game is a great way to get the party started and to help the bachelorette party guests bond with each other. It can be done both with the bride and groom squad as well.

It’s also a fun way to learn more about the bride and her preferences, and it can be customized to fit the bride ‘s personality and interests. Overall, ‘How well do you know the bride-to-be?’ is an engaging game that’s perfect for a bachelorette party with options to win bonus points.

dirty bachelorette party games
Test the bride squad with these questions!

Bachelorette party drinking games

Drinking games are a staple of bachelorette parties. There are a variety of different bachelorette party drinking games to choose from. One popular bridal shower option is trying the bachelorette party version of the classic drinking game of beer pong, which involves throwing ping-pong balls into cups of beer and taking a drink for each successful shot.

Another fun game is Kings, which involves drawing dare cards and performing various actions based on the card drawn, such as taking a certain number of sips or creating new rules for the game. Whichever game you choose, it’s important to drink responsibly and stay safe while having fun at the bridal party.

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12. Bachelorettes against decency

If you like Cards Against Humanity, then you are absolutely going to love this one. This is essentially a bachelorette party version of that card game. The premise is the same, where the group has to  provide outcomes to a problem or a solution posed to them. However, these outcomes can be quite sizzling, and can have variations based on the bride and groom.

You can either purchase this deck, or find it online and print it out. This is a dirty adult game and so you should only play it in the company of people you know will be completely comfortable with it. If your bride is a naughty one, then this is a great bridal shower gift to her.

13. Drink if…

“Drink if…” is a fun game that is perfect for a raunchy bachelorette party or a newlywed game. This bachelorette party drinking game is popular for a reason – it is simple, fun, and often hilarious. To play at a bachelorette party, you make a list of statements or scenarios, and every time one of them applies to someone in the group, they have to take a drink. For example: Drink if you’ve ever kissed a stranger. Drink if you are wearing something pink.

This game is perfect for getting the party started and breaking the ice among guests who may not know each other well. With a list of creative prompts, “Drink if…” is sure to be a hit at any bachelorette party. You can turn this into a limo game while you are traveling to the party destination.

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14. Chug race is one of the most exciting bachelorette party games

For a wild and hilarious drinking game, chug race is a must-try. To begin the fun game, divide the participants of the bridal shower into teams of two and provide a beer can for each team. As you signal the beginning of the game, the players start chugging their beer. Once they finish it, they must flip the can and place it on the edge of the table with their fingers.

The challenge here is to make sure the can stays in that position without falling on the floor. The first team to successfully complete this ‘chug and flip’ game wins. It is perfect for party-goers who are looking for an energetic drinking game that can get the whole group involved.

15. Drunk Jenga

One game that is sure to be a hit at any bachelorette party is ‘drunk Jenga.’ If your bride has any pre-wedding blues, this will definitely calm her down. In this popular bachelorette party drinking game, players take turns removing a block from the Jenga tower and placing it on the top of the stack, without causing it to topple over.

All you have to do is add bachelorette party dares to the game – in the form of drinks. If a player successfully removes a block, they must take a shot or finish their drink, and if the tower falls, everyone must finish their drinks. This is one of the most fun bachelorette party ideas, and is a new and engaging way to get everyone involved and laughing. You must add this game to the raunchy bachelorette party excitement of the evening.

16. Icing the bride

Another classic bachelorette party game is ‘icing the bride-to-be.’ This game is similar to Truth or Dare but with a bigger focus on drinking. At random points throughout the girls’ night, someone will pull out a Smirnoff Ice and present it to the bride-to-be.

She then has to chug the entire bottle, no matter where she is or what she is doing. If she refuses, she must carry the Smirnoff Ice with her at all times until another bride-to-be is ‘iced.’ This game has been around for years and is always a popular choice for a fun girls night out. Just don’t get the bride too drunk before the wedding night.

DIY bachelorette party games

For those looking to keep things simple and budget-friendly, DIY bachelorette party games are the way to go. A classic game of Never Have I Ever can easily be created with just some index cards and a marker.

Guests can write down statements beginning with “Never have i ever” and place them in a glass bowl. For an added twist, guests can choose to drink if they have done the statement on the card. Another easy game is Guess the Panties, which requires party guests to bring a pair of underwear without revealing the color or pattern. The bride-to-be then has to guess who brought each pair.

Being single

17. Bobbing for dildos

One risqué party game that has gained popularity in recent years is ‘bobbing for dildos’ which involves sex toys. If you want to arrange a killer party, then add this game to your wedding planning list. This game is a bachelorette version of the traditional Halloween game of bobbing for apples, but replaces the fruit with sex toys.

In this game, a group of women take turns dunking their heads into a bucket filled with water and dildos and other sex toys floating on the surface, trying to retrieve as many as possible in a limited time. While it may be controversial or even offensive to some, this perfect game aims to provide a hilarious and memorable experience for bachelorette party participants, who are willing to embrace their humorous and adventurous side.

18.Balloon pop

Balloon pop is another interactive bachelorette party game that brings out the fun and excitement among the girls. This game involves filling up the balloons with different naughty dare tasks, such as kissing a stranger or doing a seductive dance.

Each bachelorette takes turns to pop the balloon, and the task mentioned in it has to be completed by the individual. The game creates an electrifying and amusing atmosphere, with the guests engaging in various entertaining activities. Balloon pop is one of the most creative bachelorette party ideas to set the mood and make the event all the more thrilling and unforgettable.

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19.Kiss the bachelorette

Another game that promises to be a lot of fun is ‘kiss the bachelorette.’ In this game, the bachelorette is the one who is blindfolded while all the other members of the bridal party write and sign their names on a piece of paper. After that, each participant is asked to kiss the bachelorette on the cheek, and she has to guess the kisser’s identity.

Additionally, to add even more excitement in a fun manner, participants can use lipstick or markers of different colors to make their kisses unique. As you ‘kiss the bachelorette,’ the bride-to-be and her closest friends are sure to have a great time, making lasting memories.

20. Bachelorette bingo

A popular and easy way to entertain guests during a bachelorette party is by playing bachelorette bingo. This game can be easily customized to fit the bride-to-be’s interests, which makes it a winner.

Whether it’s raunchy bingo cards that have been created with phrases such as ‘Bridezilla’ or tamer counterparts that capture the bride’s favorite things, there is no shortage of options when it comes to this game. As guests fill up their cards with sayings or items, the atmosphere of the party is lightened and becomes a hilarious exchange of competitive bingo calling. In the end, most correct answers win.

21. Printable bachelorette party games

Printable bachelorette party games are a fun and easy way to add an interactive element to any bachelorette party. These games can be easily downloaded and printed from various bachelorette theme packs on websites such as Etsy or Pinterest. There are a variety of options available, ranging from bachelorette trivia about the bride to bachelorette scavenger hunts around the city or dares for bachelorette parties.

Additionally, printed bachelorette party games can be customized to fit the interests and personalities of the bachelorette and her guests. They can be great icebreakers for groups who may not know each other well and provide a fun, competitive activity or bachelorette party dares for the participants to indulge in. If you plan the right party, your bride will certainly thank you for being a bridesmaid.

Key Pointers

  • For your bachelorette party, you can customize popular games like Jenga, Never Have I Ever, or Bingo to fit the theme
  • Try fun DIY party ideas like balloon pop, ‘kiss the bachelorette,’ and other risque games
  • Go for drinking games like chug race, ‘bachelorettes against decency,’ and ‘drink if’
  • Make sure everything is done with consent and that all attendees feel safe and comfortable during the party

Bachelorette parties are an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for brides-to-be to let loose and have fun with their close friends. By incorporating these 21 fun bachelorette party games, the naughty quotient can certainly be amped up, but it is important to always prioritize safety and respect.

These games can be modified and adjusted to fit the comfort level of the group, and should never make anyone feel uncomfortable or pressured. Whether you opt for a classic game like Truth or Dare or try something new like the lingerie race, the key is to have fun and create memories with your bride tribe that will last a lifetime.

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