How To Make Him Miss You And Commit To You

September 13, 2021 |
make him miss you
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Whether it is starting a new relationship, wooing an old best friend or trying to win an ex back – you may often struggle with a common concern: how to make him miss you and commit to you! Since you already want him badly, you may be desperately waiting for him to feel the same way about you.

Lindsey has been struggling with the same for the past month or so. She’s been seeing a guy on and off. When they do meet, they hit it off beautifully but Kurt is in no mood of showing any kind of commitment to her. He will reply to her but his texts aren’t very flattering. He will go out with her but keep it too casual and simple. Lindsey feels really frustrated when Kurt does not reciprocate her feelings the way that she wants.

When you are falling for someone and are craving their presence, it is certain that you want them to crave you too. Being needed by them gives you a sense of being loved which brings security to the relationship. Thus to make him miss you becomes an important step in your pursuit for commitment.  

13 Ways To Make Him Miss You And Commit To You Forever 

As a woman who has already made her feelings clear, you still deserve to enjoy a little chase. To make a man chase you and commit just brings with it a different set of excitement that can make the romance all the more fun! 

You might be left wondering, how to make a guy miss you and commit to you? Well, don’t you worry. We have the perfect set of ways for you to catch his attention. Use these psychological tricks that will make him miss you to have him waltz right into your life.

Whether you want an old boyfriend to come running back in your life or impress a new date – we have got you covered. Here are 13 ways to make him miss you and commit to you! 

1. Stop texting him! 

Sounds counterproductive right? We know. There are texts to make him miss you but sometimes sending lesser texts instead can do the trick. Text bombing somebody is the worst way to make him miss you and want you back. If you’re too available for them, they will always keep you on hold. To stand out and show him what he is missing, you need to stop coddling and overbearing him with texts. 

Text him every now and then but keep your messages crisp and precise. Double texting is a complete no-no in such a case. You want to be present but not too reachable. Let him on the hook and let him worry about why your responses sometimes take a couple of hours. Don’t use too many heart or blush emojis. Stay kind, sweet, attentive but still not too involved. 

2. Don’t always show all your cards 

Mystery is your key weapon when you want to make him commit to you. When does a man start to miss you? When he feels like he is not getting enough of you! If a man feels like he knows everything about you, his curiosity and interest will slowly dip. 

Let him slowly uncover your personality layer by layer and be enthralled each time that he learns something new. To keep him coming back for more, you have to keep certain cards close to your chest. To make him commit faster, you have to leave room for him to want you and explore.

When Lindsey is on dates with Kurt, one of her dating mistakes is that she spends too much time talking about herself. From her soccer stories in school to her fights with her roommates, Kurt knows about it all. While he enjoys these little tidbits, there really isn’t any room for Kurt left to wonder more about her.

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3. Keep busy to make him miss you

A man will often be repulsed if a woman wants to spend all her time with him. It is true that walking away from a man creates attraction and tension. Thus, walk away and make him miss you by completely immersing yourself in your other engagements. If you show him that you are occupied with other things, he will know that he is not always on your mind or your priority list. 

Moreover, a man likes a woman who is busy and has other interests in life. Spending all your time trying to impress a man is actually not impressive at all. When you are too busy for him, it will frustrate him and make him want you even more!

To make him miss you and commit to you, show him that you can be just fine without him. This will drive him nuts and he will be left wondering, how to romance your busy partner?

stay busy
Show him that you are busy and happy that way

4. Show affection but also pull back 

Withdrawing affection completely will make him too distant. He might think you just don’t want him anymore. Thus, it is important to stay around him and keep showering some love every now and then. Go on dates, hold his hand and love him when he likes it. Do not refrain from adoring him. He needs to know that you want him to be a part of your life. 

On the other hand, it is also important for him to realize the value of it if you truly want to make him miss you and commit to you. Give him a tease every once in a while in order to make him realize how much he craves your affection. Don’t always let him have you too easily. You can get him to commit by pulling away at the right moment.

5. Respect the space 

Smothering somebody with too much affection will only make them run farther away from you. “Go out and have fun with your friends!” – is every man’s dream to hear. A man needs to feel respected and that comes from giving him his space and letting him be. 

When he feels liberated and knows that he can make his own choices, he will love you more.  Do not be an insecure woman because that might drive him away. Tying a man down is no way to earn his love. By respecting his space, you can make him commit without pressure. That’s when you know it will be genuine. 

How do you make him commit? Not by coercing him into spending all his time and energy on you but by making him realize that you are a keeper. When he knows you like him but are also mature enough to deal with him, he will want to commit to you because he will see the roots of a healthy relationship in what you share.

Kurt is a good guy but he is often a little annoyed with Lindsey because she refuses to give him any space at all. She always wants to know where he is, who he is meeting and has all sorts of opinions on the things he does. Lindsey should loosen the reins a little and should probably back off and leave him to make him commit.

6. Be smart on social media to make him miss you

When the world of technology is at your fingertips, you simply cannot afford to be bad at it. There is so much on social media that you can do if you’re wondering how do you make him commit to you. Your online presence smartly is a good start point to make someone miss you without talking to them.

Sending heart reacts to all his stories and commenting incessantly on his pictures is not a smart thing to do. Keep it casual and easy if you want to make him miss you. Post openly about your night outs with your friends and maintain a buzzing profile.

How does this work? Well, when he sees how outgoing, confident and fun you are – he will experience some major FOMO. This will make him feel like he might be missing out on you and will want you even more. 

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7. Be goal-oriented  

A man loves a hardworking woman who is driven to achieve her goals. If you appear like your plate is too empty and spend all your time devoted to a man, he might not find it attractive. Having any kind of goal is important. A business venture or simply starting a yoga class – you need to be doing things for yourself. 

Sometimes, it is indeed a good idea to walk away and make him miss you. Stop thinking about him so much and think more about yourself and your needs. The moment your energies are positive, you are indulging in creative pursuits and are creating happiness for yourself, he will swim right back to shore and to you.

have goals
Have your own goals, hopes and dreams

8. Dress to impress 

To make him realize that you are the woman of his dreams, you have to do everything to be her! So imagine the woman you want to be and then become her. Dressing to the nines will completely ravish his senses and turn him on. To make your boyfriend love you more, you need to please his eyes too. 

Pick out your fab dresses for your dates with him so he knows that you take yourself seriously. Not only do you want to look hot but also powerful. Dress to feel good about yourself and kick your confidence up a notch! 

Lindsey’s biggest moment when going out with Kurt was probably when she took him out to a fancy seafood place for dinner. She bought the perfect dress from Zara, put on her strappy heels and went into the night like she owned it. When one feels like they look good, they do indeed feel good and this leaves no room for dating anxiety.

9. Show him that you can be happy without him 

Girl, you have to take this one to the grave. Your happiness should never depend completely on another person. When he sees that for real, he will value you more. Nothing is more attractive than a woman who knows how to create her own happiness. So get him to commit by pulling away and working on your own happiness.

Let your smile shine exuberantly. How to make him miss you and commit to you also depends strongly on how well he thinks of you. He can only admire you if he sees that you can admire yourself.  If he thinks you are strong willed and confident, he will want to commit to you much more. 

10. Be his shoulder to cry on 

While in some ways you need to detach yourself, in others you also need to be present for him. Remember that at the end of the day you are doing this because you care about him and want to be right for him. So you must be there for him when he truly needs you! Yes, sometimes you have to leave him to make him commit, but at the end of the day, your goal here is love and not jealousy or anger.

A man will only truly want to commit to you when he can build trust and make you his life partner. In order to do that, you have to be the best possible confidante you can be. To truly make him commit to you, you have to show him that you are worth being part of his life every day. 

11. Invest in a signature scent

Signature scents are extremely attractive and always leave a lasting impact on the people you meet. A signature scent adds an exotic layer of sex appeal to your personality. Moreover, the fragrance will always leave an association of you in his mind. 

Whenever he is reminded of your signature scent, his thoughts will be occupied only by you. If you want to make him miss you and commit to you, you just can’t go wrong with this one. This is one of the harmless psychological tricks that will make him miss you. So head over to the mall and find your perfect scent right now!

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12. Discuss the sex openly 

To establish a good sense of physical intimacy, one should openly talk about their sexual preferences and even discuss the sex once the deed is done. This makes the act much more than just a physical release and creates an air of closeness around it. 

Not only will this make the sex better but it will also foster a deeper sense of connection between the two of you. Don’t just make it about having good sex, allow it to also be intimate and real. 

Lindsey really enjoys the sex with Kurt but they usually do not spend much down time after it. They have good sex but eventually one of them leaves and they do not spend a lot of time talking. Don’t make that mistake. Stay for the after-taste!

13. Compliment him well 

Just like women, men too love to be showered with compliments. If you want your man to love and commit to you, you have to show him reasons that you are ready to do the same. Compliment his smile, his outfit, his hair and even other personal qualities about him. Make him feel special, cherished and important to you. 

A man can only commit if he is convinced that he is loved! A few endearing words can make his whole day and bring him much closer to you. 

Love comes with its ups and downs but if your heart is in the right place, nothing is impossible. How to make him miss you and commit to you mainly depends on how far you are willing to go to love and be there for him. Once you have enough conviction in your feelings, the rest will only take a matter of a time! 

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