20 Simple Ways To Make A Guy Miss You

June 28, 2022 |
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Make a guy miss you

Make a guy miss you

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Love is strange. You want a man to miss you but you don’t know how to make a guy miss you. As a woman, you desire your man to crave you, miss you when you are not around, and possibly send you loads of texts expressing these emotions. It is all perfectly natural – every woman wants her guy to miss her. But not many know how to make a guy miss you when you are not around. Well, there are some secrets and psychological tricks that will make him miss you.

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but this is not always true when you are dating in the 21st century. Too much absence could make the heart look elsewhere. So how to make a guy miss you when you are not with him? Where to draw the line between absence and too much absence?

Figuring out the answers to these questions can help you understand just what you need to do to make a man miss you like crazy and want to be with you. The key is to make him realize how much he wants and needs you by creating an aura of mystery and intrigue around yourself. How exactly do you do that? We’re here to tell you with this detailed lowdown on how to make him miss you.

How To Make Someone Miss You Psychology

Using the “how to make someone miss you psychology” to your advantage is the simplest way to grab and hold a man’s attention even when you’re not around him physically. You surely know by now that being clingy around a man does not work. The idea is to have them miss you when you are not around, feel your absence, and love you even more. And you have to do it smartly, for men can become distant if you try too hard.

They like their space, but they miss you too if you are not around. You can make someone miss you without talking to him, you can make him miss you after a fight and you can make him miss you if he is attending a party. You can also use the, “miss you” strategy after a breakup to make him realize what he has lost. In this context, the greatest way to make him miss you and want you back is by following the no-contact rule. And then your guy will miss you so much that you will eventually be back together.

You might be missing him and don’t know whether he’s feeling the same. It’s normal to want your Mr. Perfect to miss you back. But if you want him to miss you, you need to do all the heavy lifting. A man’s psychology works differently. They like the chase, the mystery and that is what makes them crave you more. You need to make yourself irresistible and keep him on his toes for him to miss you.

Look out for the signs that your boyfriend is missing you and you will know that you are on the right track. But do you want to make him miss you and want to commit? Then, you’ll need to use different psychological tricks that will make him miss you and want to build a steady relationship with you.

The bottom line is, whether you want to be your crush’s mind, are already in a relationship and want to make him miss you more, want to make a man miss you in a long-distance relationship, after a fight or a breakup even, there are myriad ways to captivate his mind without being too obvious in your overtures. We’re going to decode these for you, so that you know exactly how to make him miss you, no matter what the circumstances.

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20 Simple Ways To Make A Guy Miss You

Looking for ways to make a guy miss you? Actually, make that, “miss you really badly?” It’s not all that difficult, though it does require some brainwork. Go by these 20 simple ways and we are sure your guy will look to spend each minute of his day with you and he will be missing you the moment you are not with him.

To understand how to make a guy miss you, you need to be patient. Then, you need to give these steps their due time. There are no quick-fix solutions when it comes to matters of the heart, so show some restraint on yourself and make a man miss you by using these steps strategically.

1. Stop texting him

When you miss someone, you feel those butterflies in your stomach, and all you feel like doing is waiting for him to come online and text you. And the moment he texts you, BAM — you reply in seconds. Or he never texts you first but you are always initiating texts.

Men tend to lose interest in women who are readily available to them. So, one of the simplest psychological tricks that will make him miss you is to create some distance and let him do the chasing. You need to make him miss you over text by reducing your texts to him. Once you stop texting him, it will make him wonder what’s happening and he will start to miss your texts.

Your texts are not taken for granted anymore and he may want to text you more often. Another trick is to show that you are online and not text him. This will make him wonder what’s going on in your mind and will make him miss you over text.

  • When he texts you, don’t reply immediately. Wait anywhere between 10 minutes to two hours and text him back saying you were really busy. Pick up the conversation from there
  • You don’t always have to have really long conversations with him, try to cut them short sometimes and keep them to the point. This will peak his interest
  • Does absence make a man miss you? It surely does. Use radio silence to your advantage, and text him back later with a text or two, explaining how you were busy. Make sure not to overdo this
how to make a guy miss you
Don’t initiate texting

2. The waiting game

When should a man text after a date? According to Dating Metrics, 15% of men get in touch first on the same night after connecting with someone and 49% of men get in touch the night after. This is because of the waiting game. They don’t want to show that they are missing you already and hence wait for a day or two to get in touch. In this strategy lies the answer to how to make him miss you.

This same trick can be applied by women. Make him wait for you to respond. Make him miss you to get him to call you back. If you are thinking, “Should I wait or should I text him?”, our advice to you would be to wait a bit. The rule is to make him wait twice as long as he took to respond to your text or call.

It will make him want you to respond to his texts and messages and he will start to miss you and will call you. That’s exactly what you want. Right? So play the waiting game to make a guy miss you. Sometimes playing hard to get pays off and you can succeed in your bid to make him miss you more than ever.

  • Don’t text him immediately after a date, wait a while before you ask him how he is. The waiting will make him wonder what you’re up to
  • Don’t pick up every time he calls, and wait a while before you call him back
  • If you’re wondering how to make a guy miss you after a breakup, use this waiting tactic more often than not

3. Always be the first one to hang up

Whether you’re trying to make a man miss you in a long-distance relationship or someone you went on a date with four hours ago, showing that you’re not desperate for his attention can work wonders. The laws of attraction work wonder when you play hard to get. Be the first person to say goodbye or good night over text or call.

Show him that you aren’t dying to talk to him endlessly. Hanging up first will add to your mysterious aura, and he will feel that there’s still a lot more to you. It will make him chase you to know more. Ignoring someone you are attracted to may not be easy, but it is a surefire way to keep him interested. The mystery, the chase is all a part of the dating game done right. If you don’t go overboard with your calls and cute texts you are doing it right.

  • Tell him you’ve got some things to attend to and that you need to end the call, instead of always being the person who is hung up on
  • The point is to show that you have other things you need to do as well, and that talking to this person isn’t the only thing on your to-do list

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4. Have a signature

How to make him miss you? By leaving an indelible imprint of your memory on his mind. One of the easiest ways to do it is having a signature that will remind him of you. It could be a signature dialogue, scent, or even your favorite food or superhero. Imagine yourself talking endlessly about blueberry cheesecake in front of him and he goes to a restaurant and sees blueberry cheesecake on the menu. Guess whose name will pop up in his mind? That’s how to make your man miss you without even putting too much effort into it.

A particular brand of perfume that you use could be a great way of invoking his memory. Smells come with memories. It is the most potent way to make him miss you. Maybe you swear by a particular brand when it comes to your leather handbag or your shoes. Every time he sees an advert for the brand he will miss you. Psst, did you know having a killer scent is one of the ways to seduce a man?

  • The idea is to make him associate you with something he sees on the regular, be it a scent, a restaurant near his house or a certain movie franchise

5. Don’t give away everything

You both might be getting really comfortable with each other and you think that this is it. This is the moment when you can finally open up to him. Stop right there. Don’t share your life story in just two dates. Take time, do not open yourself just too soon. Men like surprises. That is what keeps them interested.

Giving everything right away will leave no room for further conversations. There are things you can talk about with your boyfriend to know him better but there are things you can hold on to about yourself if you want. Keep making him want to figure you out. You’ll be the one playing on his mind.

  • When you talk about certain experiences, tell him that you’ll talk to him about it more when the time is right. This way he’ll know he needs to keep building a connection with you to get to know you
  • Don’t overshare about your life, men can very quickly get bored in such conversations
  • This works with someone you’re currently trying to impress or even with someone you’ve known for a while

6. Leave things “accidentally

How many times have you found an old movie stub or subway ticket and relived that memory all over again? Things associated with memories make your brain start thinking about them all over again. If you’re looking for psychological tricks that will make him miss you, don’t miss out on this one. It works like a charm.

Try accidentally leaving your handkerchief or earring in his car or house. When he finds your earring or handkerchief, he will immediately think of you, and maybe smile as well. These little things will help him remember you when you are not around.

However, if he does not mention it to you, do not start to feel bad or initiate an argument or simply start crying, it’s not necessarily a sign he is not into you. There could be a chance that he has not mentioned it to you over the phone but will share how much your stuff reminded him of you over your next date. Wait.

  • Leave things in his apartment that you can live a day or two without, such as a handkerchief, your earphones, or a book
  • This can even work with someone you’re dating, so if you were wondering, “how to make my boyfriend miss me?” all you need to do is leave behind your wallet at his place and he’ll be thinking about you

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7. Use social media as your weapon

A great way to make him miss you after a fight is to show him that it’s business as usual in your life, and you aren’t spending all your time sobbing into a pillow just because you two had a falling out. Keep posting updates or post pictures of yourself on social media.

Post parts of your life that you want him to see. He is definitely stalking you online and you can use that to your advantage. Show your fun and cool side. Upload some great photos of yourself. Make him realize what he will miss if he is not a part of your life. Show him that you are worth the chase.

Social media can be used to your advantage to make a guy miss you. Did you show off your new gym clothes or your latest swimsuit on Insta or did you share your girl gang holiday pics in Amsterdam? He would just wish he were with you. He will go crazy missing you and would instantly slide in your DMs.

  • Upload a story on your social media about anything fun or an activity that’s happening in your life
  • Do not mention the guy or make it obvious that you’re just uploading for him to see it
  • It’s a great way of answering, “How to make someone miss you without talking to them?” Just make sure you don’t overdo it

8. Being “busy” when he asks you out is how you make a guy miss you

How to make a guy miss you? Don’t always jump up to say “yes” whenever he asks you out. He could think that you are easy-going and will take you for granted. Play hard to get instead. It’s okay to turn down one or two plans. This will make him more anxious to meet you on your next date. If you are not available, he would be waiting to catch up with you and that’s a good thing.

How to make him miss you through text? Leave him hanging for answers whenever he reaches out to make plans for meeting up. “I’ll have to see.” “I’m not sure if I’m free that day but I’ll try.” “Let me figure out my schedule and get back to you.” These simple text messages can make him miss you and yearn for you. Since you’re not straight away shooting down his suggestions to meet, he will cling to the hope that the plan will materialize. The resulting anticipation will make him miss you more and more. Plus, if he does reschedule immediately, it’s a clear sign he’s into you.

  • When he suggests a date, tell him you’re busy that day but be respectful about it. Tell him you’ll reschedule soon according to when you see your schedule opening up
  • Reschedule yourself or ask him if he can change the date, but make sure to wait a while before asking him that

9. Give him space to make him miss you

If you spend most of your time with him, it will soon become a normal thing. His heart will no longer jump when he sees you. He will no longer anticipate your presence. If you are always there, how will you give him a chance to miss you? If you are always there for him physically or through texts, there won’t be any scope of him missing you.

“I wondered how to make my boyfriend miss me since we hung out every day and it got to the point where he never even said he missed me because we’re always together. Once I made a few plans with friends for the weekend, he realized that he’ll have to spend his weekend without me after a long time. That’s when he finally understood how much he took me for granted!” Jocelyn, a 19-year-old reader from Wisconsin told us.

Give him enough space to think about you in your absence, that’s how all the missing will start. Make a few plans with your other friends. Spend a day at the spas, have a girl gang party, upload a few pictures and statuses and see the magic. We can bet your absence and the fact that you were having fun without him will make him miss you more and more.

  • If you meet him every day, stop doing that and start making a few plans with other friends
  • Make sure it doesn’t seem like you’re cutting him out of your life, let him know that you’re just busier than usual
  • Once you start spending less time together, don’t completely avoid him either since that may ruin things

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10. Share your adventures with him

How to make him miss you and want to be a part of your life? By making him see that you have a well-rounded and fulfilling life and don’t need him to make you whole but that having him as a part of your life will definitely be an enriching experience for you both.

There are so many fun stories that you can share with him. This will make him feel that you are including him in your inner circle and he will feel that he’s getting to know you better. Be careful not to give away everything. You still want to keep him hooked to you. You can ask him to hang out with your friends but don’t make it a rule. When he knows you are having fun with your friends he will miss you, but make sure it’s not just a sign of infatuation.

  • Tell him about recent fun experiences you had, especially with another male friend since that might make him a bit jealous if he’s into you
  • Let him know that you have fun with people apart from just with him as well
  • However, don’t do this too often with your boyfriend as it may upset him and make him feel unwanted

11. Treat him like a friend

How to make a guy miss you and commit? If you want him to commit and feel that he suffers from a fear of commitment then this is a crucial step. By now you are head-over-heels for him but don’t let him know that. He will think that you are an easy game.

Instead, friendzone him for some time. Do not show up every time he expects you to be there and give him a chance to miss you. Your absence will make him think about you. Let him go through the whys and the buts and feel it’s not the same without you for him either.

This will make him realize that he has to win you over and he will put in more effort to show how much he wants you to feel differently about him. His efforts will reflect in the way he starts to treat you – a prized person in his life. So if you were wondering how to make him miss you over text, stop flirting with him and treat him as a friend. One day he might just try his hardest to flirt with you since he misses it so much.

  • How to make a guy miss you? If things have been moving too fast, let him know that you still consider him a friend
  • Make sure he doesn’t feel like you’re rejecting him or only confining him to the friendzone, instead, let him know you’re taking your time

12. Leave him craving for more

One of the simplest psychological tricks that will make him miss you is to leave him wanting for more – more of your time, your attention, more insights about your personality. Make it apparent to him that there’s still so much he doesn’t know about you. Be secretive, playful and mysterious. It’s one of the best ways to attract a high-value man.

He will feel drawn toward you and crave you even more. If you both are talking, be the one to end the conversation first. Not abruptly, but in a seductive kind of way, that leaves him asking for more. Leaving the conversation at just the right time will have him thinking of you, missing you and you will find him longing to have a conversation with you.

If you stay away from him he will crave for you more. Tease him when you are in bed and give him an idea of the positions you want to try. He would just go crazy wanting more. This also works if you’re trying to figure out how to make your man miss you.

  • When talking about a personal subject, say “More on that later, I can’t just tell you everything about me in one go can I?”
  • As with everything else, make sure he doesn’t feel like he’s being rejected
  • Tell him he’ll have to stick around a bit longer to find out everything about you

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13. Does absence make a man miss you? Yes, so get busy once in a while

To make a guy miss you, give some of your time to yourself. Maybe he has been keeping busy and making you feel unwanted. Start having night outs with friends instead of date nights and tell him about all the fun you had. This will make him a bit jealous and he will miss not being the one you’re having fun with.

Go for some retail therapy or hang out at the nightclub, experiment with some cooking at home or just go out for late-night ice cream. If you had a breakup and he said he needs time to get over you. You stay busy and have your own life. It’s a good way to make him miss you and want you back.

  • If you go out with this person frequently, he may start taking you for granted. Tell him you’re busy with some other plans and reschedule with him
  • When you do meet him, tell him about the fun you had with friends since that will make him realize that he needs to try harder to be your top priority

14. Try new things with him

To make a man miss you like crazy, you have to be willing to soak up new experiences with him and build cherishable memories in the process. It’s time to tick off a few things from your bucket list. Ask him whether he has tried those things. If not, you’ve got him exactly where you want him to be.

Be his firsts in these things and create new memories. Don’t forget to take pictures! This will make you totally unforgettable. Share these couple pictures on social media and let him look at those pictures and miss you.

  • Have memorable experiences with him, but not all the time. If there’s something he has wanted to do for a really long time, share that experience with him and he will remember you for it
  • Make sure you don’t make it seem like your schedule is always wide open for him, let him see that you have your own life as well

15. How to make a guy miss you after a breakup: Have a blast without him

Go out with your girlfriends and have the time of your life. Let him know how much fun you have even without him. All men love a fun-loving, independent, and outgoing woman. Show him that side of yours. Make sure you don’t talk to him while you are having fun with your other friends.

If you talk it will only make him feel privileged and you don’t want to give him that leverage just yet. Make sure to make those plans when he has literally nothing to do all day. He will automatically scroll through your updates and start missing you. This is a great trick if you’re trying to make a man miss you in a long-distance relationship.

  • If you’re wondering how to make a guy miss you, make it clear that you’re having a lot of fun without him
  • Make sure to use your social media to get the message across instead of especially texting him about it

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16. Be full of surprises

How to make him miss you and commit? Be unpredictable. Be an enigma. Make him feel as if he has to make an effort to unravel the layer of your personality and truly get to know you. Men love spontaneity. They love women with boundless energy and are always ready for a new adventure. Show him new versions of yourself each time you meet him and he won’t be able to get you off his mind.

Send him flowers sometimes or just order food for him through an app. Be full of surprises. He would look at you as a partner in crime. From romantic winter dates to long drives in the rain to extreme holidays, he would want to do it with you. He would miss you if you are not around when doing this.

  • Instead of “I’ll do whatever you want to do,” suggest fun things and activities to do together that you know he will enjoy
  • Make him see that you’re someone who is open to new experiences and is capable of trying things out
  • However, don’t overdo it. You don’t want him to think that you’re trying too hard to have fun with him

17. How to make a guy miss you? Dress to kill

he would miss you
Dress up to impress him

Put your best foot forward when you are meeting him. Make heads turn around while you walk toward him and make sure he notices it. Make his heart skip a beat when he sees you. By putting in a little effort in grooming yourself and working on your appearances to accentuate your best assets, you can make a man miss you like crazy.

You will become irresistible to him and he will have a visual picture of you worth remembering. The slaying way to make a guy miss you. You can shop online for some stunning dresses or get these custom-made from a designer.

  • Dress up when you go to meet him, it’ll make him see that you put effort into yourself
  • If you know that he likes your hair a certain way, wear your hair in that manner

18. Show him that he’s not the only one in line

Have “accidental” encounters with him when you are with your male friend. Try to make him jealous by showing how close you are to this male friend. But play this safe – the goal here is to only make a guy miss you, not bring out his aggressive streak or push him away.

Tell him you have a guy best friend and see how he reacts. Men want what they can’t have and when he will realize that he’s not the only one in line, he will start missing you like crazy and pay more attention to you. This is among the fail-proof psychological tricks that will make him miss you.

  • Tell him about any fun memories you may have with some of your guy friends, but don’t make it obvious that you’re making him jealous
  • Don’t make him feel like you’re smitten for someone else, make sure that your relationship with these other men comes off as platonic

19. Make him realize that you’re the one

You’ve spent enough time with him to know what his ideal girl is like. Your job is to make him realize that you are his ideal girl. Make the effort to be a better girlfriend. Invest your time in knowing about the little things that matter to him. How does he start his day? His coffee is just about right?

What interests him, what lights his face up? If you make the effort, you’d know exactly what he wants from you and you’d be able to make him miss you the moment you are away from him. Simple, little things have larger impacts. Highlight your personality to make him see that you are the one for him. He will start craving for you, even more, when he knows you are his final stop.

  • Show him the best of your personality, tell him about the achievements you’re proud of, and the things you want to accomplish
  • If you think you both will be a good fit together, let him see why you think that

20. Be yourself

Men love women who are independent, fun-loving, and more importantly, who own themselves. Loving yourself for who you are will make him love you the same way and it’s the simplest answer to, “How to make a guy miss you.” Faking your personality to attract him towards you is short-lived and will only drive him away from you later on or create a fake relationship as well. If you want your man to actually miss you, make him miss parts of you that are real.

  • Being fake is only going to work for a while, eventually, your authentic personality will shine through. If you’ve lied about it, he will not perceive you as someone who is trustworthy
  • Be yourself in front of him, if you two are actually a good fit, things will fall into place. Refrain from making him miss you as a means of manipulation

These are 20 sure-shot ways that can make a guy miss you a lot. It will even make him miss you the long-distance when the physical distance will make his heart long for you. These psychological tricks will work on any man – he could be a new crush, an old flame, or even a long-known friend. Always remember to be yourself and he won’t stop craving for you.


1. Does silence make a man miss you?

There are benefits of silent treatment and it can definitely make a guy miss you. When he texts you, don’t reply immediately and make him wait a bit for it. Don’t be available all the time, pick up his call and reply back to him on your own accord. But do not overdo it then it might backfire.

2. How do you make him miss you over text?

You can make him miss you over text if you do not text him often. Do not initiate texts or reply immediately. When he texts you, wait for ten to fifteen minutes before you send him a reply and try not to overshare information about yourself. On other days, you can claim that you’re busy and not text him properly for the entire day. However, as with everything else, make sure you don’t overdo this. You don’t want him to back off assuming that you’re not interested.

3. How can you tell if a guy misses you?

You will know a guy is missing you when he texts you often and asks you out for dates. He might even point out that you both are not spending as much time as you used to, which will make him ask you out more frequently.

4. Will no contact make him move on?

The no-contact rule can work and make him miss you more. It is not necessarily that he would move on because of no contact. However, if you establish the no-contact rule for a very long duration, he’ll eventually start moving on instead of just missing you.

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