Top 10 Most To Least Mysterious Zodiac Signs Ranked

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Who or what can be called a scintillating mystery? We term a person ‘mysterious’ when we cannot understand them or when they act unpredictably. It can be in a good or bad way. But another important question is, do astrology and the zodiac have a role to play in justifying somebody as mysterious? Is there a most mysterious zodiac sign that the world should be aware of?

Interestingly, the answer to all of those questions ends in a yes. Since every person is born under a zodiac sign, they exhibit certain common traits which are specific to that sign. Which is why, it can be said with a certain amount of surety as to where they feature among the most to least mysterious zodiac signs.

Knowing this might actually help you understand a person better, or at the very least, misunderstand them less! So if you fail to get through to a person or find their behavior odd, blame it all on the stars. To break it down, astrologer Nishi Ahlawat will help us decode what behaving mysteriously looks like in various zodiac signs.

Top 10 Most To Least Mysterious Zodiac Signs

Some people keep things to themselves and are perhaps purposefully mysterious. They may be reserved or may take their own time to open up to someone, but that does not mean that they are unfriendly or shy. A person’s mysterious side does not necessarily have to be seen as a diabolical trait or something that one should fear. Mystery can even be a good thing.

In the world of zodiacs, there can be various possibilities as to how each zodiac behaves or puts themselves forward. So instead of judging them and being wary, all you need to do is to accept them for who they are and respond accordingly. It may not be easy to deal with someone’s partially puzzling behavior but if you know what to expect, you might end up having an easier time engaging with them. So without further ado, let’s get right into it. Here’s the most mysterious zodiac sign first, and then goes down till the least mysterious zodiac sign in the end.

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1. SCORPIO (October 23November 21) What’s on their minds?

In the most to least mysterious zodiac signs list, Scorpio ranks at number one, without a shadow of doubt. The most enigmatic zodiac sign, Scorpios, tend to have very strong, magnetic personalities. Opening up to somebody is not something they do too easily as they like to keep their emotions out of the sight of others. But when they do open up, it’s like somebody flipped a switch. You will suddenly see a very possessive side of them.

A Scorpio’s deepest secrets will never come out

“One of the biggest traits of Scorpio is that they are mysterious. A Scorpio’s deepest secrets will never come out in the open as they are exceptional at hiding their true feelings. They will share only if they want to,” explains Nishi.

Scorpios are known to be intense and not too easygoing as people. But this mystery adds to their allure as they never really reveal what’s going on in their minds. If you can read their minds, then Nostradamus, you have cracked the code!

2. PISCES (February 19March 20) the intuitive sign

Like Scorpio, Pisces is also a water sign and they are known to be intuitive and dreamy as well. So naturally they have a mysterious side to themselves. They can also slip in and out of various phases, so don’t be surprised if they give you the blow hot-blow cold treatment or suddenly start playing hard to get in your relationship.


The quiet, little Pisces may seem like a shy nobody at first glance. But when you dig deeper, become close to them, and get to know them — you will learn of their impeccable and gifted intuitive skills. Between the most to least mysterious zodiac signs, Pisceans have earned a special place. Even though they are not as intense or dark as Scorpio, they are unpredictable because they are dual-faced and way too dreamy.

3. CANCER (June 21July 22) soft on the inside

Nishi says, “Cancer is a water sign and this zodiac is ruled by moon which makes them really soft and sensitive in nature.” Cancerians are people of few words, but their innermost feelings may still be very loud. Cancers have a sharp and ticking brain and are known to be very intuitive. They are deep and wise, and the best people to turn to for advice in a tough situation.

Cancer is one of the most mysterious zodiac signs

But Cancerians are high up in the mentions of the most to least mysterious zodiac signs because they are ruled by the moon which itself indicates a certain puzzle. They are like the crab. Expect them to be hard on the outside and soft on the inside. So to get to see their soft side, you need to crack open the shell which is not an easy thing to do! However, once you do, you will learn how deep they truly are.

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4. CAPRICORN (December 22January 19) hard to figure out

Capricorns come across as caring, graceful, and warm but they have a layer within themselves that won’t open up to anyone too easily. One of the most secretive zodiac signs, figuring out what goes on in their head is always going to be a difficult thing to do. If you have a Capricorn friend who has been looking upset all day, good luck. Because they will never actually tell you what’s going on with them or share their innermost feelings.


Capricorns are strong, silent type but do not underestimate them. Their resilience is unmatched and they are one of the strongest zodiac signs. You may be worried about that friend who has been ignoring you all day because something is on their mind but know that they will bounce back quicker than you think. Even if they are behaving mysteriously and not exactly letting you in on what’s going on with them, trust them to take care of themselves. Capricorns can taken on a lot of stress without letting you know what they are going through.

5. AQUARIUS (January 20February 18) one of the most secretive zodiac signs

Aquarius is the reserved one and somehow, a little similar to the quiet, little Pisces. Nishi says, “An Aquarius like to be private and they open up only with selected people. The Saturn energy also makes them a bit cold so they don’t really feel like sharing everything with people.”

An Aquarius is always planning and plotting and observing others carefully. Even though they may have hidden truths that they never let come to light in front of others, their observational skills are so great that they have a good read on other people.


While they do possess this fantastic quality, there is a flip side. An Aquarius can also be a little too shady and secretive as a result of which they end up being rather mysterious and slightly difficult to trust. Their mysterious side usually works against them, which is why they have to relentlessly try to maintain their relationships. This puzzler has good intentions at heart, but people always tend to assume the worst of them.

6. LIBRA (September 23October 22) the unpredictable one

A Libra is all about balance and they see to it that everything works out perfectly in the end. Whether it is planning their sister’s wedding, writing a song, or getting that Ph.D, a Libra is a straightforward zodiac sign that always knows what they want. This makes them somewhat the most envied zodiac sign. But the problem is that in their eagerness to appear balanced, they come across as too safe and hesitant to take a stand for anything.


Their people-pleasing tendencies set them behind. You never quite know what is going on in their mind or what their real opinion is. But they can’t commit to anything that they say, so it is kind of difficult to trust them. They are unpredictable because they claim to stand for peace and stability but they can be quite argumentative and unstable, thus making them the most complex zodiac sign.

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7. VIRGO (August 23September 22) moody and mysterious

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The most mysterious zodiac sign may be Scorpio, but a Virgo is not too far behind. Virgos are complete perfectionists who love to do things well. They are organized, structured, and as healthy as possible. But no matter how hard they try, Virgos are not a perfect sign and they have a dark side as well. They can get quite jealous and it’s this quality that makes them a tad bit mysterious, because they resist revealing their true feelings. If things do not go their way, they can withdraw into a shell and become very moody.

Another problem with a Virgo is that they can become too analytical and humble but deep down they can be dismissive and critical too. A Virgo may say hurtful thing in a relationship. A Virgo boss, too, can be quite tough to handle. So while their rank might be low in the most to least mysterious zodiac signs, don’t take them lightly.

8. GEMINI (May 21June 20) dual personality

Gemini are people pleasers like Libra. They are pleasant to talk with, soft-spoken, and happy-go-lucky. Yet, that is not all they are. A Gemini is dual-faced as well. This can make them feel very confused at times, and they end up becoming extremely bad decision-makers.

Nishi tells us, “Gemini has a dual personality. The lord of this sign is Mercury which makes them really sharp and that overthinking and over-analysis of every issue ultimately makes them more confused when it comes to taking important decisions. This is why, a Gemini can appear like the most mysterious zodiac sign.”


A Gemini wants to give the impression that they are cool and stress-free which is not always the case. A Gemini friend might not be exactly mysterious in the true sense of the term but their duality shows up in most conversations and situations due to which you can count them among the freakiest zodiac signs. From deciding which pasta to order to how many bedrooms they want in a new apartment, their partially puzzling behavior can get on a person’s nerves.

9. TAURUS (April 20May 20) a confusing sign but the best secret keepers

Taurus is known for keeping their calm in all kinds of situations. Being an earth sign, they are a straightforward zodiac sign and do not harbor too many secrets unlike water signs. However that does not mean they do not have a certain kind of depth to themselves. They can turn quite taciturn when they want to.

What’s also interesting is that while a Taurus may not possess too many secrets, they certainly know how to keep one. Look around and think of the person you find the easiest to talk to, and you may discover they are a Taurus. This is because they are the best secret keepers. This is why Scorpios and Taureans make for good friends. A Scorpio’s deepest secrets will be kept safe with their Taurus friend.


Here is where things can go wrong, though, and in such situations, a Taurus may reveal their perplexed and mysterious side. Sometimes, Taureans can become very self-absorbed yet act possessive and over-protective which might confuse you. They will be jealous but will do anything to conceal it. When counted among the most to least mysterious signs, they may not be up there with the Scorpions and Pisceans, but Taureans exude mystery in their own way.

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10. LEO (July 23August 22) relatively uncomplicated

Leo is a strong, happy, and rather uncomplicated sign. They are the most enigmatic zodiac sign but that is in a very different way. Otherwise, there is little space for confusion or mystery when decoding a Leo. That’s why they are in the bottom half of this list of most to least mysterious zodiac signs.

Also, Leos are very dynamic, independent, and bossy which makes them natural born leaders. So if dating a Leo woman, be prepared to be with a woman who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. They perhaps won’t even have the time to be mysterious and alluring, because they are so focused on other things. They are also gregarious and very generous people, which again makes them less mysterious and more simple.

Nishi says about Leos, “I would say it’s somewhere in the middle, when it comes to being mysterious or not. What’s important to note about them is that they don’t like to follow but lead. They are good leaders. They would listen to you but more than that, they love to be heard. They are not really easy going as their ego gets hurt easily because of the Sun’s energy and they love their independence a lot. They are ruled by the Sun so no one should try to control them.”

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Key Pointers

  • Scorpio is the most mysterious zodiac sign which is why you may never get a peek into their hidden truths
  • A Virgo’s mysterious attitude can be attributed to them being a very moody sign
  • A Taurus usually does not have many secrets of their own and behaving mysteriously is not in their nature but they are the best secret keepers

All zodiac signs exhibit a certain amount of mystery, because people are imbalanced and interesting in all sorts of ways. Their depth and magnitude also depends on the combinations, their ascendants, and time of birth, and so on. However, a rough guide based on their basic personality traits can be enough to get you cracking on the mystery!

So now you know which sign is the most mysterious and which zodiac sign is the least mysterious. Be it your dear one or a work colleague, next time you interact with them, you will know what their mystery is, and why they are the way they are.

This article was updated in January 2023.

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