18 female body language signs of attraction

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Don't miss this female body language signs of attraction

Women are often very subtle when they give out hints that they are attracted to you. They like to drop hints, but wrapped in mystery. And then there are signs of body language – that account for 50% to 70% of all communication! Body language signs of attraction are not hard to decipher, provided you know what to look for! Here are 18 signs of attraction from a woman.

18 female body language signs of attraction

It is really difficult to make out whether a woman likes you or not. Sometimes what we think to be hints could just be signs of their friendly nature. Thus, when it comes to reading the body language of a woman who is attracted to you, you will have to be alert and observant. Most men take a woman’s nature to be signs of attraction, because of which they end up making fools of themselves. Don’t be one of those fools but look out for these signs.

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1. She plays with her hair

Many women have the habit of playing with their hair while talking to the person they are attracted to. Playing with their hair is also usually accompanied by a smile. Does she dreamily play with her hair while she is talking to you or when you are around? Her subconscious habit is giving away the sign that she is interested in you. This is the most subtle female body language sign of attraction.

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2. She makes eye contact

Well, this is a tricky one. Many people prefer making eye contact during conversations to show that they are paying attention. If she is just making eye contact with you, then it may not be a sign of attraction. If she is making eye contact with you and looking at your lips from time to time, it means that your lips are distracting her and she is thinking about how it would feel like to kiss you. This is a girl’s way of dealing with her attraction towards you.

3. Her broad smile

Her mood lightens up whenever she sees you. She feels comfortable and relaxed talking to you. Whenever she sees you or talks to you, there will be this broad smile on her face reflecting in her eyes. She could be jovial by nature, but does she smile like this while talking to everyone? Or is it only you. Don’t miss this female body language sign of attraction.

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4. She dresses up more

If you see her on a daily basis, then you know to what extent she dresses and puts on makeup. Has she being dressing differently lately? Is there something different about her makeup or the colour she wears? She could be wearing your favourite colour so that you notice her and you haven’t even realised it yet.

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5. You can hear her breathe

People usually have a tendency to start breathing faster when the person they are attracted to comes closer to them. They run out of oxygen and start breathing heavily, to an extent that you can hear them. They can’t keep calm because their heart is beating at a faster rate, too. Can you hear her breathe?

6. She arches her back

Arching her back has to do with her posture. She arches her back so as to stick her breasts and her butt out, to make it more prominent. She does it so that you check her out and give her attention. She wants you to notice her and one of her ways is by attracting you towards her body. This is a major physical sign of female attraction.

7. She blinks a lot

You might find her blinking a lot while talking to you. It could be something you find normal. Notice whether her blinking is accompanied by a slight tilt in her head. It is because she is not just blinking, but batting her eyelids to charm you. Surprisingly, batting eyelids is one of the weapons a woman uses to charm her guy.

8. She tries to shift your focus towards her lips

Either by wearing a bold lip colour or what may appear to be harmless lip biting, she will draw your attention towards her lips. It is her way of saying that she is attracted to you and wants you to kiss her. A simple lip sucking could also be a sign of attraction. Ever thought why her lips feel so dry only when you are around? Don’t miss this physical sign of female attraction.

woman seeing in man's eyes. Don't miss these female body language signs of attraction

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9. She leans her body into you

Leaning may or may not be accidental. But what is for sure is that she feels comfortable with you and doesn’t mind being close to you. She will lean into you because she likes the closeness with you. Look out for how frequently she leans towards you while talking. If she always does it, she definitely wants you to know how she feels.

10. There is a lot of physical contact

When you are in your comfort zone, you don’t mind touching your friends by way of a friendly slap or brushing of hands. When a woman is attracted to you, she will touch you even more. By way of a friendly touch, she will slowly move towards a sensual one. She is flirting with you by not actually flirting with you. This is a woman’s way of give you a physical sign of her attraction towards you.

11. She looks at you seductively

There will be times when she will just give you hints openly and you will feel it too. She will look at you seductively and you will be able to see it clearly. She will stare at you constantly with a wild and playful smile. She is openly telling you how she feels about you.

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12. The way her legs cross

At times when she is sitting beside or in front of you, you will notice her crossing and uncrossing her legs a lot. Ignore the first 3 crossing and uncrossing of legs, it could be a sign of restlessness or an attempt to get into a comfortable position. Even after that if you notice her crossing her legs too much, it is because she wants you to notice her legs. Another sign is whether her legs are open or crossed. If her legs are open, then it means that she is also physically attracted to you. You just have to learn to read the signs of female attraction.

13. She laughs a lot

How hard does she laugh at your lame jokes? If she is the one in the room who laughs the hardest, then you know she likes you. When a woman is attracted to someone, even the lamest things about that person tend to look sweet and charming. She will find your jokes funny even if she doesn’t get them.

man and woman laughing together. Don't miss this female body language signs of attraction

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14. She strokes a random object

Have you seen her stroking a random object while talking to you? This is one of the subconscious signs of attraction. She might be stroking a mug, keychain or even a pencil while talking to you. It is because she is keeping her hands engaged so that they do not go towards you. She would rather stroke you than stroke that mug in front of her.

15. She walks pointedly

Have you checked her out while she walks? It is because she wants you to check her out while she is walking. She will walk seductively, moving her hips as much as possible and making her butt prominent so that you can check her out. Women do it only when they want a particular man to check her out.

16. Her cleavage is more exposed

She could be a bold dresser. You need to analyse whether she was always a bold dresser or this is something she has been doing lately. If it is a sudden change, then that exposed cleavage is not a coincidence. If it is there, then it is because she wants you to have a closer look at it.

17. She will nod aimlessly

You were discussing something important with her and after a point of time, you notice that she is continuously nodding but may not be paying attention. It is because in the midst of the discussion, she zoned out into her dreamland where she was imagining you in it. She is nodding, not to your conversation, but to her daydream that includes her new crush.

18. She blushes, just like that!

Sometimes women can’t help but blush even if they don’t want to. It is because their attraction increases to such an extent that it is written all over their face and can be clearly seen in their body language. You can see her blush every time she talks to you or looks at you. What can be a clearer sign than that?

If you find these 18 signs in the woman you think is interested in you, then you’ve got your answer. The question is, what are you going to do about it? If you are interested in her the way she is, don’t waste any more time, but if you are not interested in her, you need to do something about if before this attraction takes the shape of any other kind of deeper and stronger feelings. Think fast and act before it is too late.

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