18 Female Body Language Signs Of Attraction

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There is a reason why women are more perceptive than men. Having been at the receiving end of scrutiny and attention, even young girls learn to read body language signs better than boys. You can run this simple experiment and ask the woman you are dating if she remembers the first few words you spoke to her. Chances are she won’t cause she was fixated on reading between the lines!

They can tell a lot more about the situation from what is unsaid. And this is the key to reading her as well. Women give out subtle hints when they are attracted to you. Their fleeting gestures are normally wrapped in a cloud of mystery. You must understand what they are saying by decoding the female body language signs of attraction – it accounts for 50% to 70% of all communication!

Body language signs of attraction are not easy to decipher especially for men because they generally speak up their minds and are more or less straightforward in their expression. Reading between the lines doesn’t really come naturally to men, as we note in a study in Evolutionary Psychology that gives out a reason for the difference between how men and women flirt. To better understand the subtleties of flirting from women, here are 18 top signs of female attraction.

18 Female Body Language Signs Of Attraction

Now how do you read these non-verbal signs and read them correctly? You do not want to misinterpret a friendly gesture as a female sign of attraction. You don’t want to be that fool who has over-read into a simple gesture and become the topic of conversation for her friends. Nor do you want to overlook an actual hint from her and pass it off as nothing.

You are perhaps a pro at reading the signs which tell you she is not interested, you now have to learn to know when she is. When it comes to reading the body language of a woman who is attracted to you, one huge need of the hour is to be alert and observant. As the women are reading your body signs they are also throwing off hints of their own without perhaps realizing it. Be an expert on them.

1. She plays with her hair

When we are talking about female body language signs of attraction, we first talk about involuntary signs of attraction. Have you noticed when attracted to someone women often start playing with their hair? They curl or twirl them, or simply throw them off their shoulders, thereby drawing your attention there. The reason behind pulling her hair back is to make her facial features and neck more prominent, in a subconscious attempt to appear alluring.

If you want her to admit how she feels about you or at least make her aware of the fact that you notice these little changes, order a set of scrunchies for her. Next time she’s fiddling with her hair too much, casually slip it in, saying, ‘I think you could use these. Your hair seems to be slipping out of your control these days.’ If she blushes, you know it’s not the case of a bad hair day but of her having lost her heart to you.

Check if she has a hint of a smile as she plays with her hair.  Are her eyes a little dreamy while she is playing with her hair? Her subconscious is giving away the sign that she is interested in you. This is the most subtle female body language sign of attraction. Remember, this sign could be for someone else in the room and not you, understanding that is vital. You can check the signs to know if a woman is interested in you. 

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2. She makes eye contact

Well, this is a tricky one. Many people prefer making eye contact during conversations to show that they are paying attention. If she is just making eye contact with you, then it may not be a sign of attraction. If she is making eye contact with you and looking at your lips from time to time, it means that your lips are distracting her and she is thinking about how it would feel to have them on hers.

This is a girl’s way of dealing with her attraction toward you. Check if her pupils are larger, that is a sure sign of sexual attraction too. Also, is her gaze lingering on you, just a second longer than usual? Does she draw her eyes away the moment she finds you looking at her, but there is a slight blush in her cheeks? Neuroscientist and technologist Poppy Crum (PhD) said in her TedTalk on technology and micro-expressions, “Your eye responds to how hard your brain is working… When your brain’s having to work harder, your autonomic nervous system drives your pupil to dilate. When it’s not, it contracts.”

3. Her broad smile

If you are looking for positive female body language signs, then her smile is the one. Her mood lightens up whenever she sees you. She feels happy that you are there. The smile doesn’t fade, it lingers, it is almost involuntary, the slight twist around her lips. She may even be flirting with her eyes

This means this is the real deal and you should read it as her interest in you. Whenever she sees you or talks to you, there will be this special broad smile as well. Her eyes will reflect that twinkle as well. She could be a pleasant person by nature, but does she smile like this with everyone, or is it only with you?

Don’t miss this female body language sign of attraction since it’s a very easy to spot physical sign a woman is interested in you. It doesn’t matter if you can’t read between the lines, noticing her smile from ear to ear should be enough to tell you that she’s happy to be in your company.

Happy couple
She feels happy that you are there

4. She dresses up more

If you see her on a daily basis, then you know the amount of effort she has invested in it. Is she going that extra mile to apply that concealer? Does her skin look flawless? Is she dressing up with more care? Perhaps a little flirtatiously? Is she wearing colors you like or said looked good on her? Maybe she wears a scent which she has figured out to be your favorite. She could be giving you subtle signs by dressing up in the way you like her without even realizing it, check for those. These are actually top signs of female attraction.

In case, she is acting coy and you’re not ready to put your feelings out there yet, you can build upon this sign of attraction by gifting her a dress that you’d love to see her wear. If you see her wearing it the next time to meet her, you can be certain about the way she feels for you. If you never see her wear it, however, either your choice of dresses is absolutely horrible or you need to start reading the physical signs a woman is interested in you a lot better than you’re currently doing.

5. You can hear her breathe

People usually have a tendency to start breathing faster when the person they are attracted to comes closer to them. Perhaps it is their nervousness and anxiety (the stress of wanting to make the right impression on you). And sometimes it is just like it is said in the song, ‘You take my breath away’ they run out of oxygen and start breathing heavily around you, to the extent that you can hear them.

Their heart beats faster and the body is dealing with the elevated rate. Can you hear her breathe? Can you almost hear the butterflies in her stomach? No, don’t go about getting her an inhaler. As this is one of the signs she is secretly attracted to you, all you have to do is make sure you don’t mess things up by being boring!

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6. She arches her back

Arching her back is about posture. But it is also an involuntary body language sign of attraction. She arches her back by shifting her hips backward, it creates a curve in the lower back that captivates an observer’s gaze. The breasts and butt become more pronounced and this makes her appear more sensual.

Increased curvature increases the perception of attractiveness, she has your full attention this way. She wants you to notice her and one of her ways is by attracting you towards her body. This is a major physical sign that the lady is attracted to you. We’re yet to find a straight man in the world on whom this doesn’t work.

Signs a woman is attracted to you don’t come around more obvious than this. So don’t be lost in your own world, zoning out during your date. Notice how her body posture and it will tell you all you need to know about the physical signs a woman is interested in you.

7. She blinks a lot

You might find her blinking a lot while talking to you. It could be something you find normal. Notice whether her blinking is accompanied by a slight tilt in her head. It is because she is not just blinking, but batting her eyelids to charm you. Eyes that flutter show arousal or heightened emotions.

Applying eyeliner and mascara to highlight the eyes is also a sign of attraction. Surprisingly, batting eyelids and then looking somewhat coyly is one of the weapons a woman uses to charm her guy. It could be because she’s nervous about coming up and talking to you, especially if you’re in a professional environment. Look out for these body language signs a coworker likes you if an office romance is on your bucket list (make sure the HR doesn’t find out).

8. She tries to shift your focus towards her lips

Research says that a man is drawn to a woman’s pout more than any other facial feature. Think about it, what is the most attractive feature of Angelina Jolie or Priyanka Chopra? Their full lips, right? Women use this by either wearing a bold lip color, especially red – this is her way of drawing your attention towards her lips. It is her way of saying that she is attracted to you and wants you to kiss her.

A simple lip bite could also be a sign of attraction. Ever thought about why her lips feel so dry only when you are around? Don’t miss this physical sign of female attraction.

Couple enjoying precious moments
It is her way of saying that she is attracted to you

9. She leans her body into you

Think of your friends posing with their partner for photos, don’t we tilt our heads towards people we are most comfortable with or like? We choose to stand next to them and consciously or subconsciously lean into them. It is a sign that we trust them and are comfortable with physical closeness.

When a woman leans into you, it pretty much means the same thing, she trusts you enough to initiate that tad bit of physical proximity. Maybe she wants to send a signal, but even if this leaning in is an accidental one, this is for sure, she likes you. There are no two ways about it. Think of the moves which show the opposite, stiffening up, folding hands in front of the chest, etc. If you look closely you will be able to see these subtle yet sure signs of attraction.

Look out for how frequently she leans towards you while talking. If she always does it, she definitely wants you to know how she feels. It could also be as simple as her leaning into you to listen to you better. She wants to be attentive and show you that she’s interested in what you’re saying. From the physical signs a woman is interested in you, leaning into you is easiest to spot. If you’re looking for it, that is.

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10. There is a lot of physical contact

When you are in your comfort zone, you don’t mind touching your friends with a passing brush of the hand or even being okay with those extra seconds in a harmless hug. When a woman is attracted to you, she will touch you even more. It may start out to be friendly but could develop into something sensual.

Often, this would be in fleeting flashes. She will flirt with you by not actually flirting with you. This is a woman’s way of communicating her attraction toward you. She may also tease you if she sees you blushing with this physical closeness. Understand she is trying to draw your attention to how your body reacts to hers.

If you notice her trying to touch your back/face any chance she gets, even if it’s under the pretext of a joke or something humorous, it may be one of the physical signs a woman is interested in you. Unless she’s outrightly brave and extroverted, the touches won’t be innately sexual from day one. She’ll break the ice with humorous/playful physical contact first.

11. She looks at you seductively

There will be times when she openly gives hints, all that matters then is how you respond to it. She might seduce you with her eyes, with a look of longing; it is in the lips – the way they take on a pout (even without her realizing it), it will be in the slight blush of her cheeks. Learn to recognize these signs. She will look at you and dare you to look away. She is openly telling you how she feels about you.

If she isn’t voicing her obvious attraction towards you, it’s one of the signs a girl likes you but is trying not to show it. She might be playing hard to get, or she might just be nervous. Your job now is to make sure you catch these physical signs a woman is interested in you and start reciprocating them. Trust us, she’ll take note of the way your body language changes if you like her.

12. The way her legs cross

At times when she is sitting beside you or in front of you, you will notice she keeps crossing and uncrossing her legs. Ignore the first 3 crossings and uncrossing of legs, it could be a sign of restlessness or an attempt to get into a comfortable position. Even after that if she keeps at it, it is because she wants you to notice her legs. Who knew her crossing her legs is a subconscious attempt at getting you to notice her?

You just have to learn to read the signs of female attraction. Also, check if her palms are sweaty. Norepinephrine is the player behind the fight-or-flight response, if she is worked up around you because she is sexually attracted to you you will know it from her hands. No, they won’t be drenched in sweat, but if you do try to hold or touch her hand (which in itself will be a good flirtatious move if the circumstances are right), you’ll be able to notice if her hands are slightly sweaty.

13. She laughs a lot

How hard does she laugh at your jokes, even when they are lame? If she is the one in the room who laughs the hardest, then you know she likes you. Also, she is attentive to your conversation. Maybe she offers an opinion or acknowledges it. If you share a WhatsApp group with her, she may react to your posts more than she does to others’.

When one is attracted to someone the most mediocre things about that person seem sweet and charming. She will find your jokes funny even if she doesn’t get them.

Couple laughing
How hard does she laugh at your jokes?

14. She strokes a random object

Have you seen her stroking a random object while talking to you? Maybe brushing off imaginary crumbs from the tablecloth? This is one of the subconscious signs of attraction. She might stroke a mug, keychain or even a pencil while talking to you. It is because she is keeping her hands engaged so that they do not go toward you.

From the physical signs a woman is interested in you, it’s safe to say this one is the naughtiest. The ulterior intentions might be enough to get the mood going, and if you respond in a favorable, playful manner, half the job is done. She would rather stroke you than stroke that mug in front of her, this is a physical sign of female attraction, don’t misconstrue it for just fidgeting.

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15. She walks pointedly

Have you checked her out while she walks? It is because she wants you to check her out while she is walking. She will walk seductively, moving her hips as much as possible and making her butt prominent so that you can check her out. Women do it only when they want a particular man to check her out.

From the back of her eye, she will follow your gaze. If she is a little too, bold she may just turn around and acknowledge your look, in a flash and then move on. Even if you think you’re being slick with your wandering gaze, trust us, she’ll notice you looking at her. While you wonder how to spot signs a woman is attracted to you, she’s now caught an obvious sign you can not stop thinking about her.

16. Her cleavage is more exposed

It’s possible that naturally, she could be a bold dresser. You need to analyze whether she was always a bold dresser or this is something she has been doing lately. If it is a sudden change, then that exposed cleavage might not be a coincidence. If it is there, then it is because she wants you to have a closer look at it.

Some women try to pull the shoulders up and that could be a bid for you to notice the movement of her bust. In a not-so-subtle way of giving off physical signs a woman is interested in you, it’s bound to get your senses going. Try not to stare too much though, that’s just creepy. You don’t want things to end before they even started.

17. She will nod aimlessly

You were discussing something important with her and after a point of time, you notice that she is continuously nodding, but may not be paying attention. It is because, in the midst of the discussion, she zoned out into her dreamland where she was imagining you in it. She is nodding, not to your conversation, but to her daydream that includes her new crush.

As one of the most charming signs she is secretly attracted to you, it is also the easiest sign to misconstrue. Unless you’re a psychic of sorts, you can never be certain about what’s going on in another person’s mind.

18. She blushes, just like that!

Sometimes women can’t help but blush even if they don’t want to. It is because their attraction increases to such an extent that it is written all over their face and can be clearly seen in their body language. You can see her blush every time she talks to you or looks at you. What can be a clearer sign than that? Even though you are sure, she may play hard to get, look out for those signs.

If you find these 18 signs in the woman you think is interested in you, then you’ve got your answer. The question is, what are you going to do about it? If you are interested in her please flirt back and start the dating game. But if you are not interested in her, you must let her know either directly or indirectly before she gets too invested in you. We get many stories of one-sided love and it can be very painful for the one who doesn’t get her feelings reciprocated. Think fast and act before it is too late.

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