5 shocking rebound relationship stories you must read

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Updated On: March 23, 2023

I had a friend. She had been dating for two long years and one fine day, for no apparent reason, her boyfriend broke up with her. It was sad. She indulged herself in stress eating, but that wasn’t really helpful. It was unhealthy and made her feel even worse. Then she met this guy through a friend. It turned out they felt a connection with each other. This new guy brought about an observable change. She wasn’t sad anymore to begin with. It was a rebound relationship, but it seemed that both of them were in a very good space.

The lesson of the story – sometimes, when people leave you unexpectedly, other people come into your life even more suddenly. Voids get filled. You get better. Rebounds aren’t all that bad after all. But not always do rebound relationships have fairy tale endings.

Breakups often leave you devastated and you do not know how to deal with your issues. That’s exactly when the rebound happens, trying to provide you with all the comfort that you’d been doing without all this while. And, sometimes you do not even catch up on the signs that you are in one of those relationships!

It’s alright to look after yourself, but when you string along with someone else on your journey of healing and self-discovery, it’s better if things are made clear to them as well. There’s no use breaking someone else’s heart just trying to fix your own, right?

A rebound relationship generally has one of these three conclusions

  • You get a permanent partner for life
  • You get to fill the emptiness your ex left you with until you are ready to move forward on your own
  • You somehow add on more misery on yourself
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Three routes that a rebound relationship might take

Here is a compilation of a few crazy and sweet rebound relationship stories from people all around:

1. Rebound relationship fail

Tanya, 22, confessed that she hooked up with her ex boyfriend’s little brother to move on from him. While she is not proud of her rebound choice, she believes it was still worth the expression she saw on her ex’s face when it dawned upon him as to what really was happening. Though, the other brother turned out to be a little too crazy as well. His demands of being exclusive even when he knew this was nothing more than a no-strings-attached fling made her break up with him over an instant messenger app.

Tanya ended up giving a whole new meaning to the phrase revenge is a dish best served cold. Although seems like the revenge did no good to either party (the girl and his ex), so I’m not sure who really won in this particular scenario.

2. Moving-fast rebound relationship

An anonymous confession was made on Whisper app where this man had hooked up with a girl he had met in the club and brought her home to spend the night. When he woke up the next morning, he found himself tied to the bedpost. Everything worth any penny was gone. (Yes, I know you are reminded of a Saif Ali Khan scene in Dil Chahta Hai.)

But this does sound like the peak of rebound nightmares. Always think twice before you spend a night with a stranger. This is just many of the nightmarish setups you might land up in.

3. After-divorce rebound relationship

After divorce rebound
After-divorce rebound relationship

A Reddit user that goes by the username ‘LastTrainOuttaHere’ had a little story to tell as well. Fresh out of a nasty breakup, he met a girl on a holiday. She was also recovering from her divorce. The two had a brief affair. Shared a few laughs, spent some days together and went out on dates. He said that it was some of the best days of his life. It helped him cope with the breakup and that was all that he had truly needed at the moment.

Finally a story of a successful rebound! This is how it ideally should be although sometimes it isn’t. One moves on, one doesn’t. Life’s very messy, isn’t it?

4. Rebound relationship and back to the ex

An anonymous girl on Reddit confessed that she could have never realized that she was just a rebound until she got ghosted. The man she was dating was crazily into her and often made sweet gestures and promises. He even made her meet his family. And then just like that, suddenly he goes cold and distant. Asks for more time to deal with ‘things’ and then deleted every picture of the two of them from every social media. He ended up ghosting her and she had a hunch that he was back with his ex. She wished that he dumped her properly, at least.

Poor girl! The least she deserved was a little honesty from the man’s side. It’s hurtful being deserted by someone without getting a proper closure at all.

A little honesty can go a long
A little honesty can go a long

5. To get over an ex rebound relationship

Kartik, 24, had his heart broken by his rebound. He confessed that his rebound girl was a gamer. Gamers usually need a lot of their own space and time, which he failed to provide. Eventually, she broke up with him and he ended up feeling worse than before.

Ouch! When your rebound dumps you and you suddenly have two breakups to deal with. It can be a rebound relationship nightmare.

Let us know if you’ve some of your own rebound stories to share!

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