15 Signs He Finds You Irresistible

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Marina Ray went to her school reunion when she met Rahul, who had a crush on her. That was 15 years ago. Now she believed they had moved on. She was a successful TV anchor, while he had become an established corporate honcho, and looked dapper in his black suit. Marina spoke to him for a while, after which her friend Manav told her, “Did you know there are signs he still finds you irresistible?”

Marina couldn’t believe he found her irresistible even after all this time. Manav said, “I will prove to you that he is into you. Follow me to the terrace.” Marina followed him outside. “He will come here because he was keeping an eye on you all night,” he said. Soon after, Rahul came to the terrace. Marina was in awe. Manav smiled, “See, he always found you irresistible.” 

What happened with Marina is the norm, not an exception. When a guy has a crush on you, the signs he finds you attractive will be apparent in his actions, mannerisms, body language, and the way he behaves around you. With insights into these signs, you can easily put the how do you know if he finds you attractive question to bed at once. We’re here to help you with just that.

What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible

After reading this account, you may wonder what made Marina so irresistible to Rahul even after so many years. There are many signs a man finds a woman irresistible. It could be the way she looks. Marina wasn’t a pretty face in the most conventional sense but there were things about her that made her irresistible.

There is a popular perception that a woman is irresistible if she does sexy things that turn guys on. Being sexy doesn’t only mean having a 24-inch waistline and the ability to carry high-heels and LBD to perfection. There is much more to being irresistible. We list the things that make a woman irresistible.

  1. Her smile: A smile that reaches her eyes and comes out spontaneously
  2. Her confidence: When a woman is not self-conscious and believes she looks really beautiful in whatever she wears
  3. Her communication skills: She is intelligent, good in academics and knows how to hold a conversation
  4. Her sense of humor: The true meaning of being an irresistible woman means having confidence and a sense of humor that’s tasteful
  5. Her personality: A distinct personality, passion for what she feels strongly about and value for herself and her own opinions
  6. Her mysteriousness: Last but not least, she isn’t easy to get. Even if she isn’t consciously playing hard to get, the man wooing her know he needs to put in the effort to win her over

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15 Signs He Finds You Irresistible

The party proved to be the real reunion for Marina and Rahul. There are many qualities guys find irresistible and once they find those in a woman, they find it hard to get over her. That is why Rahul, despite meeting so many women later on in life, couldn’t ever forget Marina. When they got together, Marina realized she was always desirable to Rahul.

If you too have that someone special in your life and find yourself wondering how do you know if he finds you attractive, here are 15 signs he finds you attractive, irresistible, adorable, hot and so much more:

1. He would always make eye contact

signs he finds you attractive
Eye contact is the biggest turn on

When a man finds a woman irresistible, he wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off her. If you are at a restaurant having a candlelit dinner, he would look deep into your eyes and talk to you. And if you both are at the same party talking to different people, then be sure he would constantly seek you. 

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If a man constantly makes eye contact with you, it is a sign you are attractive to him and he is checking you out. Sometimes just looking into his eyes conveys more than words can. And in case that special man in your life already does these things, you can quit asking yourself, “Does he find me attractive?”

Marina accompanied Rahul to his cousin’s big fat Indian wedding. When she would sit with all the women at the Sangeet or Mehendi session, she would catch Rahul looking at her from the balcony or behind the pillar, just to get a glimpse of her and lock eyes with her. One of the women there told her, “Eye contact is one of the most obvious signs he thinks you’re beautiful.” 

2. He would admire what you wear

One of the most telling signs he finds you attractive is that he not only pays attention to what you wear but is also candid in his admiration of the way you look. A man finds a woman captivating when he can appreciate her dressing sense. One of the signs he is checking you out is if he compliments your outfits and asks about your accessories and shoes.

A man finds a woman irresistible when she dresses up elegantly and knows what suits her. Once you’ve found your style, carry yourself well and flaunt it with confidence. You could choose to dress ethnic in salwar suits and sarees, or even decide to go western with cute tops and skirts, but if you’re able to carry off a piece of a garment well, he will surely fall for you. 

Marina opts to wear ethnic both at work and for special occasions. Rahul thinks she looks stunning and constantly reminds her of how gorgeous she looks. Marina never has to wonder, “Does he find me attractive?”

3. He always compliments you

One of the most telling signs he finds you attractive is his tendency to shower you with compliments. Ever. He would always inquire into the details of your dress, make-up, shoes, and even hair. When a man takes so much interest in a woman’s attire, it is a sign he finds you adorable. 

The compliments don’t stay limited to your clothes and looks, it could extend to an achievement, your intelligence and quirks, a kind gesture or just about anything. One way to know if a guy finds you beautiful is if he points out little things about you and makes you feel special. 

Marina always fed the street dogs in her locality. Rahul never failed to compliment her on her kindness. One of the signs he finds you irresistible is that he appreciates more than just your looks.

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4. He always shops for you

One of the signs he finds you adorable is that he goes above and beyond to make you smile because he thinks it brings out the best in you. Wherever he goes, he is only thinking of you. He surprises you with things he picked up for you from different places. It could even be that he isn’t into shopping, but he still loves shopping and buying things for you at the mall. This is a definite sign he is checking you out and finds you captivating. 

When Rahul went on a work trip to Bangkok he returned with bags, dresses, perfumes, shoes, and even local souvenirs for Marina. He didn’t pick up anything for himself because he doesn’t enjoy shopping for himself. 

5. He plans to make memories

You will know a man finds you irresistible if he wants to make memories with you. It could be a dinner at your favorite rooftop restaurant or a visit to his grandparents’ house to spend the day with his family. He knows that making new memories is important and wants to spend every little moment next to you and cherish it too. 

Rahul booked a small yacht and spent the entire day with Marina on it. They had a lavish dinner after which they went stargazing – a memory he always wanted to make with a woman he found irresistible.

6. He takes care to dress up

signs he finds you attractive
He would go all out to look good so that he can impress you on a date

What are some signs he thinks you’re hot? You may find yourself pondering over this question if the attraction between you and your man is palpable like an undercurrent but still not quite obvious. The answer lies in paying attention to how much effort he puts in grooming himself to look irresistible to you.

He could be the kind who would wear a casual T-shirt and trousers when he’s off work. But if he puts in effort when meeting you – starting with a shower and followed by aggressively hunting for the perfect attire in front of the wardrobe – he finds you irresistible. 

He would spend time choosing the right deodorant and hair gel. He would go all out to look good so that he can impress you on a date. If he puts in a lot of effort to be well-kept and good-looking, it is a sign a guy is really turned on by you.

Rahul went a step further and asked Marina what kind of clothes she would be wearing for their lunch date. According to her response, Rahul chose a shirt that complimented her attire. Together, they arrived in style at the restaurant. 

7. He wants to be with you

How do you know if he finds you attractive? Well, if he does, he’d make an extra effort to be with you. It’s not about just going for cozy dates and movies. When a man finds a woman irresistible he makes an effort to accompany her when she has to visit the grocery store, the medicine shop, to take the dog out for a walk or when she has to take a parent for checkups.

He tries to be with you and every minute spent with you is precious. If he takes time out of his day to be with you it is one of the signs he finds you irresistible and can’t get enough of you. Rahul drives down 40 minutes from work, picks up Marina, who is a fitness freak, from her gym and drops her home three times a week just to be able to spend time with her, and get to see her more often. 

8. He has no ego with you

When you ask him to pick you up and drop you off at different places, he would do it without any hesitation. He would never think that you are bestowing chauffeur duties on him. He has no ego when he is with you.

He could be very successful career-wise, but with you, he is just your man. If you feel comfortable enough to ask him for help when it comes to favors no matter how silly they are, it is one of the signs he finds you attractive and is developing feelings for you. 

Rahul cooks something special for Marina whenever she drops in at his place, and when she cooks for him, he makes sure to do the dishes. If the need arises, he would even wash the clothes and fetch the groceries for her. Rahul takes his roles and responsibilities seriously and has no ego in doing any tasks for Marina because he loves her. 

9. He desires you

You will know you are desirable to him when he holds your hand while driving the car, lingers on your cheeks a bit longer when you are kissing goodbye or if he keeps brushing his hands against yours when he talks to you. He kisses you whenever he gets the chance and discusses what a fiery session you had in bed.

He tells you he always looked forward to this when you make out. It is visible in a man’s actions when he is into you. A man’s actions are the best indicators and most important signs a guy is really turned on by you. His gestures and the way he looks at you can say it all. 

For Rahul and Marina, a goodbye kiss in the car often becomes a prolonged one and then Rahul says bye with a smile on his lips. This is enough to make Marina’s day. 

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10. He puts up with your whims

You may want to go out with your friends to a nightclub on a Friday night, even though both of you had a long day. Instead of trying to convince you to stay home, he would put in extra effort to dress up well and join you and your friends, even though he is not a party person. 

You could be craving biryani at 11 pm and he would order it immediately, and if you have been dying to go to that particular resort he would surprise you with a booking. He does all this with a smile and loves your whimsical side because he finds you irresistible, and is a sign he thinks you’re beautiful. 

Marina loves to get drenched in the rain because she is a pluviophile. Rahul hated getting wet until they got together. Now, as soon as it rains he reaches for the raincoat and goes out with her. This is Rahul’s way of telling Marina that he finds her irresistible without saying it out loud. 

11. He never harps on your imperfections

Your short temper, the habit of overspending or an inability to stir up a proper meal don’t bother him. He accepts you with your warts, and he finds you irresistible with all your imperfections. One of the ways to know if a guy finds you beautiful is if he overlooks your shortcomings and loves beyond imperfections. 

Marina isn’t too good at keeping her apartment tidy. Rahul never complains when he walks over worn socks lying on the carpet or the wet towel on the sofa. He simply ignores it and helps Marina tidy up. When a guy accepts your quirks and not-so-nice habits just as much as he does your strong suits, it’s among the signs he finds you adorable.  

12. He is proud of you

The most irresistible trait is being a woman that a man is proud of. You could be great at managing a home or a career woman but he is proud of whatever you do. He finds you intriguing and magnetic and is proud of your achievements. Instead of being jealous of your success, he supports you every step of the way. 

Rahul just loves to see Marina on TV when she comes on screen as an anchor and he tells everyone how he finds her irresistible. Every time he sees her on-screen he feels proud of how far she has come and wants to share his pride with everyone around him. 

13. He appreciates you

He appreciates you for who you are and not for who you could be. You could be a shy person or an extrovert, you could be someone who is extremely successful or you could be someone who has taken really good care of her parents. He appreciates what you do and your small gestures for him.

Rahul was really busy at work and his gas hob had conked off. He wasn’t getting the time to get it fixed. Marina called the company, stayed in his apartment, and got it fixed. Rahul showed his appreciation by cooking her favorite meal that night. This simple gesture is Rahul’s way of telling Marina he appreciates all that she does for him. 

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14. He shares everything with you

Men are usually not too forthcoming about sharing everything about themselves with anyone. If he is discussing his office, his friends, their girlfriends, his family, and even his ex with you then that means he finds you irresistible. Every relationship is different so coming up with a unique communication strategy is necessary. If a man is comfortable with sharing details about his life with you, it is a sign he finds you attractive. 

Rahul is always discussing his family dynamics with Marina. He is not embarrassed to share anything with her and seeks her advice on how to deal with issues that he faces on a daily basis. Marina also appreciates him opening up to her. This increases the trust factor in their relationship. 

15. He values your opinion

If there is an issue at the workplace does he ask for your opinion? If he does then he really values your opinion and you have one of the most irresistible woman traits. He thinks your opinion really matters and you are intelligent and experienced enough to guide him.

One of the qualities guys find irresistible is when a woman has an opinion of her own and is not afraid to stand by it. Men admire strong and independent women who are passionate about their beliefs. If he encourages you to voice your opinions it is because he values them. 

Rahul got a promotion and a transfer abroad he consulted Marina on this. He could not make a decision without taking Marina’s advice and listening to what she had to say. 


1. How can I tell if someone finds me attractive?

If someone makes the time and effort to see you, showers you with compliments and admires your inherent qualities it is because they find you attractive. When they care how they look around you constantly and want to be the best for you, it is because they consider you very attractive.

2. What is the most obvious sign that a guy likes you?

If a guy keeps accidentally touching you, wants to spend all his time with you and looks for reasons to talk to you, it is probably because he likes you and is interested in you.

3. When you feel a spark with someone, do they feel it?

They might! If they feel a spark towards you too, they may show it in subtle signs that they find you irresistible. If they care to listen to you, value your opinions and show you that you hold an important place in their lives, they probably feel something towards you too.

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