21 Signs He Finds You Irresistible & Is Attracted To You

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signs he finds you irresistible

Marina went to her school reunion when she met Tom, who had a crush on her 15 years ago. Now she believed they had moved on. She was a successful TV anchor, while he had become an established corporate honcho, and looked dapper in his black suit. Marina spoke to him for a while, after which her friend, Paul, told her, “Do you know there are signs he finds you irresistible, still?”

Marina couldn’t believe it. Paul said, “I will prove it. Follow me to the terrace. He will come here because he has been staring at you all night,” he said. Soon enough, Tom came to the terrace. Marina was in awe. Paul smiled, “See, he is infatuated with you!” 

Can you relate to Marina’s experience? Is there a Tom in your life, who you suspect could be fascinated by you? Maybe, you’re more attractive than you think. To help you gain clarity, let’s delve into the irresistible woman meaning and clear signs a guy fantasizes about you.

What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible

You may wonder what made Marina so appealing to Tom even after so many years. What makes a woman intriguing to a man? Well, a beautiful woman isn’t necessarily one with a 24-inch waist. There are many inner qualities that men find irresistible in a woman. We list the things that make a woman desirable to a man:

  1. Smile: A smile that reaches her eyes and comes on spontaneously
  2. Confidence: When a woman is not self-conscious and believes she looks really beautiful in whatever she wears, she becomes attractive to a man
  3. Communication skills: A woman who is intelligent, good in academics, and a pro at funny conversation starters. If she can hold a conversation and engage people with her words, men will feel drawn to her
  4. Sense of humor: Irresistible woman meaning boils down to confidence and a tasteful sense of humor
  5. Personality: A distinct personality, passion, and self-worth are some other irresistible woman traits
  6. Mysterious: Even if she isn’t consciously playing hard to get, the man wooing her knows he has to work hard

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21 Signs He Finds You Irresistible

A Reddit user asked, “When I’ve just met a guy and I’m getting to know them, what are the subtle signs that they find me attractive or unattractive? What kind of questions could I ask to dig around and see if they like me in that way?” Don’t worry, you don’t have to ask him questions to dig around! If a guy digs you, you’ll end up noticing. To help you, here are big signs he is mesmerized by you:

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1. Makes eye contact

According to research, eye-locking leads to the release of hormones associated with physical attraction/affection, specifically phenylethylamine and oxytocin. So, one of the good signs a guy is falling for you is that you’ll experience eye contact attraction with him. What does that feel like, you ask? Well, pay attention to the way his eyes interact with yours and see if he does the following:

  • If you both are at a party talking to different people, his eyes eventually find yours
  • His gaze follows the eye-eye-chest pattern of movement (a much more intimate way of gazing)
  • He continues to stare at you even when you have caught him doing so multiple times

2. Compliments you

What are the signs he secretly wants you? A Reddit user wrote, “This is probably more for the awkward ones, but I have this bad tendency of glossing over the negatives of women I am into. So if I am saying a lot of nice things about a girl, I’m probably either naive, interested, or both.”

If he compliments your outfits/accessories/shoes, it’s a sign you are attractive to him. The compliments won’t necessarily be limited to your clothes/appearance and could extend to your intelligence and quirks, kind gestures, or just about anything. When a guy says he is impressed by you, it’s one of the signs he finds you interesting.

3. Open body language

Looking for tips on how to know a guy is falling for you? Look for these body language cues:

  • He keeps his hands uncrossed and away from his torso
  • He removes objects between him and you
  • He keeps his forehead pointed toward you, instead of away

In fact, in a 2016 field study of 144 speed dates, postural expansiveness was rated as the most romantically appealing trait. For each unit of increased expansive body language signs, participants were 76% more likely to be picked out of all the other speed daters!

4. Shops for you

If he goes above and beyond to make you smile, these are the signs of romantic interest from a man. For example, he may bring you little souvenirs from his tropical vacation. If a guy gives you a gift, he’s trying to express his feelings. If he’s your number one fan and showers you with attention, these are signs he secretly wants you.

5. Looks for excuses to touch you

Falling hard and fast for someone often means not being able to stay away from them. The need for personal space diminishes and you feel safe around them. On that note, here are some body language signs he is attracted to you:

  • Touches your back/neck/shoulder
  • Instinctively reaches for/tries to hold your hand
  • Gives you lingering hugs

6. Dresses up for you

What does it mean when a guy says he is excited to see you? It means he’s smitten! And that excitement will show… in the way he smells and the amount of hair gel on his head. If he puts in a lot of effort to appear well-groomed and well-dressed, it’s one of the signs he finds you attractive.

Life coach Joie Bose says, “When a guy is in the company of a woman he is secretly attracted to, he will touch his hair often for support and reassurance. To see if it’s in place. This is the way his vulnerability comes out in front of someone he likes. This is among the sure-shot involuntary signs of attraction. In front of his friends, he wouldn’t care two hoots about how his hair looks.”

7. Wants to spend time

A Reddit user wrote, “This can be read pretty wrongly, but I tend not to invite women to do something with me (movie, trivia night, etc.) unless I am into her or I have established a friendship with her already. Even the quasi, testing-the-water suggestions (boy, I’d really like to see Les Misérables but I have no one to go with) while you’re the only one in earshot could be a hint.”

So, when a guy makes excuses to talk to you, it’s a sign he finds you interesting. Spending time is not just about cozy dates and movies. When a guy is intrigued by you, he makes an effort to accompany you anywhere, from the grocery store to the pharmacy. Every minute spent with you is precious for him.

8. Has no ego with you

When you ask him to pick you up and drop you off somewhere, he does it without any hesitation. He never thinks you’re making him chauffeur you around. He has no ego when he is with you. He could be very successful or popular, but when with you, he just wants to be your man. If you feel comfortable enough to ask him for help, it is one of the signs he finds you attractive. 

infographic on signs he secretly wants you
Signs He Finds You Irresistible

9. Gets jealous

His possessiveness is one of the signs he sees you as someone special. If a guy takes an inordinate amount of interest in your romantic life, he definitely doesn’t want you to be with anyone else. Look for the following behaviors:

  • He behaves like an unhealthily jealous partner when other men try to approach you
  • He becomes a nervous wreck when you give other men undivided attention
  • He views your romantic interests as competition

10. Puts up with your whims

Whether it’s going to a nightclub on a weekday or fulfilling your late-night ice cream cravings, he always indulges your spontaneous side and does so with a smile. Putting up with your whims is one of the signs he finds you beautiful and is drawn to you.

11. Never harps on your imperfections

Maybe you had a bad day or goofed up majorly at work but he’s always there to remind you of your irresistible woman traits. He doesn’t care if your skin is breaking out or if you’ve put on some weight lately. For him, you’re still a woman to admire, no matter what. Your success makes him happy and when you fail, he reminds you how proud he is of you. These are all signs he sees you as someone special.

12. His facial expressions give it away

Joie Bose explains, “The expressions of love for men are typically more physical. If you find someone’s gaze resting on your lips even for a brief moment, he is interested in you. And he will want to imagine how it will be to kiss you. That will definitely take him away from the present moment, and the moment reality strikes, he will take a deep breath. He had forgotten to breathe for a second when he was thinking of you.”

If you’re wondering how a guy feels about you, start paying attention to his facial expression. If he has a dreamy look in his eye whenever he is near you, it’s because you’re making his heart skip a beat.

13. Genuinely listens to you

Relationship counselor Pooja Priyamvada says, “Holding space for someone means letting them process and express their feelings, remaining there to support them without any judgment or unasked-for suggestion.” So, he’s a keeper if he holds space for you in the following ways:

  • When you share your vulnerabilities, he always listens without criticism/judgment
  • He nods along and even asks follow-up questions
  • He tries to understand where you’re coming from

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14. Shares everything with you

One of our readers told us, “A guy I’ve befriended at work keeps chatting me up. When a guy calls you just to talk, does that mean he’s interested in you? Why does he keep talking to me about everything under the sun? Also, he looks into my eyes when he talks to me. And that intense eye contact is making me mad! Do we have an emotional connection?”

Men are usually not too forthcoming when it comes to expressing emotions. If he can sit and talk to you for hours about his future plans, his friends, their girlfriends, his family, and even his ex, these are signs a guy is falling for you. He can be his real self around you. He doesn’t even have to think about using the ‘right’ words. If a guy has deep conversations with you, he likes you.

15. Values your opinion

  • If there is an issue at his workplace, does he ask for your opinion?
  • If you suggest some movies/songs to him, does he take them seriously?
  • If needs advice regarding family matters, does he rely on you?

If yes, your opinion really matters to him and he thinks you are intelligent/experienced enough to guide him. One of the qualities men find irresistible is individuality. Passionate beliefs and independence in a relationship make a woman memorable to a man. So, if he encourages you to voice your opinions, it is because he values them. 

16. Craves for your attention

You both could be involved with different groups of friends or work in different departments at your office, but when a guy finds you irresistible, he will go above and beyond to make sure he catches your eye in the following ways:

  • He does his best to stand out in the crowd and leave a lasting impression on your mind
  • He might start talking a little louder or try to laugh noticeably
  • He badly wants you to see him in his comfort zone

17. Doesn’t touch his phone

If he feels good with you, you will have his undivided attention. He’d put his phone on silent and keep it upside down when he is around you. After all, social media becomes an unnecessary distraction when a guy is with someone he is truly invested in. If he is addicted to his phone but does not even look at it when you’re around, it’s one of the signs he finds you irresistible and wants to form a deep connection with you. A pure and powerful aura makes a woman captivating. And that’s why he can’t get enough of you!

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18. Knows you too well

He already knows all your quirks and cute habits, be it the fact that you only take sugar with your coffee on a rough day, or that you secretly enjoy eating burritos in the Taco Bell parking lot after work. And he doesn’t need to ask you about these things. He’s just picked up on them because he notices you so closely.

So, when he suddenly drops by and brings you those macaroons you’ve been craving for a week or asks you to drive the car because he knows that driving calms you down, it’s not because he’s a special angel who knows it all. It’s because he’s made the effort to really see you. Well, maybe that does make him an angel…

19. His friends know all about you

When a guy shows you off to his friends, know that he’s obsessed with you! Be it office dinners or parties hosted by his family, he always makes it a point to invite you. When a guy tells his friends about you, it probably because:

  • He wants their approval
  • He wishes that you become an integral part of his life
  • He enjoys watching to fit seamlessly into his inner circle
Stories about flirting

20. Keeps the conversation going

Many men don’t send romantic texts but the good morning and goodnight messages they send you are their way of letting you know you’re on their mind. Besides, if he has caught feelings for you, you may notice that he makes an extra effort to keep the conversation with you going, gives you cute nicknames, or writes long texts. And if all of this has led you to wonder, “Is he falling for me?”, the answer is “yes”. Here are some more signs he finds you irresistible:

  • He texts first and responds immediately to your messages
  • He uses a lot of cheesy emojis
  • He finds ways to revive a conversation that seems to be dying down
  • He texts you when he’s drunk/out with his friends

21. Mirrors you

Research shows that this act of mirroring someone’s body language is seen most often between romantic partners. If he mirrors your body language and won’t stop with his subtle flirting, it’s one of the signs he wants to make you his girlfriend. This doesn’t just end at absorbing vocabulary or your gesticulations. If you mention having read a book, he may read it too just to share a commonality with you. 

Key Pointers

  • If a man looks for excuses to be in your vicinity, he finds you desirable
  • A confident man may hold eye contact and a shy man may avoid eye locking if he likes you
  • Observe the little things (like him giving you thoughtful gifts) to gauge his interest
  • “I could sit and talk to you for hours” is synonymous with “I find you fascinating”
  • If you don’t pretend to be someone else, you’re one of the women to admire
  • Depth and layers to personality is what makes a woman intriguing to a man

Finally, it is one thing for a man to be drawn to you and quite another for him to want to build a strong connection with you. Many people just like the chase and want nothing more. So, just because you notice the signs he finds you irresistible, don’t start planning your happily-ever-after with him. Communicate, talk, and figure out if you’re both on the same page before you let your heart take a leap.


1. What makes a woman magnetic and irresistible?

The word irresistible means you’re too tempting to be withstood. For starters, a smile, confidence, and passion are some of the things that make a woman desirable. Also, honesty/authenticity makes a woman captivating. And, a cute personality makes a woman memorable to a man.

2. Is he falling for me?

If a guy keeps accidentally touching you, wants to spend all his time with you, and looks for reasons to talk to you, these are signs a guy fantasizes about you. Also, when a guy says he appreciates you, it’s one of the signs he finds you beautiful from the inside.

3. What does it mean when a guy asks when can I see you?

If he feels a spark with you, he may show it in subtle signs a guy finds you irresistible. If he takes an interest in your life, establishes physical contact, and gives you thoughtful gifts, he probably feels something for you.

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