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18 Tips to Seduce Your Boyfriend and Drive Him Crazy

In the art of seduction you give him what he desires, but leave him craving more.
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Whether you have just started dating and want to heat things up, or you have been together for long and are looking for a zing- seducing your boyfriend can be that first rain during those harsh summer months. There’s this excitement, the anticipation, and lots of goodies that follow. And we tell you exactly how to go about it.

“Seduction isn’t making someone what they don’t want to do. It’s enticing someone into what they secretly want to do already.”

Whoever said the above lines has encapsulated the perfect definition of seduction. While some called seduction an art (which we perfectly agree with) like pottery or architecture, others call it witchcraft. Robert Greene, the author of the Art of Seduction, calls seduction “a game of psychology, not beauty” and “it is within the grasp of any person to become a master at the game.”

That’s true. Seduction is a game of thrill, desire, discovery and satiation. In the realm of romance, it is an essential skill in spicing up your relationship. And sometimes when things go dry in a long and monotonous relationship, it’s seduction that makes your life juicy again.

At some point in our lives, we are all going to play the seducer. So, it is better you learn the rules now. On a lighter note it is great fun to seduce your partner. And here are 18 ways you and your boyfriend can take that pleasure ride and you can learn the art of seducing.

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18 ways to seduce your boyfriend an leave him wanting

If you thought seduction only spiced up things for the night, you are wrong. Seduction also strengthens your bond with your boyfriend and takes it to the next level – where you are each other’ fantasy and making each other’s imaginations come true. To seduce your boyfriend, all you need is intention, and some kinkiness within you, and you are on fire. Within no time, you will have him begging for more of you.

Though he might not admit it, your boyfriend must have imagined you making that sexy walk in a golden bikini some day. It’s a well-known fact – everyone likes to be seduced, but no one acknowledges it openly. So you can be assured that your boyfriend is simply waiting for you roll the dice first.

Here are 18 ways you can take the game to him.

1. Tease him

It’s simple, good old and always works. Wear see-through lacy nightwear, naked underneath. Tease him, but don’t let him touch you. You can also try eating melted chocolates, occasionally throwing a dirty look at him while licking your fingers.

2. Try the no hands rule

If your trick works, then he’ll fall into your trap. But when he uses his hands, tell him it’s forbidden. That will excite him further. You will see what kind of creative ways men can come up with.

3. Text dirty

When he is at work or away, use texting as your weapon. It will create a mood of anticipation for him. Say him something like – “I want to do things so wild to you today that I can’t say them.”

Texting dirty is a part of relationship
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4. Send enticing pictures

A transparent top, braless. A really short skirt with just the outline of your buttocks. This is the kind of picture that will awaken his sleeping hormones. Expect him home soon.

5. Take him shopping

Not your usual ones, lingerie shopping. Make him sit near the trial room and invite him to take a peek. Would he like to rip them off you, then and there? Oh, yes! This is a great way to seduce your man.

6. Surprise him with a seductive look

When you’re in a long-term relationship, you don’t care how you look. A messy bun and pyjama is your dress code. But the next time he rings the doorbell, greet him with open hair, minimal makeup, and act your usual self. He is going to get curiously aroused. Your work as a seductress is done then.

.7. And then, undress

Remove your panty and bra before him. If you act clueless then it’s better. He is going to follow you around like a good dog with jaws open. This is a fabulous way of seducing a man.

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8. Foreplay, then walk away

This is self-explanatory. Give him everything he desires, then walk away before the final act for a shower maybe, or give an excuse that you have to go an all-night party. Watch him craving on the bed for you.

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9. Take a shower with him

When he is not expecting it, sneak into the bathroom with him. A shower is a paradox. It will ignite both of you.

10. Leave your fragrance

Use your favourite perfume or aromatic hairspray. Walk, leaving your tantalising fragrance around him. Umm…he would go crazy.

11. Create the mood

This is a classic act. You play romantic music, light aromatic candles, wear a thin one-piece and wait for him with roses. It seems like a lot of work, but trust us, it is worth it. It is worth seducing a man.

12. Be his masseuse

While massaging, take care to touch his erogenous zones. A kiss on his throat, a bite on his earlobes, circle his navel rings. His body will respond to your touch in unimaginable ways.

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She kiss in a throat Image source

13. Plan a romantic weekend

Seduction is not just about the body. It is also about letting one’s mind go free. To relax. Plan a surprise trip with him and go to some safe haven. He is going to be grateful and emotionally attached to you. It’s a different kind of charm you’ll hold on him.

14. Play strip poker

And make sure you lose more before you start winning. You can always add your own variations. Go creative!

15. Roleplay

Ask him about his fantasies and share yours. Ask him which movie star he finds the hottest. And surprise him by roleplaying his dream girl in real life. You need all your acting skills here.

16. Touch him in public

Not all of us can pull off the elevator scene of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey. But if you’re together, try grazing his leg with your naked feet. Touch him under the table and then subtly touch yourself

That’s hot, indicative and inviting. He’ll get your hints.

17. Try a new position in bed

Men love it when women take charge in bed. So blow his mind with some new and bold moves on the bed. He is bound to come back to you for more.

18. Learn a few erotic moves

When properly executed, the right dance moves will captivate him in minutes. You can learn some moves and then select sexy attire. While dancing you can striptease or play peek-a-boo with your body, always showing but hiding more.

Ladies, so these are the 18 ways to charm your way into your man’s body and mind. The art of seduction is not always about turning him on. It is a very useful and playful method to strengthen your relationship with your boyfriend. Never forget the golden rule though, it’s not about giving him all in one go. It’s always about leaving him wanting more.

Begin your planning and scheming. He is waiting!

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