How Men Say ‘I Love You’ Without Saying Anything At All

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Updated On: August 17, 2023
how a man shows love without saying it

They say actions speak louder than words. However, women still want to hear the words “I love you” from their partners, at least every now and again if not several times a day. Men innately are not as expressive, at least verbally, as women when it comes to matters of love. If your partner stops shy of saying those three magical words, you need to know how a man shows love without saying it.

For many men, saying “I love you” is a display of their emotional vulnerability and they’re not conditioned to let that side of them be seen. In fact, thanks to centuries of propagated machismo, most men go to great lengths to keep their soft, emotional side guarded by walls of a tough exterior.

That’s one of the reasons why so many of them avoid saying “I love you” to their partners or feel ill at ease saying it. So, then, how do you get a sense of how your significant other feels about you? The answer to this conundrum lies in paying attention to the little things he does for you. That’s his way of telling you he loves you without saying it.

How Men Say I Love You Without Saying Anything

There are some men who could be saying I love you five times a day but would put their feet up while their partner would keep mopping the floor right under their nose, do all the dishes in the sink and then cook and serve food. Then, the man would burp and say, “I love you” at the dinner table once more. And probably, would go and plunk on the bed while you clean up and do the dishes.

Does this repeated reiteration of his love really do anything to make the relationship better, happier, healthier? Wouldn’t it be nicer if he conveyed his love and appreciation to you with his thoughtful gestures and actions? Yes? Do you have a partner who fits the bill of a man of few words who makes you feel loved and cherished without saying “I love you”?

Well, it’s time to stop overthinking why he is stingy with verbal expressions of love and appreciate that he loves you without saying it. The beauty of saying “I love you” without saying it remains highly underrated.

To truly appreciate how special it can be to find that in some, you have to understand how a man shows love without saying it:

1. He buys diamonds

How to know a guy loves you deeply? This question often bothers many women even when they’re in committed, stable relationships. Well, here’s the answer you’ve been looking for all along.

If your man buys you a diamond, he’s deeply in love with you but doesn’t say it. My grandfather was in the army and so he was not that expressive verbally. However, he would give my grandmother diamond jewelry on every wedding anniversary to say how much he loved her.

A diamond speaks a thousand words, and when it comes from your man, it means that he is helplessly, deeply and madly in love with you.

2. Puts a blanket on you when you are asleep

There are times when I am off to sleep without a blanket on me after a tiring day. My partner quietly walks in and puts a blanket on me and comforts me. This, in my opinion, is just one of the many ways a sensitive man says “I love you” without saying it.

If your husband or boyfriend does the same for you, count your blessings because this kind of compassionate love is hard to come by. This sweet and caring gesture becomes all the more beautiful he when gives you a gentle peck on your forehead after tucking you in.

Who needs to hear “I love you” after that!

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3. Takes you out on every vacation

If your man is taking you out for every holiday with him and can’t bear to be without you even for a few days, it is clear that he loves you from the bottom of his heart. Also when he takes you out on weekends for unplanned getaways that is his way of telling you that he enjoys spending time with you and that you make him happy.

Don’t dismiss it as just another routine thing that couples do, especially if you’re dating a shy guy. Your partner may not have a way with words, but he sure knows how to express himself through gestures. This is how shy man says “I love you” without saying it

he loves you without saying it
Wanting to spend time with you is a man’s way saying he loves you

4. Texts you often

My partner keeps texting me all through the day about what I am doing, if I had my lunch, if I reached office, etc. Right after I have stepped out of the house to go to work, he texts me. But who’s complaining?

I love it absolutely because he rarely says he loves me and I know that these texts have an underpinning “I love you” message. I text him back always and it’s a great way to stay connected without saying those three words.

If your man too makes an effort to stay in touch with you through the day, it’s his way of saying that he loves and misses you. That’s just an adorable relationship dynamic to have, irrespective of whether he says the words “I love you” or not.

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5. Gives you the control of his life

If you can choose the shirt he’s going to wear to work and he does not mind it, then surely he loves you. Men typically do not like anyone else controlling their lives, as it makes them feel weak and powerless. So, if your man gives control to you to make decisions for him, he trusts you and he loves you without saying it.

A man who has let you into his life to an extent that he trusts you to make decisions big and small with his best interests at heart is definitely besotted with you.

6. Let’s you watch your web series over his game

For me, love is when he lets me watch my favorite web series over his game. Better still, when he joins me for a movie night, voluntarily giving up the game that he has been waiting for all week, I know that’s how a man shows love without saying it.

My partner, like most men, is obsessed with sports. But when he lets go of it to watch a TV show or web series that he does not necessarily enjoy, it is a big gesture of his love for me. He is saying “I love you” without saying it.

how to know a guy loves you deeply
Sacrificing his game to watch a show with you is his way of saying “I love you”

7. Zero tolerance to people who are rude to you

How to know a guy loves you deeply? Well, if he stands by you and stands up for you, there are no two ways about how deeply and truly he’s fallen in love with you.

Sherinaz says that her husband stands like a wall in front of people who are rude to her. “He has even told my dad to not talk to me in a high pitch or be rude to me. He says that I am his wife now and then his daughter,” she says.

She adds that he can yell and shout at me but he does not tolerate anyone else doing it to me. Sherinaz feels this is her husband’s way of telling her that he loves her without saying it.

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8. Fills the small gaps in your life

When your man knows what you might be missing and fixes it for you without you having to ask him, it says a lot about his love for you. “I did not have money in my purse today and he knew it. He kept some money in my purse without me asking, as he knew I’ll need it during the day and may not find time to go to the ATM during my busy workday”, says Sherinaz.

She also mentions that he always stands at the door with a glass of water before I leave as he knows I’ll be thirsty in my 1.5-hour commute to work. When he fills such gaps for me, I know he loves me. Men really know how to say “I love you” without saying it.

9. Does household chores

sensitive man says "I love you" without saying it
When a man loves you, he wants to share the load of domestic responsibilities

We all know men loathe household chores. The only reason your man chips in with chores and errands is that he wants to share the load with you and doesn’t want to put you under undue pressure. That’s how a man shows love without saying it.

In fact, if he is back from work before you, he even asks you to put up your feet on the couch and serves you coffee. He doesn’t need to say “I love you” in this case because you are enveloped in his love anyway. That’s something to be cherished.

10. Gives a miss to the bar meet

He had a guys’ night out planned for a long time but you are down with mild fever. You don’t even have to ask him, he just cancels the plan and doesn’t regret his decision. He opts to be home with you checking your temp, giving you meds and watching Netflix together on the couch. Don’t take it for granted as his partner-ly duty. This is also how a thoughtful, sensitive man says “I love you” without saying it.

couple goals

11. Checks in on you

You have a girls’ night out planned and he happens to be out of town on a work trip, but he makes it a point to check in on you. He asks you to text when you reach the place you’ve planned to hang out at, and stays with you on a call when you’re traveling back home late at night just to make sure you get home safely.

He doesn’t mind staying up late and losing out on sleep when it comes to ensuring that you’re safe. This concern for your safety stems from the deep love he feels for you.

12. Supports you in all that you do

When a man truly loves you, he becomes your biggest support system and cheerleader. He pushes you to go after the dreams that everyone else thinks are too crazy or lofty to come true. Not just that, he steps up to pitch in in whatever way he can so that the mundane responsibilities do not get in the way of you and your goals. That’s how a man shows love without saying it.

In fact, if you pay attention, he is saying it with all his heart. Just not in so many words.

Without saying anything, men can tell you how much they care for you with their actions. The answer to how to know a guy loves you deeply lies in focusing less on what he says and more on how he treats you. If he truly loves you, his feelings will shine through in every action, big or small.

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    Is not it that I have everything for my girl except number 1(I am saving for it) and number 7( I can not say that to her father, She is his daughter first.) I wish she reads it. AWESOME.

  2. A guy could say “I love you” ten times a day, but it would mean nothing at all if he doesn’t treat you like he cares. Right?

    Saying ‘I love you’ isn’t the only way of confessing your love.

    And if your guy does the above-mentioned things, you are lucky enough! He really loves you, don’t let him go!

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