Ten Things That A Partner Does That Says I Love You More Than The Words Themselves

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What makes your partner special? It doesn’t lie in grand gestures like an extravagant Valentine’s Day dinner or expensive gift: What makes your partner special is much more nuanced. It lies in their observation and understanding of your intimate details: Doing things that make you feel comfortable and safe rather than excited. The things that separate them from all that you have been through till now. There are things to say instead of “I love you” that will show your love.

Ten Things That A Partner Does That Says I Love You

Can a person love you without saying it? Yes, very much. Remember the hero of the famous film Ghost, Patrick Swayze who always said “Ditto” to his wife played by Demi Moore every time she said “I love you” to him. He loved her to the moon and back but could never bring himself around to utter the three magic words. You can show someone you love them without uttering those three words. Yes, it is possible. Here are a few things that partners do to show their love without saying it.
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1. They are always guarding you, subtly

While you are walking together in relentless traffic and you are talking your head off to your partner and suddenly it happens: they nudge you, only so slightly, to their left, that is, away from the traffic, where they can guard you, even if it is with their own body. Sometimes you also don’t notice, but you are always on their mind.

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2. The kiss on your forehead

If you are afraid, agitated or feeling defeated, a warm and fuzzy hug from your partner can communicate a lot. Remember those moments of silence, when, in order to calm you down, they wrap their arms around you and tenderly kiss your forehead: All troubles seem to melt away and pour down your eyes as tears. Even at that moment you know that there is someone who understands you and stands by you against the rest of the world. This is their way of conveying love without saying “I love you”.

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3. They catch you if you ever fall

Like a messiah, your partner seems to always be there to rescue you. They find the thing that you lost, remind you of the things that you forget, pick up the things that you left behind you, even give you support when you stumble and fall – in every way a person can be rescued. You are important to them, and by default, all the things important for you are also vital for them, too. This is the best love possible and it comes without saying it.

4. They play your music

If you are down and out, or just tired, your partner knows how to cheer you up. Just imagine, after the ordeal in the office, you get in the car with your partner to go home. Maybe you are in a mood and in no mind to talk about it, but your partner just understands your mood.

Your partner turns on the perfect music to get you better. In no time you are singing along, your mood improves and your spirits lift up. Music heals, with a little help from your partner.

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5. They know what you are craving for

In a restaurant or coffee shop, you enter to find your favourite beverage already waiting for you there. Doesn’t it feel like magic? But it’s just observation and attention that your partner gives you. Whether it’s a dinner out or a breakfast in bed, you get exactly what you were craving. This is what happens when your partner listens to you, really listens.

6. They make morning tea

Especially if you are not a morning person, then you will appreciate these gestures the most. If you wake up late or are just running late, your partner spares you from the morning chores and you can get ready in peace.

They bring your first tea or coffee in order to ease your start and prepare you to face the rest of the day, because they know you are not really awake until your first cup.

7. Foot massage

In our society, there are so many taboos about touching the feet. You should touch some feet and never touch others. But in the personal space between you and your partner, society doesn’t get a say. Here there is no hierarchy or power structure or designation when it comes to comfort each other. So when your feet are aching and your partner comes to the rescue in spite of themselves, then it is surely a sign of love.

8. Shows you off

Your partner always feels proud about you and time and again they want to show you off to their acquaintances. They gush even about your smallest achievement. This may become embarrassing sometimes, but always remember, it comes from a place of love.

9. They remember dates

Do you remember the day you first said the three magic words to your partner? Your partner, if they are the right one, will always remember that day that changed their lives. Your partner celebrates a bunch of unusual anniversaries with you, just to rejoice that you are in their life. They might not say “I love you” on those occasions but the very fact that thy make the effort to rejoice life with you says a lot about their true feelings for you.

10. Personal space

A couple is together when they have their common personal space: A niche where you both can be yourselves with warts and all. Your partner will always make sure you can have some time reserved just for yourselves together. Maybe a warm bath together or reading a book together: Something special that you two share.

You can always show your love without saying it and if your partner is doing some of these things then they just don’t really need to say “I love you” to convey their love.


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Sneha Gupta
Sneha Gupta May 26, 2018 - 2:14 pm

True!!! Keeping the spark in a relationship does not have to entail big, elaborate declarations of love or gifting expensive gifts. It’s actually the little things that make your partner feel most loved.

I really feel good and I smile automatically when he hugs me and kiss my forehead. I feel so loved! And also a random day message, just to check how am I doing makes my day!

So, be thoughtful for your partner!

Amita Sinha May 25, 2018 - 10:12 pm

Awww! This is so relatable! My husband is also not much of an expressive lover. He doesn’t text or say “I Love you” very often but yes, there are so many ways in which he expresses his care and affection. In the beginning, I used to get frustrated, even fought over this but now I have come to realize that just because he doesn’t say it, it’s not that he doesn’t love me. He just has his own special ways of conveying…

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