5 Things Men Do When They Are In Love

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Updated On: July 13, 2023
things guys do when they are in love with you
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Men are confusing creatures and most of the women will agree to it. All of us have different issues with the men in our lives. Some of us may say that they aren’t expressive enough, others say that they do not participate in a conversation, and for most of us, their anger is an issue. However, when guys are in love, they can be completely different people.

The fact is that most men are not very expressive. Societal norms and the fear of getting hurt in love compels them to hold off on their emotions. This can often leave women feeling confused about the feelings of their partners. However, there is a very simple way to tell that a guy is in love with you. He will leave no stone unturned to make you happy and his actions will be worth a thousand words.

There is no limit to things guys do when they are in love. From a simple gesture like picking you up from the airport at 4 am to some things as grand as covering the entire house with candles and flower petals, there are many things a man does when he is struck by the Cupid’s bow. Every man might be different as an individual, but all men in love are more or less the same. To help you understand whether that special someone does really love you, we have compiled a list of 5 things all guys do when they are in love.

5 Things Men Do When They’re Truly In Love

Love is a powerful emotion that can transform anyone, even the most cold-hearted man in the world. Even beast from Beauty and the Beast became a slave of love and went to great lengths to impress Belle. If a man really loves you, he will make efforts to please you, surprise you and make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. His gestures will not be limited to taking you out on dates but will expand to tasks that require actual effort or even force him out of his comfort zone. Man or woman, stepping out of your comfort zone is a sign you are deeply in love with someone.

One of my closest friends went through a bad breakup. A few months later, when she started dating a new guy, I was surprised when they got engaged after only 3 months of dating. When I asked her how she knew he was the one, she said, “It is very easy to tell if your man is smitten with you. He does so much for me without having to ask and he makes me feel loved all the time. He does not hesitate in telling me how much I mean to him. He is different from the other men I have dated. He does not leave me guessing if he is in love with me, it just shows through his actions.”

So, for all you ladies out there plucking rose petals to guess ‘he loves me, he loves me not’, here is a list of things guys do when they are in love that will help you get clarity about what your man feels about you:

1.  A guy in love turns into a masterchef

When was the last time you woke up to a scrumptious breakfast waiting for you at the dining table? If the answer is never, maybe your man is lazy or maybe he is not as smitten as he should be. Cooking is a very intimate activity. It is a way of expressing love and care toward someone. When guys are in love, they could give Gordon Ramsay competition with their cooking. He would make an extra effort to memorize your taste palate, make the food delicious as well as presentable. It is also a great at-home date night idea for couples.

Owing to societal norms, men from a lot of cultures are not accustomed to cooking. Thus, when they make this effort for their SO, it is not only attractive but also showcases that a man is stepping out of his comfort zone and attempting to do something he has never done before. So, if a man really loves you, he will surprise you with meals, coffee and might just win you over by sending a surprise lunch to your office one day.

when guys are in love
When in love they will cook for you

2. A man in love is a good listener

It is a tale as old as time that men can never channelize their attention toward being good listeners. However, one of the things guys do when they are in love is that they suddenly conjure the superpower to be the best listeners in the world. This is because a man in love genuinely cares about what you have to say and wants to know more and more about you. He not just listens to you when you are ranting about your boss, but also pays attention when you have some advice to give.

He will consider your point when it comes to discussions like the future and finances. Generally, men do not want anyone to guide them when it comes to these two topics. However, if he is considering your take on it, then girl, he feels something for you! Being a good listener is a quality women admire in men. Not only is a man in love aware of this, but he also takes action to ensure he is always around to lend you an ear.

3. Turns into a clean person

When was the last time you went to a guy’s house and did not wonder if a hurricane had just passed through his house (unless you’re in Sheldon Cooper’s house)? Cleanliness freaks and exceptions apart, most men are not in the habit of keeping their surroundings tidy. However, a man in love is very different. If a man really loves you, he will make an effort to be his most clean, hygienic, and presentable self.

If he is aware that you are particular about cleaning, he will ensure the house is sparkling clean before you come home (Didn’t we all love Chander for trying to help Monica clean the apartment?). Not only is this a quality women admire but it is also a must-have relationship quality for a happy and romantic life. Thankfully, a man in love will always try to be as clean as possible and thus keep you happy.

4. Introduces you to his family

A man in love does not shy away from letting the world know that you are an integral part of his life. One way to know if the guy is in love with you is if he introduces you to his family and close friends. Isn’t this a sure-shot sign? He may introduce you just as his friend, depending on the seriousness of your relationship and the comfort of his family.

But he would let his parents know about your existence in his life. If a man really loves you, he will not give you excuses to avoid meeting his family and keep your relationship hidden. So, ladies, if you have met your SO’s parents, even as a friend, it is a sign he cares about you deeply.

if a man really loves you he will

5. He pampers you

A man in love will always stand out because he will be the one spending 30 extra minutes at Ikea to find the perfect scented candle for his partner, or will be engrossed in a discussion about the difference between salmon pink and coral pink with the attendant at the makeup counter. Men love to pamper their partners.

It is one of the things guys do when they are in love. They always try to cheer up their girlfriends and wives by showering them with their love. Pampering will include getting you small gifts without occasions, waking you up with a bouquet of flowers when you have had a bad week, or simply letting you rest while he takes over all the house chores.

Pampering you is their non-verbal way of expressing how much they love you. He might miss out on saying “I love you” for the 100th time in a day, but he will remember that you had a long day at work and will keep a hot bath prepared for you.

Things men do when they are in love are not limited to this list. If a guy really loves you, he will do many things to prove his love which might include these things as well. So if you are left feeling confused sometimes, look out for these small gestures and you will realize that he might not say it, but he loves you deeply.


1. How does a man behave when he is in love?

A man in love will be kind, gentle, and thoughtful. He will be understanding towards you and will keep reminding you of his love for you.

2. How do guys express their feelings?

Men are not very expressive with their words. However, he might show he loves you through his actions and gestures.

3. How does a real man treat his woman?

A real man would never intentionally hurt or insult his partner. He will be mindful of her needs and will try to be the reason for her happiness,

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