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5 things men do when they are in love


Men are confusing creatures and most of the women will agree to it. All of us have different issues with the men in our lives. Few of us may say that they aren’t expressive enough; fewsayl that they do not participate in a conversation and for most of us, their anger is an issue. But amidst all these they express their love in one of the most subtle ways possible. Here are five sweet things, men do when in love:

1.  Cook:

Yes, when in love they will cook for you! I have personally experienced this way of showing love a lot of times. You may also get surprises like bed tea or bed coffee. He may even send cooked lunch to your office!

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2. He Listens:

He will consider your point when it comes to discussions like future and finances. Generally, men do not want anyone to guide them when it comes to these two topics but if he is considering of your take on it, then girl he feels something for you!

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Quick bites

3. Turns into a Clean Person:

If you are a person who likes the home to be clean, then he will make sure you come back to a clean home. If he is home prior to you, he may even take the broom and clean the home. Men turn into hygienic creature when in love.

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4. Introduces His Family:

Isn’t this a sure-shot sign? He may introduce you just as his friend, depending on the seriousness of your relation. But he would definitely let his parents know about your existence in his life.

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5. He buys things once he said no to:

He may be very strict with you when you tend to overspend. But once he knows that you need it because you like it then he may even surprise you by purchasing it for you, keeping aside the price.

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There are a few other things that men may do. Tell us if you have noticed you man expressing love in such subtle ways. Write to us in the comments section.

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