40 Relationship Affirmations To Use For Your Love Life

relationship affirmations
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Affirming something is a way of attracting positive vibes from the universe. In one way or another, all of us believe in the power of the Law of Attraction. Everything we say or do has consequences and we are here to tell you how you can use that to your advantage. To start you off, we’re bringing to your 40 relationship affirmations to use for your love life and nourish it more.

Affirmations must be about people and things you genuinely care for and want to repair your relationship with. These daily affirmations have the power to make you feel connected to things that you love and want to cherish forever. Therefore, you should prepare your affirmations in a way that works the best for you. You must analyze what you need to affirm and then begin your journey of positive affirmations.

Affirming something that doesn’t move you would only result in mindless chanting of words. For affirmations to work, people must work toward what they are affirming. If you and your partner use powerful affirmations to remind yourself of your love but don’t actively indulge in loving gestures and activities, it wouldn’t be of much use. Remember, affirmations are only reminders but actions still need to be taken to show your loved one how much you care.

If a relationship of yours needs some mending or you’re looking for a healthier one, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out how some simple daily relationship affirmations can bring about the much-needed positivity in your love life immediately.

40 Relationship Affirmations To Use For Your Love Life

Let’s start with understanding what an ‘affirmation’ means. These statements help us stay motivated by channelizing our emotions in the right direction. Affirmations could be general or completely personal, based on one’s requirements. Until you master your personal relationship affirmations, let us help you with the ones you can stick by regardless of the situation.

It is essential to remind yourself of the beautiful things in your life. Spending time in front of the mirror to affirm or remind yourself of it only boosts your morale and helps you attract the people you deserve.

Powerful relationship affirmations remind you of the love you deserve in your life whilst reminding you of the changes you must make for the ones you love. Whether you’re looking to maintain a positive and healthy relationship or you’re working toward cutting those toxic people out, relationship affirmations always come in handy. 

Remember: You can only love others when you learn to love yourself.

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1. Affirmations to attract a soulmate

Are you tired of being the only one who’s single in your group? Have all your friends found “the one” while you’re still scrolling through Instagram on your phone? Don’t give up, we are certain that the love of your life is on the way.

However, if you want to speed things up by sending out some positive vibes into the universe, here is a list of relationship affirmations to attract your soulmate :
1. I deserve love
2. Love is going to find me
3. I am worthy of love
4. I am going to meet my soulmate soon
5. I am surrounded by people who love me 

2. Affirmations for love and marriage 

It is always a good idea to remind yourself and be grateful for all the wonderful people in your life who love you. And when it comes to that special someone, relationship affirmations become even more valuable. If you’re looking for affirmations for love and marriage, read on to find out how you can maintain that positivity in your relationship forever:

6. I deserve the love given to me by my spouse
7. My partner and I are so grateful for each other
8. My life feels blissful with my partner
9. My partner and I have a healthy and strong marriage
10. My partner and I understand each other and have complete mutual trust

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3. Relationship affirmations for a specific someone

Are you looking for relationship affirmations for a specific someone? Well, we couldn’t be happier! After all, life would be so bland if not for the presence of significant others in our lives and the cute gestures we make to let them know they’re loved and cherished. In a world where hustle is unavoidable, reminding ourselves and our loved ones of our blessings is necessary.

Let’s look at some to affirm your special relationship with a specific someone:

11. My partner and I are extremely happy together
12. My partner and I are a perfect match for each other
13. I love being in my partner’s company
14. My partner and I share a divine connection
15. I feel appreciated and cherished in my relationship with my partner 

4. Affirmations to heal a relationship 

Only our closest ones have the power to hurt us the most. While that stands unquestioned, it is also equally vital for every relationship to heal over past traumas and move ahead toward a healthier future. If you’ve come here looking for affirmations to heal a relationship that’s been in troubled waters for a while, this one’s for you:

16. Forgiveness must be given and sought at all times
17. My partner and I love each other and would never let anything come between us
18. Our connection is cosmic and pure
19. Our love is stronger than our problems and we have the power to overcome them
20. Life is better when my partner and I are together

healthy relationship affirmations
Affirmations heal all relationships!

5. Daily relationship affirmations

Why wait for the bus to hit you to get insurance? Daily relationship affirmations allow you to not fret and maintain your calm even in turbulence. These affirmations are important reminders to appreciate yourself and your loved one. This would avoid any friction and enable you to look at things from different perspectives as well:

21. The universe has much more love in store for me
22. I am not alone
23. I feel so grateful for the people who shower me with love
24. I am ready to let the universe work out its ways
25. I am going to receive the love I deserve

6. Positive affirmations for intimacy

Affection can come in many forms and how one chooses to show it may vary too. Some get by with words while some feel the need to connect physically. Some only need a few kind gestures and others crave intimacy. Whatever your choice, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re wrong to want it.
Let’s look at some positive affirmations for intimacy where you remind yourself that it is okay to want a little more from your partner:

26. I embrace my sexual desires
27. I deserve to receive the sexual pleasure that I desire
28. I am an adult capable of taking my own sexual decisions
29. I should not feel guilty of any sexual activity that my partner and I consent for
30. My sexual life is personal and not open to judgment or speculation

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7. Long-distance relationship affirmations

One of the toughest phases of a relationship is when you and your partner can only connect virtually. Not being in each other’s physical company can lead to more misunderstandings and futile arguments.

Did you just start a long-distance relationship with your partner? Guarantee your relationship against future shocks by adopting these simple daily powerful affirmations:

31. My partner and I are in a stable and loving relationship
32. Our love would continue to remain unaffected by the physical distance between us
33. My partner and I are aware and conscious of everything that happens in our lives even if we’re living apart
34. Distance can never damage true love
35. Physical intimacy is only a part of our relationship and the lack of it would never decrease our love

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8. Healthy relationship affirmations 

Healthy relationships do not drain your mental health and leave you feeling sapped out at the end of each day. You feel nourished, cared for and respected in the relationship. In order to make sure your relationship gets to this point or remains this way, it’s good to utilize these healthy relationship affirmations:

36. The universe has awarded me with nurturing love that I deserve
37. My partner and I respect each other’s decisions and wishes
38. All our decisions are based on mutual consent and love
39. My partner helps me be the best version of myself every day
40. My partner and I motivate each other to successfully complete everything we undertake

William Purkey, an award-winning professor at the North Carolina University and Betty Siegel, president of Kennesaw State University, pointed out that people desire most to be affirmed with their present worth and also be reminded of their potential. This enables us to maintain a more positive outlook in life. When our approach and outlook are positive, our relationships get stronger and we become much more giving.

Sharing her example, a friend of mine- Rhea tells us that before she started practicing daily powerful affirmations, the stress and negativity around her directly affected her relationships. She explains how her relationship saw pointless arguments as a result of numerous misunderstandings.

“When I started using relationship affirmations daily, I was reminded of the tremendous love that my partner and I share and our relationship eventually healed,” says Rhea.

We hope that these 40 relationship affirmations to use for your love life gave you a little more insight into the world of positive affirmations to help you through life. All of us need some assurance to get through our bad days and we shouldn’t be embarrassed about it. 


1. Do affirmations work for relationships?

The answer to this question cannot be a simple yes or a no. Rather, it is both. There are different circumstances where affirmations work or refuse to work by bringing about no change in a person’s life. According to us, one of the primary reasons this might happen is because you put too much effort into affirming the wrong thing. Affirmations must be personal and connected to what you think is important in your life.  Affirmations work wonderfully in situations where you and your loved one work toward a loving relationship.

2. What are positive affirmations in a relationship?

Positive affirmations in a relationship usually refer to words of reassurance and determination either to oneself or to one another. These statements exhibit positivity and affirm the positive emotions in a relationship. Going through a rough patch being single or in a relationship, affirmations go a long way in improving our mental health. They help us see things clearer and remove the sense of toxicity from our lives.

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