Cosmic Connection — You Don’t Meet These 9 People By Accident

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Updated On: April 19, 2024
cosmic connection

Those who believe that our lives are governed by a higher power agree that there are no chance encounters in life. Even realists concur that everything happens for a reason. This holds good for the people who come into our lives in different capacities, at different junctures. There is a cosmic connection that builds bonds of human relationships and governs how long a person stays in our lives and what role they play.

Some shake us up, some calm us down, some infuse in us a renewed sense of purpose, some break our hearts, some help us heal – and they are meant to cross our path for a reason. The universe steers them toward us and prepares us to take them in.

Even if it may not feel so in the moment, no destiny meeting is bereft of purpose. We don’t meet anyone by accident. Cosmic connection is, in essence, a unique view of spirituality that links ancient wisdom with science, creating a path for greater self-awareness on the kinds of relationships we cultivate over our lifetime and why.

What Is Cosmic Connection?

As Paulo Coelho says, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Well, turns out, the universe has its way of conspiring to help us in ways we may not even understand, at least not without the benefit of hindsight, and brings us things or people that we may not even be looking for. That’s the essence of cosmic connection.

The word ‘cosmic’ means ‘of the universe’. So, cosmic connection literally means a connection we form with another person guided by the universe. A destiny meeting, if you will. Spiritually, cosmic connections are a manifestation of how we thrive within the universal flow of energy, inter-linking our souls with the force of nature. That said, cosmic connections extend far beyond finding a soulmate.

There is enough evidence to suggest that nothing in our lives happens by accident. We don’t meet anyone by accident, we don’t make decisions – good or bad – out of sheer will, we don’t choose a certain life path over another for no reason. Our life journey and the people who become a part of it are a manifestation of the cosmic energy surrounding us.

The fact that different types of people come into our lives at different junctures and stay for a specific period, serves a purpose. They are just what we need at that time in our life, and the universe recognizes that need based on what we may have expressed consciously or subconsciously.

We all develop different types of cosmic connections during our life and each one is vital for our growth and progression. Not all cosmic connections last a lifetime – in fact, most may not and some can be immensely fleeting – but they can change the course of our journey forever. Likewise, not every cosmic connection is a ray of light and harbinger of hope.

These can even be difficult people or toxic relationships that break us so that we can evolve into better versions of ourselves. The one thing that remains common in all types of cosmic connections is that they help us change the trajectory of our lives by giving us a new way to look at things.

When you are cosmically connected to a person, their influence on you will be notable. They may jolt the trajectory of your life, they may help you get over a significant loss, or they may just be there to teach you a lesson, among other things. What remains constant, however, is the fact that they’ll leave a mark.

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Though you may have a cosmic connection with someone, you may not notice their influence in your life immediately. When toxic lovers enter and leave our lives, the last thing we’re thinking of is what they taught us. At that moment, you’re just glad they left.

But that’s not to say that a crazy cosmic connection is all bad, however. If you’ve ever been through an unhealthy relationship, you probably agree with the fact that you wouldn’t be the same person had you not gone through such an experience. You’d probably still be diving headfirst into new and potentially risky romantic endeavors.

With that said, a cosmic pull isn’t really something that we can run away from. When the universe plans it, it will come to you. Now that you know a cosmic connection’s meaning, let’s take a look at the kinds you may experience in a lifetime, and all that they’ll give you the privilege of experiencing.

Cosmic Connection – You Meet These 9 People For A Reason

The one who broke your heart in ways that changed you forever. The teacher who pushed you to apply to that college you never thought you could get into but you did. The stranger you had a heart-warming conversation with that gave you a new perspective on love and life. These are cosmic connections that come into your life to expand your horizons.

Some can be like a whiff of fresh air, others more like a bitter pill you must swallow to get better. All equally important in their own right. Let’s take a look at different types of cosmic connections to understand why we don’t meet anyone by accident:

we don't meet anyone by accident, we're all cosmically connected
Cosmic connections help us change the trajectory of our lives

1. Those who remind you of your purpose

Aaron was struggling with his residency program, often feeling as if he couldn’t cope and unable to decide on a specialty. He was entertaining thoughts of quitting when a senior doctor by the name of Dr. Tom took him under his wings and steered him in the direction he couldn’t find on his own.

Perhaps Dr. Tom wasn’t even aware of the impression he was leaving on young Aaron. Perhaps he just wanted to help out and thoughts of being “cosmically connected” never crossed his mind. Even so, as he helped Aaron navigate the grueling schedule of the hospital they worked at, he breathed into him a new appreciation for life.

Whether they knew it or not, Aaron’s mentor was a cosmic connection sent his way to remind him of his true purpose and calling. This type of cosmic connection helps you believe in yourself by making you get in touch with capabilities you didn’t know you possessed.

They may not be your cosmic soulmates, and they may not even be in your life forever, but they become a part of your soul forever. Just as Aaron was reminded of his purpose, there may have come a time in your life where you found a newfound appreciation for the path you’re pursuing. Perhaps you experienced a jolt of cosmic energy, or maybe someone was just kind enough to lead the way.

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2. Those who inspire you

These people are a force of nature in their own right, and their presence in your life inspires you to be a better version of yourself. When you come in contact with people who are living the life you aspire to, you are inspired to change.

These types of cosmic connections can be formed more than once, at different stages of life. They are an immensely positive influence who truly have you believe that nothing is impossible once you put your mind to it.

Cosmic lovers have huge potential to inspire and support you on your journey to be the best version of yourself. But that doesn’t mean that lovers are the only ones who can inspire you. To be cosmically connected with someone doesn’t mean you must be intimately involved with them.

A cancer patient soaking up the carpe diem spirit, an amputee scaling mountains and not letting their disability define them, a single mom trying to manage it all with joie de vivre, are some examples of people who can inspire you to push your limits and be better.

3. Those who learn from you

Not every cosmic connection is meant to give you something; some may come into your life to take lessons from you. You may not even be able to recognize it until your attention is drawn to the fact.

That young girl in the family who walks up to you and tells you how much she admires your confidence and courage, even though you may be swiveling in self-doubt on the inside, is a cosmic connection that crosses paths with you to learn and grow. In effect, it’s one of the most positive relationships you’ll ever experience.

In a way, the cosmically connected end up in a give and take with each other. Though the lessons you teach this person are much more tangible, perhaps they make you realize that there’s more to you than you thought. As you navigate the challenges life throws at you – albeit with difficulty and self-doubt – you develop a sense of self that helps you get through them.

And when it’s appreciated in its truest form, a cosmic pull is almost palpable. Maybe you remind this person of their purpose, or maybe you inspire them just by being you. Whatever the case, it just goes to show that a cosmic connection with someone has the potential to change lives. These connections make you realize how big a difference you can make in someone’s life without even thinking about it.

4. Those who remind you of who you truly are

Souls don’t meet by accident, they are meant to cross our path for a reason. One such reason is to send you a reminder of who you truly are. Often, as life throws its many twists and turns at you, you lose touch with a part of yourself that is pure, raw, and authentic.

The universe has a way of sending your way just the right people who can help you rediscover those parts again. Be it a cosmic lover, or someone who’s here to help, if you’re willing to accept what they teach and if you’re lucky enough, you’re going to experience a connection with yourself unlike any before it.

Rosette, a teenage rape survivor, had forgotten what an idealist and hopeless romantic she once used to be. It was during her therapy sessions that she unearthed that part of herself and that made her realize, for the first time in a long while, that she was more than what happened to her.

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5. Those who empower you

You may call these people cosmic soulmates of a different kind. They may not come into your life as romantic partners or love interests, but they establish a strong connection with your soul. They believe in you so strongly that their belief rubs off on you too, making you feel stronger and more empowered than ever before.

Undoubtedly, a cosmic connection between lovers will empower you, but these could be people who’ve always been a part of your life – parents, siblings, mentors, friends – who take on the role of an empowerer when you most need it in life. Or they could be people who walk into your life at the right moment and help you take charge of your destiny.

Susanne considers her childhood friend with whom she had lost touch for years one such comic connection in her life. Her friend, Tara, came back into her life when Susanne was struggling in an abusive relationship. With Tara’s support and encouragement, Susanne was finally able to walk out and start afresh. She is now a firm believer that souls don’t meet by accident.

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6. Those who give you pain

The fiancé who left you at the altar. The spouse who slept with a coworker and sacrificed years of love and companionship for a few moments of sinful pleasure. The parent who cut you off. These are all examples of cosmic connections who transcend us to cloud nine with their promise of love and affection only to kick us off the edge when we least expect it.

They cause us immense pain, break our hearts and spirits, but in doing so, also teach us some important lessons. Again, these types of cosmic connections can be formed more than once, and leave us with a different lesson each time.

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s okay to let people walk all over you just because that’s how the universe intended it or break someone’s heart because yours may be a cosmic connection of pain. Remember to always do right by yourself and others.

Even so, try not to look back in anger when recollecting the days where you truly understood what pain meant, perhaps when you were trying to move on without closure. A cosmic connection and a soulmate connection may as well be somewhat similar, and it’s possible your soulmate may have harmed you.

At that point in time, you’re probably not thinking much about the universe or the karmic nature of it all, you’re just trying to get through another day without breaking down. But when all’s said and done, you realize that those experiences – even though they seemed bitter – are all part and parcel of our journey.

So don’t curse your luck for the memories you don’t look back upon so fondly. Call it a crazy cosmic connection, learn from it all you can and call it a day.

7. Those who stir you up

These can be the strongest amongst the different types of cosmic connections, as they disrupt your life and force you to re-evaluate your choices. You may or may not share a personal connection with the people who stir you up and shake up your worldview but their impact is lasting and profound.

They remind you of your values, open your eyes to injustice, motivate you to do your bit in making the world a better place or they simply teach you how to be grateful for the gift of life.

Jennifer, a 25-year-old musician, found it hard to voice her opinions about the political unjustness around her, fearing that a backlash would harm her popularity and perception. But when Jake, a social media influencer, came into her life, little did she know that a storm was brewing. Being a commitment-phobe, she was initially apprehensive about even letting him in.

But with the help of her follower base, not only did her popularity increase, but he encouraged her to find her voice and call out the unjustness she was witnessing. The backlash she so feared seemed minuscule in comparison to the liberation she experienced. She believes Jake and her are cosmically connected, and he came into her life to show her that being true to yourself is what’s most important.

Perhaps Jake experiences cosmic energy from Jennifer as well, as she might be someone who teaches him or inspires him.

Cosmically connected people are meant to cross our path for a reason
Cosmic connections can also make us re-evaluate our life choices

8. Those who leave

There are people who come into your life even though they’re not meant to stay. They may appear to be cosmic lovers, but a part of you – and them – knows that this is not meant to be. During the time that they share with you, they turn your life on its head.

It could be either in the form of a heady romance that makes you throw every caution to the wind, leaving you to find that you’re left alone to face the consequences of your shared actions. Or as a classic manifestation of a toxic relationship where you feel punched about and pinned to the ground until the desire to break free overpowers.

That’s why you know you have to let them go. The cosmic connections that are not meant to last, leave new lessons and learnings in their wake.

A cosmic connection between lovers does not signify a healthy bond. As you know by now, it might just be a part of your life to teach you a few important lessons you might have been running away from.

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9. Those who stay

These are your cosmic soulmates who hold on to you, support you and cherish you every step of the way. They’re the ones you’re meant to share your life’s journey with. They have your back every step of the way, but don’t hesitate to tell you when you need to correct course.

No matter what, they stay by your side. These comic lovers can also be considered a manifestation of your twin-flame connection, and with them, you feel like you’ve found your home. A cosmic connection and soulmate bond is one that will continually show you that you’re capable of being the best version of yourself.

Now that you know about a cosmic connection’s meaning, and that every bond in your life isn’t just a chance occurrence, hopefully you’ll be a bit more mindful of the relationships that come your way.

Every cosmic connection – good or bad – comes your way for a reason. You cannot fight it or ward it off, so allow yourself to embrace the experience, cherish it if it’s good, learn from it if it’s not. Awareness about cosmic connections can also help you unlock dimensions of spirituality through an introspective journey of self-discovery, thus helping you create the best version of your time on earth.

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