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If you’re serious about your childhood sweetheart, here’s what you should know

While some people can live out their entire lives with their childhood sweetheart, it's important to remember some tips for a successful relationship
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We were school sweethearts

My ex-husband and I met in school during the recess. I had been in several shorter serious relationships and was sick of having my heart broken.

After a few months of just being friends, we started dating. We were spending a lot of time together. The next thing I knew, we were celebrating 4 years of being together.

However, our marriage didn’t work out the way either of us wanted it to, and we ended up parting ways. And while some of this can be attributed to what we didn’t have as a couple, a lot of it had to do with the changes that happen as you come into your own as a person.

When you fall in love with someone so young, there are so many silent things that you’re not aware of until later on. If you’re serious about your school sweetheart, here are a few things you should know.

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