11 Reasons Why You Must Date Your Polar Opposite

Meenu Mehrotra
dating a polar opposite is good as it gives chance to know each other

The Longman dictionary of contemporary English describes polar opposite as – <Something that is the complete or exact opposite of something else.

Hold on to that thought as you read ahead. < In a lifetime, many of us will possibly date many people. Some will fizzle out of our memories and some will leave an indelible mark on us. One such memorable relationship will be dating a polar opposite.< At some point in your life, you should (if possible) date a complete opposite. Because they will open you up like no one else, help you delve deeper into yourself and make you a more rounded individual. The learning lessons with a polar opposite are phenomenal and who knows they may turn out to be the ONE for you.< Dating a polar opposite will be challenging, but then the best things in life do not come easy. Polar opposite personalities can have a positive influence on each other. <

11 reasons why you must date your polar opposite 

Here are a few reasons why you should date a polar opposite, at least once in your lifetime< 1. Learning new ideas that will strengthen your existing beliefs

being polar opposite means couple trying different ways to be together and find happiness in small things

Polar opposite people can be very happy together Image source

The best part about a relationship with your polar opposite will be the emergence of new perspectives and there is nothing more empowering than when your own opinions are strengthened or challenged for that matter. < Maybe your partner will confront you with a thought or idea that you completely disagree with, which will be strengthen your existing belief or your partner may introduce you to a novel way of looking at something and you may find yourself surprising your own self by embracing an idea that you never thought possible.<

2. Sharpening your communication skills

Since polar opposites tend to communicate differently, you will learn how to sharpen your communication skills in order to communicate your needs and thoughts to them.<

If he’s an introvert, and you are more direct, then you will work out a better way to reach him or if he’s an extrovert and you are not, your aloofness might confuse him so you will find a way to open up to him more.<

Communication has to be top notch for this relationship to work.< 

3. Yin to your yang

polar opposites attract and since they are very different people they evolve together

Opposite personalities attract Image source

T<his relationship will prove to be a balancing act for both the people. Since your personalities would be opposite too, your partner can easily motivate you if you are the timid or shy one and can calm you down if you are the anxious, edgy one. One of you can balance the other and he/she will be a yin to your yang. Isn’t that wonderful?<

4. Getting great advice

Sometimes all you need is a new perspective and dating a polar opposite will afford you that each time you get stuck. Who needs a therapist when you have a great BF/GF?<

5. Becoming a more sympathetic person

This one happens by default because sympathy is an important part of understanding, kindness and forming happy, healthy relationships.< Dating a polar opposite means understanding different perspectives and being more accepting of the differences that exist between you and your partner. So it will eventually make you a more sympathetic individual and this sympathy will spill over to the rest of your relationships as well.<

6. Never a dull moment

You will never be bored with a polar opposite. You will have enough to explore and experiment with. You’ll be surprised all the time. When you get bored of your own things, you can move to your partner’s.<

7. Finding your new self

Perhaps <your polar opposite does/ says something you find super attractive, but you never would have realized it before. <

Dating them opens your eyes to other characteristics you might find appealing in a person and it may also unearth a different side of you which you had not gotten in touch with till now.<

being together and finding attraction is what polar opposite is about

You could be like chalk and cheese but still you gel Image source

8. Becoming less judgmental

As you open up to different perspectives, you will learn to stop judging others and will have a more liberal view of other people’s attitudes and beliefs.<

9. Getting introduced to new things

New music, new food, new ways of entertainment, you will be introduced to exciting things that you might end up loving in the long run – new kinds of movies or TV shows, new ways of dressing up, new kinds of books to read…the list goes on.<

10. Getting out of your comfort zone

Being with a polar opposite will always keep you on the edge. There will be something new to surprise you on a regular basis and not make you complacent in the relationship. Being with a polar opposite, means you’ll be thrust into a different world completely.<

11. Realizing your relationship is deeper than just surface-level things in common

Common shared interests can help take a real connection to new heights, but when you do not have everything in common, it’s at that point that you need something deeper to sustain a relationship.<

So it makes you realize that having great conversations; incredible sexual chemistry, deep respect for each other and having immense curiosity in one another is what keeps your relationship, strong, healthy and secure. What can be better than that?<

The truth about whether or not a relationship works with your polar opposite depends on how much differences work for you and how much can you handle. The above reasons can help you determine if dating a polar opposite is meant for you or not.< https://www.bonobology.com/rebound-relationship-stories-2/ https://www.bonobology.com/top-3-reasons-couples-keep-fighting-things/ https://www.bonobology.com/if-he-pressurising-for-sex-relationship-red-flag/

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