11 Reasons Why You Must Date Your Polar Opposite

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dating a polar opposite
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In our lifetime, many of us will probably date more people than we’d care to admit. Some will fizzle out of our memories, and some will leave an indelible mark on us. One such memorable relationship will be dating a polar opposite. When you want to chill at home, they want to party in clubs. You want to listen to blues music, but they’re all about that pop life.

Even so, you should, if possible, date a complete opposite. They’ll open you up like no one else, and help you delve deeper into yourself, make you realize things about yourself you’d be oblivious to before. Not convinced? Let’s take a look at why we think dating someone who wants to do acro yoga while you want to read a book at home is going to be good for you.

11 Reasons Why You Must Date Your Polar Opposite

Are you one of those who know what they want and are set in their ways? Do you ever say, “I’ll take the usual” at a nearby diner and take real pride in it? Are you the kind who has had the same brand of beer since you graduated from college? Believe us, dating your opposite is going to be a hell of an experience.

They will open you up like no one else, helping you delve deeper into yourself. The learnings and lessons with a polar opposite are phenomenal. And who knows, they may turn out to be “the one” for you. We’ll come clean right away: dating a polar opposite will be challenging, especially in the beginning.

But you know what they say, the best things in life do not come easy. Polar opposite personalities can have a positive influence on each other, even if that means making your black-coffee-loving self realize that a latte isn’t half as bad. Here are a few reasons why you should date a polar opposite, at least once in your lifetime.

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1. New perspectives will challenge you to be you

The best part about a relationship with your polar opposite will be the emergence of new perspectives. Instead of being with someone who agrees with everything you’re saying, your opinions will be challenged. There’s nothing more empowering than when your own opinions are strengthened as a result.

Maybe your partner will confront you with a thought or idea that you completely disagree with, which will strengthen your existing belief. Perhaps your partner introduces you to a novel way of looking at something and you find yourself surprisingly intrigued.

The more your opinions are challenged, the more you’ll learn to view the world from a different perspective. There’s no fun in being with someone who says, “Yes, I agree with you,” and ends the conversation. It’s when someone says, “No, wait, I don’t think what you’re saying is correct,” is where the interesting conversations begin.

2. Your communication skills will finally be as good as your CV claims them to be

Since polar opposites tend to communicate differently, you will learn how to sharpen your communication skills in order to get your point across. No longer will the “excellent communication skills” that you put on your CV will be false. You’d become a master at communication, especially the non-confrontational kind.

If s/he’s an introvert and you are more direct, then you will work out a better way to reach them. If s/he’s an extrovert and you are not, your aloofness might confuse them, and you’ll learn how to talk to them more. Quickly into the dynamic, you’ll realize you need to relearn how to talk to people with opposing views.

Who knew polar opposite couples could also end up being power couples, taking the corporate world by surprise? Okay, fine. It might not necessarily lead to a new promotion, but at least, you’ll be able to tell your boss why you deserve a raise.

dating your opposite may improve communication skills
Your communication may improve

3. The yin to your yang

The yin yang philosophy is an ancient Chinese concept that tells us that two seemingly opposing forces may in reality be interconnected, interdependent, and complementary. One cannot exist without the other, and they complement each other to great effect.

Just as there’s no light without darkness, you and your partner will thrive off the differences you have. You become a better person with their help.

4. You can always count on them for great advice

Polar opposite couples are probably going to have polar opposite views on how life works. Sometimes all you need is a new perspective and dating a polar opposite will afford you that each time you get stuck. Are you at a crossroads with your career? Your partner is probably going to approach the situation a lot differently than you would. Ask away, you might even come out of it with a different understanding of things.

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5. You’ll become more empathetic

This happens by default because empathy is an important part of understanding, kindness, and forming happy, healthy relationships. Dating a polar opposite means understanding different perspectives and being more accepting of them. So, it will eventually make you a more empathetic individual.

This newfound kindness may even trickle over to the other relationships you have, making sure you come out of the entire experience being a better version of yourself.

6. Boring? What’s that?

You will never be bored with a polar opposite. You will have enough to explore and experiment with. When you’re expecting a lazy Sunday with a docuseries on Netflix, your partner may come out of the room dressed in hiking gear, making you get up and go with them.

Needless to say, you’ll be surprised all the time. If you ever find yourself feeling a bit bored when you’re by yourself, all you have to do is ask your partner, “What’s up?”

7. You might end up finding a new you

Perhaps dating them opens your eyes to other characteristics you might find appealing in a person, and it may also unearth a different side of you. Does that cocktail taste a lot better than your gin & tonic? Perhaps, the 70’s music sounds a lot better than what you’re currently listening to.

Who knows, you might even come out a different person by the end of it. What started as a polar opposite couple might just turn into two people who slowly ended up becoming like each other. A good relationship leads you to a better you, by all means necessary.

8. You’ll become less judgmental

As you open up to different perspectives, you will learn to stop judging others and will have a more liberal view of others’ attitudes and beliefs. It’ll become easier to see how people with different opinions can settle on them, and you won’t be outrightly disrespectful to them. We knew polar opposites attract, we had no idea they attract good manners too.

deep conversation topics

9. You’ll be getting introduced to new things everyday

New music, new food, new ways of entertainment, you will be introduced to exciting things that you might end up loving in the long run. Try not to be too stubborn about your likes and dislikes. Just because you like something new doesn’t mean you’re losing a sense of who you are. It just means you like that silly genre of movies you never watched before.

10. You get out of your comfort zone

Being with a polar opposite will always keep you on the edge. There will be something new to surprise you on a regular basis and not make you complacent in the relationship. You’ll be trying things you’ve never tried before, going to places you’ve never been to before, and doing things you’d never imagine yourself doing.

Once you open up your horizons, you’ll realize life is too short to be stuck on an idea of what you’re like. Being with a polar opposite means you’ll be thrust into a different world completely.

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11. Realizing your relationship is built on more than commonalities

Common shared interests can help take a real connection to new heights, but when you do not have everything in common, it’s at that point that you need something deeper to sustain a relationship. Sure, you may not like the same kind of food or music or movies or you might even have opposing political views, but when it comes to keeping a relationship going, you’re on the same page about what matters most.

It makes you realize that having great conversations, incredible sexual chemistry, deep respect for each other, and having immense curiosity in one another is what keeps your relationship strong, healthy and secure. Once you delve deeper than the superficial shared love for cheesecakes, you realize polar opposites can actually share a more sincere bond.

The truth about whether or not a relationship works with your polar opposite depends on how much differences work for you and how much you can handle. The above reasons can help you determine if dating a polar opposite is meant for you or not.


1. Do polar opposites work in a relationship?

Yes, polar opposites can work in a relationship. Though it may seem like a difficult process in the beginning, you’ll soon realize that you share a common outlook on the fundamentals of relationships, and your superficial differences won’t matter anymore.

2. Why should you date someone opposite?

Dating someone who’s the exact opposite of you will introduce you to a lot of new things you might not have had the courage or interest to try out before. Who knows, you might just find your next obsession.

3. What do you do when your partner is the polar opposite of you?

If your partner is the polar opposite of you, don’t let it get to your head. Don’t be too stubborn about what you like and what you don’t and try out the things they want you to.

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